Applying for a Missouri antique vehicle registration is a procedure that can be completed through the state Department of Revenue (DOR) for cars that meet the DOR definition of historic motor vehicles. Auto owners who successfully apply for a historic vehicle registration will generally receive permanent vintage license plates in MO that cannot be transferred to another vehicle.

Unlike a standard auto registration, an antique car registration can only be used to operate this special type of vehicle to and from certain events and destinations. Review the steps in the process of registering a vintage car in MO by reading the following sections.

Definition of a Historic Vehicle in Missouri

Prior to requesting a Missouri vintage vehicle registration, applicants must ensure that their vehicles qualify for this special registration card and antique license plates. Only vehicles that are 25 years old or older can undergo the MO historic car registration procedure, under the current Missouri motor vehicle laws.

Also, these vehicles must be treated as collector’s items and utilized to only travel to and from educational events, exhibitions and for other similar occasions. Note that vintage car tags and registrations cannot be used to travel more than 1,000 miles per year for personal purposes.

Steps in the Missouri Registration Process

Car owners can obtain Missouri historic license plates and register their antique vehicle by submitting a set of documents and fee payments to the central DOR office in Jefferson City. Depending on whether applicants are requesting a standard or a personalized vintage vehicle tags, they may or may not be required to renew them on a regular basis.

The application procedure for standard MO historic car registrations and auto tags will require applicants to complete the following steps:

  • Fill out and submit the Application for Missouri Historic or Personalized Historic License Plates (Form 570).
  • Present the antique car title properly signed over.
  • Provide proof of a valid car insurance coverage.
  • Submit a tax receipt for paid personal property tax or a statement for taxation exemption.
  • Pay the applicable registration fees.

Vehicle owners who would like to apply for personalized historic license plates in MO must ensure they check the corresponding box on the application form and provide their preferred plate configuration. To obtain personalized antique car tags, applicants will be required to pay an additional initial fee and renew them on an annual or biennial basis.

Fees to Register a Historic Vehicle in Missouri

A mandatory step in the Missouri historic vehicle registration process is arranging payment for the applicable fees. The total cost of registering a vintage car will include fees for the registration procedure, processing fees and personal property tax costs.

Note that applicants for vintage car tags in MO are currently required to pay a one-time registration fee of $25.25 and a processing fee of $3.50. Applicants who order personalized license plates will have to pay an additional $15 annual fee.

Note that car owners who obtain MO antique vehicle registrations generally have standard passenger vehicles for personal use as well. In such cases, you must pay the car registration renewal fees for those vehicles on a regular basis.

Last updated on Monday, March 9 2020.