Car owners must apply for a custom or classic car registration in Connecticut if they are in the possession of custom-built or vintage automobiles. Custom and vintage vehicle registration credentials are issued by the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to drivers who successfully complete the steps in the corresponding procedure.

Note that applying for a classic or a custom car registration in CT are procedures that vary slightly than the application process for standard vehicle registration cards. For instance, custom cars, known as composite motor vehicles in Connecticut, are exempt from completing an emissions test. Find out more about requesting custom and vintage car registrations in CT by reading the sections below.

Definition of a Custom or Antique Vehicle in Connecticut

Learning the difference between a Connecticut classic vehicle registration and a registration for custom cars is an important step for auto owners who must apply for one of these two documents. These types of registrations are issued to owners of composite motor vehicles.

Under state law, composite cars are vehicles constructed with parts from several different motor vehicles by individuals other than a licensed manufacturer. CT custom car registrations are also available for vehicles with an altered outward appearance that bears no resemblance to the original version.

Antique DMV license plates and registration cards, on the other hand, are only available for vehicles older than 19 years.

Steps in the Connecticut Registration Process

While the process of registering a custom car in Connecticut differs from the procedure to request an antique vehicle registration, car owners will still be required to complete certain steps that apply to both procedures. Applying for a CT custom auto registration, for instance, is a procedure that can be finalized by completing the following steps:

  • Schedule a composite vehicle inspection at the DMV Wethersfield inspection station.
  • Fill out and submit the Application for Inspection of Composite Motor Vehicle (Form R-95).
  • Complete the Connecticut Application for Registration and Title (Form H-13B).
  • Submit the car titles of the vehicles that contributed a major component to the new composite vehicle (titles are not needed for minor component parts).
  • Take and submit two photographs of the new vehicle and ownership proof such as bills of sale or receipts.
  • Pay the applicable fees.

Note: Applicants for a registration for custom vehicles in CT can obtain the necessary forms at the Wethersfield office or at any local DMV office.

When obtaining a classic car registration for vehicles older than 19 years, on the other hand, drivers will be required to conduct a VIN verification on their classic automobile. To finalize the application procedure for a CT vintage vehicle registration, car owners will then be required to submit the standard documents and fees.

Note that owners of vehicles manufactured more than 19 years ago can also apply for classic license plates when requesting their classic registration or at a later date.

Fees to Register a Custom or Antique Vehicle in Connecticut

To successfully obtain a Connecticut classic vehicle registration or a registration for custom cars, applicants will be required to arrange payment for several types of DMV fees. Note that the total cost for a custom or vintage car registration in CT is a combination of several fees and costs.

For example, vehicle owners applying for these types of registrations will be required to pay an inspection fee of $88 and a $50 fee for the assignment of a VIN, in addition to the standard registration fees. Applicants for classic auto registrations, on the other hand, who would like to obtain vintage car license plates, will be required to pay an additional fee for these special car tags.

Note: Inquire about the applicable car registration fees and the vehicle registration renewal cost for these types of Connecticut registration cards by contacting a nearby DMV location.

Last updated on Monday, March 9 2020.