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How to Renew a Driver's License in Connecticut

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Connecticut Drivers License Renewal

Renewing drivers license in Connecticut is a mandatory process for drivers in the state who wish to maintain their driving privileges. Drivers are required to renew drivers license on expiry date or as early as 120 days prior to its expiration. If you wish to conduct a CT drivers license renewal, you can do so through the state's Department of Motor Vehicles. To renew drivers license in person, drivers must visit a local DMV office. In some cases, drivers can renew their driving license by mail. For further information on how to renew drivers licenses in CT, continue reading below.

How to Renew Your CT Driver's License

Renew Connecticut Drivers License

Note: The expiration date of your driving license is located on the front of your driver's license, under your date of birth.

To renew drivers license in Connecticut, drivers must present the required documentation in person at the nearest CT DMV location. As DMV offices can change hours and services depending on the location, make sure to contact your nearest branch in advance. The DMV office will send a Connecticut DMV license renewal application to your address before your driver's license expires. Should you not receive your renewal application on time, then you are still required to renew your driving license prior to expiration. If you are currently out of state, or imprisoned, you can renew your CT driving license by mail.


CT drivers license renewal fees vary, depending on the renewal time period. The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles has increased the duration of the DMV license renewal from four to six years. The cost for renewing a regular CT drivers license for a six-year period is $72. Applicants 65 years of age or older can renew their drivers license in Connecticut for two years. Payment in the amount of $24 is required for this service. Note that an additional fee will apply for any late renewal. Make sure you have submitted the renewal application prior to the expiry date to avoid any inconvenience. DMV in CT offices accept different payment options for drivers license renewals, depending on the location. Since fees are subject to change, contact your nearest CT DMV location ahead of time.

When to Renew Your Connecticut Driver's License

Drivers are encouraged to apply for a CT drivers license renewal as early as possible to avoid violation of state law. You may renew your driving license in Connecticut up to four months ahead of the expiration date. Note that a CT DMV office will charge a late fee for renewal applications submitted upon license expiring. If drivers are within the appointed amount of time, they have the option of renewing drivers license in person, or by mail in certain situations.

Expired License

If you have an expired drivers license in Connecticut, you may obtain a drivers license renewal upon completion of the necessary steps. Drivers who possess a CT driving license that has been expired for two years or more will be required to retake the driving test. Should you need a better preparation for re-examination, you are encouraged to use online practice tests.

If you wish to obtain a CT drivers license renewal, you must appear in person at the nearest CT DMV location. (DMV offices do not require making an appointment to renew expired drivers license.) Drivers in Connecticut must be prepared to bring one of the following:

  • The expired driving license.
  • Proof of identification from the list of acceptable identification forms.

You will be expected to hand over two forms of acceptable identification, in case the local DMV office does not have your image on file.

Note: CT DMV branches accept only original documents.

Drivers who will not complete the procedure prior to expiration will be charged a $25 late fee for renewal.

Requirements To Renew A Connecticut License

When renewing drivers license in Connecticut, applicants must submit the required documents set by the Department of Motor Vehicles. All CT drivers license renewals must be done in person, with the following documents in hand:

In case you do not have your current license, you will be asked to present one proof of identity from the list of acceptable forms of identification. Drivers who do not have an image on file must bring two forms of identification in order to renew their CT drivers license. If you have an expired drivers license for two years or less, you will not be obliged to retake the driving test.

Renewing A CT Suspended License

In order to renew drivers licenses in Connecticut that have been suspended, you must first restore your license privileges. Once you have fulfilled any necessary steps, you will then be able to renew your CT driving license. Since DMV offices have set particular reinstatement requirements that may vary, make sure you read the suspension notice carefully before taking further steps.

CT Drivers License Online Renewal

Drivers in Connecticut do not have the option to complete a drivers license renewal online at the moment. CT DMV offices will allow you to renew driving license by mail in case you are an active military member, are temporarily out of state, are incarcerated or medically unable to appear at the nearest DMV location. When renewing CT drivers license by mail, applicants will be required to do the following:

  • Complete a request form.
  • Pay the allotted fee using a check or money order made payable to CT DMV, or by credit card over the phone.
  • Mail form, payment and self-addressed stamped envelope to the official CT DMV address.

If mailing from out of country, you must send your renewal application at least 10 days prior to expiry date, or a late fee will be charged.

Renewing Your CT Drivers License In-Person

Drivers are obliged to renew drivers licenses in person, unless they are physically not able to appear at a local DMV office. When visiting a nearby branch, be prepared to hand over your current driver's license and the CT driving license renewal form you received in the mail. Note that you must pay the necessary CT DMV license renewal fees as well. Drivers are encouraged to check the list of acceptable forms of identification beforehand. Some of these will be required given you do not provide your current license to drive, or the office does not have your image on file.

Note: Active members in the U.S. Armed Forces who currently reside in Connecticut can qualify for a renewal fee waiver during an in-person visit provided they present an active military ID and a fee waiver application.

Out-of-State Military Renewal

Active-duty military members can renew drivers license in Connecticut by mail provided they are currently deployed out of state or overseas. Note that in this case, you may apply for a CT drivers license renewal for free. If your current license to drive does not contain a photo, you will not be qualified for renewal by mail.

Out-of-State Military: Renew By Mail

When renewing CT drivers license by mail, active military members need to complete the following steps:

  • Sign a drivers license renewal form received in the mail.
  • Complete an Application for Waiver of Operator's License Fee.
  • Send the application with the renewal form to the official DMV address. Make sure your current resident address in Connecticut and an out-of-state mailing address are listed in your CT driving license renewal form.

Should you not receive your renewal notice on time, you must contact the DMV office to avoid any inconvenience.

Military With Honorable Discharge

If you have been honorably separated from active service, you have 30 days upon date of discharge to renew drivers license. When renewing CT drivers license, applicants must present an original DD-214 copy. Honorably separated individuals who were legal residents of Connecticut at the time of induction can apply for a one-time fee waiver, and present the application along with the DD-214 form. Note that separation papers must be dated within two years.

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hey,i have been out of the

hey,i have been out of the country for over 2 years now,and my CT driver's license got expired since then ,and i found this mailing renwal method is very useful but the problem is i dont have my pay check to pay the fee and i do not know how much is it ? and if it possible i could send someone to the dmv to pay the fee in cash then you could mail me my driver's license . is this possible ?

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Cool! That's a clever way of

Cool! That's a clever way of loknoig at it!

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Where can I obtain a renewal

Where can I obtain a renewal by mail application while being out of the country

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I need to renew my CT

I need to renew my CT driver's license. I am currently out of state and would need the new license to be sent to me to my new address.

Is that possible?


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