Obtaining antique car tags in West Virginia are procedures that are generally completed by owners of these types of vehicles through the state Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Before applying for an antique or classic vehicle registration, motorists will need to ensure their ride meets the definition of an antique or classic car under state laws.

In addition to this, drivers are usually required to complete specific application forms, submit the applicable documents and pay the set fees to finalize the process. Find out more about how to obtain WV vintage car license plates or antique tags by reading the below sections.

Definition of an Antique or Classic Vehicle in West Virginia

Part of the West Virginia antique vehicle registration procedure is identifying whether your vehicle classifies as an antique ride or a classic car. Per the state code, DMV may issue classic license plates to motor vehicles that are more than 25 years old and may be used for general transportation.

Antique vehicles are at least 25 years old as well, however they may only be used for recreational transportation purposes, testing, repairs and maintenance, as well as participation in tours, exhibits, parades and other related activities. These vehicles must also be considered a collector’s item.

Steps in the West Virginia Registration Process

In order to obtain classic car number plates in WV, drivers must confirm their vehicle falls under the category of classic rides as defined in West Virginia code. When applying for a historic vehicle tags, DMV also requires drivers to submit the necessary documentation, which may be completed via mail.

The issuance of West Virginia classic car license plates generally requires applicants to complete an application form, including personal information, as well as details about the vehicle in question (make, year, title and vehicle identification number and more). In addition to this, drivers must present a personal property tax receipt (obtained by their county assessor) and proof of vehicle insurance.

Motorists who wish to obtain a classic vehicle registration for a two-year period are required to submit proof for personal property taxes paid for two years, or submit an Affidavit of Assessor to DMV proving they have not been liable to pay such taxes.

Drivers may also have the option to apply for the use of WV antique license plates and utilize their antique car for general transportation only if they satisfy DMV-imposed criteria, including passing an annual safety inspection or using license plates that have been registered to the specific vehicle and inspected and authorized by the department among other requirements.

Fees to Register an Antique or Classic Vehicle in West Virginia

Arranging payment for the applicable fees for antique or classic license plates in West Virginia is necessary so as to complete the registration procedure timely and properly.

In general, prices may vary depending on the type of registration documents you request. For instance, the fee to purchase classic car license plates for the first time is currently set at $55. Similar to renewing your regular vehicle registration, you will also need to renew your classic vehicle plates at a price of $45 per year. Fees are subject to change without notice.

Last updated on Monday, March 9 2020.