Motorists are generally required to apply for an Arizona antique vehicle registration and license plates if they own a classic or historic car as defined in Arizona Law, thus staying in accordance with state rules and regulations. The procedure to obtain antique license plates in AZ can be finalized by addressing the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) of the state Department of Transportation.

Drivers requesting vintage license plates must also note that there is a distinction between a classic motor vehicle, historic ride and custom car, so as to complete their procedure timely and properly. When applying for historic or AZ classic license plates, drivers will need to fill out and submit the appropriate application forms to state MVD. Motorists will not be able to complete the process unless they provide payment for the applicable fees. Find out more about the exact registration steps and prices pertaining to antique rides in Arizona by reading the below sections. 

Definition of Classic Vehicles and Historic Vehicles in Arizona

Prior to applying for Arizona antique car tags, it is important to understand the difference between a historic vehicle and classic car. A classic ride is defined as a vehicle included in the 1963 list of classic motor vehicles submitted to AZ MVD by the Classic Car Club of America.

Note that this list is generally revised within a period of five years. Unlike the aforementioned classic car age, a historic motor vehicle is defined as any ride with a model date of original manufacture that is 25 years old or older, as well as a vehicle outlined in a list of historic cars compiled by a recognized institution.

Note that antique license plates in Arizona cannot be issued for customized vehicles.

Steps in the Arizona Registration Process

The procedure of applying for historic or AZ classic car license plates is conducted through the MVD. When requesting classic car tags, applicants will need to fill out an Antique Plate Application and submit it to the address listed on the form. A mandatory requirement for obtaining Arizona vintage license plates is providing payment for the set fees and additional prices.

In addition to this, a vehicle inspection may be necessary, depending on the circumstances. Note that motorists who possess a license plate with a plate year that corresponds to the model year of their classic or historic vehicle may request authorization to utilize this plate when registering their antique car.

Note: Contact a local MVD office in Arizona to inquire about other potential criteria pertaining to the registration of your antique vehicle. 

Fees to Register an Antique Vehicle in Arizona

Paying the applicable fees for antique vehicle tags in Arizona is a step that should not be avoided if you wish to finalize the procedure in a timely manner. The initial classic car license plate price is currently set at $25, and additional fees may apply in such instances.

These tags may be renewed on a yearly basis for a price set at $10, in addition to other costs. Similar to the renewal of your antique license plates, you must also ensure to keep your standard vehicle registration up-to-date and apply for an auto registration renewal within the allotted time frame, otherwise you may be penalized under state laws.

Last updated on Friday, March 6 2020.