Drivers who are unable to fight traffic tickets in Wyoming through the state court system can settle the ticket by submitting their traffic tickets payments to the corresponding court.

Also, if you fail to resolve your WY traffic ticket issue by the date displayed on the citation, you may incur additional fines and charges. Note that, by paying your traffic fine, you are effectively declaring your guilt, and a conviction will be entered on your driving record. Learn how pay speeding tickets and other types of traffic citations in WY by reading the following sections:

  • How to pay a traffic ticket fine in Wyoming
  • Wyoming traffic ticket attorneys
  • Pleading not guilty in Wyoming
  • Dismissal of charges in Wyoming
  • Lost tickets in Wyoming

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket Fine in Wyoming

To complete the process of paying a speeding ticket in Wyoming, or other types of traffic citations, drivers can utilize several methods. The available methods of paying driving fines in WY, however, may vary from court to court.

While courts generally accept traffic fine payments submitted in person and by mail, certain courts also offer the option to pay traffic ticket online. Prior to initiating the procedure of paying traffic tickets in WY, contact the corresponding court and/or study your ticket to learn more about the available methods of payment.

Paying a Wyoming Ticket Online

Paying traffic tickets online in Wyoming is a procedure that can be completed through the Citation Payment System of the state Judicial Branch. Note that, however, drivers cannot pay traffic ticket online in WY if their case is under the jurisdiction of a municipal court. You cannot utilize the traffic fines online payment option if you are required to settle the issue in person as well.

To finalize the procedure to pay traffic fines online in WY, motorists will be required to submit their date of birth, full name and one of the following:

  • Their case number.
  • Their traffic citation number.
  • Their driving license number.

After the system retrieves your driving fine details, you will be asked to provide your credit card information in order to finalize the transaction. Note that, when paying traffic citations online, you will also be assessed an additional $5 convenience fee.

Paying a Wyoming Ticket via Other Methods

Drivers who are unable to remit their Wyoming driving fine payments via the internet can complete the process via more conventional methods, such as in person and by mail.

While you may be able to pay traffic citations in cash when providing your payment in person, you will be unable to do so if you choose to pay driving tickets in WY by mail. Prior to submitting your ticket violation payment, contact the presiding court to inquire about the available payment methods and the acceptable forms of payment.

Wyoming Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Fighting traffic tickets in Wyoming is a procedure that is often initiated by drivers who believe they can dispute traffic tickets through the state court system.

By hiring a traffic ticket attorney in such cases, motorists can greatly increase their chances of successfully contesting a traffic ticket in WY. You can even find a qualified traffic attorney online form the comfort of your own home. A good traffic citation lawyer can help you avoid:

  • A traffic violation conviction on your driving transcript.
  • Paying the applicable driving fine.
  • An increase of your car insurance rates.
  • A driving license suspension or revocation.

Note: Conduct a thorough research before hiring a lawyer in order to ensure you choose a professional that fits your needs.

Pleading Not Guilty in Wyoming

The procedure to fight traffic citations in Wyoming can be started by submitting a “not guilty” plea to the municipal or circuit court that is processing your traffic fine. You can submit your request to dispute traffic citations in WY via several methods, which may vary from court to court.

Regardless of the chosen method, however, you must start the process prior to or on the initial appearance date displayed on the ticket. You may also be able to settle your traffic citation case during a pretrial conference with the state prosecutor, if granted the option to do so.

Drivers who cannot come to an agreement regarding their WY traffic violation case with the state attorney will be required to appear at court on their scheduled trial date. If you wish to avoid the hassle of appearing in court, however, you can easily hire an attorney to represent you.

To hire the best attorney for you, simply take a picture of your traffic ticket and answer a few questions. You will be instantly matched with a knowledgeable and experience lawyer.

When presenting your traffic ticket defense, thoroughly explain the circumstances surrounding the offense and submit any evidence that supports your case.

After the judge or the jury hears the testimonies of all parties, a decision will be rendered. Drivers who are found guilty of a traffic violation in WY are penalized with the original driving fine and any additional sanctions appropriate for their case.

Dismissal of Charges in Wyoming

You may be able to dismiss traffic tickets in Wyoming by completing a state-approved traffic school program. However, prior to applying for a traffic ticket dismissal via this method, inquire with the court that is processing your ticket about the availability of this option.

Even if you are unable to dismiss traffic fines in WY by completing a defensive driving course, you can still enroll in one in order to reduce your vehicle insurance rates and improve your safe driving habits.

Note: If you were issued a WY traffic citation which contains incorrect information, you can request a ticket dismissal as well.

Lost Tickets in Wyoming

The fastest way to retrieve a lost traffic ticket in Wyoming is to utilize the ticket search option of the state Citation Payment System.

The system will search for your WY traffic citation information after you submit your full name and your driving license number. However, since the ePayment portal can only be used to pay driving fines due to a circuit court, you will be unable to recover a lost ticket if via this method if your case is under the jurisdiction of a municipal court.

If you fail to find your traffic violation ticket via the internet, you can still do so by contacting the court that is processing your case.

Note: Motorists whose traffic tickets were issued by the WY Highway Patrol (WHP) can also request a copy of the citation by submitting a written request to the WHP by fax, email or standard mail.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.