Motorists may receive traffic tickets in West Virginia for a variety of driving or non-driving misdemeanors. Drivers often decide to pay traffic citations if they cannot provide enough evidence to dismiss their charges in court. By initiating the procedure of paying driving fines, motorists admit their guilt to the committed offense, which typically results in negative points on their driving record.

Drivers may also initiate the process of contesting a traffic ticket in WV, by pleading “not guilty” to their infraction. Find out how to pay a speeding ticket in WV or other citations by reading the following sections:

  • How to pay a traffic ticket fine in West Virginia
  • West Virginia traffic ticket attorneys
  • Pleading not guilty in West Virginia
  • Dismissal of charges in West Virginia
  • Lost tickets in West Virginia

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket Fine in West Virginia

If you have received a West Virginia traffic citation, you are generally required to enter your plea by the deadline stated on the form. Failure to answer to your traffic fine timely and properly may result in harsh penalties, including a suspension of your privilege to drive.

The methods to provide WV traffic tickets payments usually depend on the county where you were cited and the court handling your case. Certain traffic violation courts allow drivers to provide ticket payments via the internet, as the fastest and most convenient way to answer to a citation.

If you are interested in paying traffic tickets online in West Virginia, consult your summons, contact the presiding court or access its official website to check whether there is an online payment provider.

If paying traffic fines online is not an available option at the moment, inquire about other methods. Alternative payment options may include payments by mail or in person. Note that mail-in ticket violation payments generally require a check or money order for the allotted fines.

West Virginia Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Motorists who decide to challenge speeding tickets or other types of WV traffic fines may consider hiring a lawyer to help them handle their summons.

Traffic ticket attorneys usually have the necessary experience and knowledge to resolve such issues in court and help you avoid any adverse effects resulting from your offense. You can find a knowledgeable traffic ticket defense lawyer online by providing some basic information about your citation and snapping a picture of your ticket.

Drivers may hire a West Virginia traffic citation lawyer in order to avoid the following consequences:

  • Paying large fines and additional costs.
  • Negative points on their driving transcript.
  • Possible suspensions of their driving privileges.
  • Increases in vehicle insurance premiums.

Note: If you are interested in hiring a lawyer, check his or her professional background to ensure he/she is familiar with the state and local motor vehicle laws.

Pleading Not Guilty in West Virginia

Drivers who believe they received a WV traffic citation unjustly or are unable to pay the set fines, may choose to beat a traffic ticket instead.

The process of fighting traffic citations will once again depend on the court handling your case. When contesting a traffic ticket, you are generally required to notify the court of your decision to plead “not guilty” to your infraction. Note that you may be able to enter your plea on or before the date displayed on the form.

If you fail to respond to your citation within the court-imposed time frame, you are at risk of incurring serious penalties, such as adverse effects on your licensure. At your trial, be prepared to present any credible evidence in your favor, thus ensuring a positive outcome.

Only drivers with a successful traffic ticket defense in West Virginia will avoid the negative consequences of their offense, including paying large fines and additional penalties. You may find an experienced traffic ticket lawyer online who can greatly increase your chances of being found not guilty.

Dismissal of Charges in West Virginia

If you have been cited due to a specific traffic violation in WV, you may be eligible to achieve ticket dismissal in several cases. First, pay attention to your traffic citation information, such as the location where your ticket was issued or the time and date of your infraction.

You may dismiss traffic tickets provided you find any details written up incorrectly by the law enforcement officer. You may also achieve West Virginia traffic fine dismissal by completing a state-approved defensive driving course (if available).

If this is not the case, you may still provide a course completion card to remove points from your driving record. Contact the corresponding court to inquire about further details pertaining to dismissal of your charges.

Lost Tickets in West Virginia

In general, drivers cannot respond to their West Virginia traffic ticket without providing certain details, such as the citation number, the amount due, the deadline by which to enter their plea and more.

Therefore, motorists who wish to dispute traffic citations or pay the allotted fines, but have misplaced their summons, must recover the necessary information in due time. To retrieve lost WV traffic ticket specifics, contact the court handling your case as soon as possible.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.