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How to Renew a Driver's License in Oregon

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Oregon Drivers License Renewal

Drivers are required to renew drivers licenses in Oregon in order to continue driving legally on public roads in the state. A drivers license renewal can be completed before the expiration date on your OR driver's license. Additionally, drivers can renew their drivers licenses one year before the expiration date and one year afterwards. You are advised to pay attention to the date of expiry written on your driver's license in order to begin renewing drivers licenses. For more information about how to renew drivers licenses in OR, continue reading the sections below.

How to Renew Your OR Driver's License

Renew Oregon Drivers License

Note: The expiration date can be found on the front of the driver's license card, right next to the driver's license number.

Renewing a drivers license in Oregon is a process that must be completed in person at any local OR DMV office. The Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle Division (OR DMV) has a set list of requirements for drivers license renewal. Note that you will have to submit an application form along with proofs of legal name, legal presence, identity and date of birth and Social Security Number. Moreover, you will have to surrender your current OR driver's license and pay the required fees in order to renew drivers licenses.


The OR driving license renewal fees vary according to the type of driver's license you need to renew. The required fee for a non-commercial Class C driver's license is $40. Drivers are advised to contact the Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle Division (OR DMV) before making any payments since driving license renewal fees are subject to change. Make sure to bring the proper method of payment with you at the OR DMV. All DMV offices within the state accept cash, checks, debit cards and credit cards.

When to Renew Your Oregon Driver's License

Drivers are advised to renew their drivers licenses in Oregon before the expiration date on the front of the driver's license card. You can begin renewing your drivers license anytime in a period of one year before the expiration date. The OR DMV will also send you a renewal notice two months before the driver's license expires. Drivers who fail to renew within a year after the expiration date will have to apply for a new driver's license at the OR DMV.

Expired License

Drivers who do not renew their drivers licenses in OR before the expiration date can still complete the drivers license renewal process. As long as you renew up to a year after the expiration date, you can still renew expired drivers licenses without retaking the written knowledge test and the road skills test.

Note: Before completing the renewal process, check the status of your license by ordering a copy of your Oregon driving record today.

Temporary Permits

A temporary permit in Oregon is also known as interim card. Drivers are issued this temporary credential after completing the process of renewing their drivers licenses. Drivers who have submitted the required documentation at the nearest DMV office in Oregon will receive an interim card before leaving the office. This card will serve as a temporary card to use until your official renewed driver's license arrives in the mail. Make sure to provide the DMV with your proper mailing address so your license does not get misplaced.

Requirements To Renew An Oregon License

Drivers who are in the process of a drivers license renewal in Oregon must apply in person at any local DMV office. The Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle Division (OR DMV) requires drivers to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Complete an Application for Driver License or ID Card.
  • Submit the following:
    • Proof of full legal name.
    • Proof of legal presence in the U.S.
    • Proof of identity and date of birth.
    • Proof of Oregon address of residence.
  • Submit your current OR driver's license.
  • Pay the required driving license renewal fee.

Note: Drivers who are 50 years of age and older must pass a vision screening when renewing their drivers licenses.

Renewing Oregon Driver's Licenses by Mail

Drivers are required to renew their drivers licenses in person at any local OR DMV branch. However, if you are on a temporary away from the state, you will be allowed to apply for a drivers license renewal by mail. Note that you must contact the state's Driver and Motor Vehicle Division (OR DMV) by phone and request a "Valid Without Photo" packet for renewing OR drivers licenses.

Out-of-State Military Renewal

Renewing your drivers license in Oregon from out-of-state can be done if you are a military member, or the spouse of an active member. To fulfill the required steps, you must request a "Valid-With-Previous-Photo" (VWPP) driver's license from an Oregon DMV. To begin the drivers license renewal process, you will have to complete an online inquiry, providing your mailing address, phone number and email address. Once the information is processed by the OR DMV, you will receive the VWPP packet which will contain the following forms:

  • VWPP Driver License/ID Card Application.
  • VWPP Driver License/ID Card Proof of Good Cause/Waiver form.
  • Certificate of Oregon residency.
  • Certificate of Vision (for drivers older than 50 years of age).

Drivers will be required to complete these forms and applications and mail them to the Oregon DMV, along with a copy of your Leave Earning Statement, copy of your valid Military ID card, proof of Social Security Number and payment for the required driving license renewal fee.

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