Law enforcement agencies issue traffic tickets in Wyoming for a wide range of offenses. Drivers who do not provide their WY traffic tickets payments, and those who do not initiate the process to fight traffic tickets, by or on the date displayed on the citation, may be subject to further fines and penalties.

Motorists will be required to resolve their citations either through a circuit court or a municipal court, depending on whether or not their ticket was issued by the Department of Highway Patrol. Learn how to resolve your ticket problems or other types of citations and how and where to pay your tickets by reading the sections below.

Fighting a Wyoming Ticket

Fighting traffic tickets in Wyoming is a process that can be initiated by submitting a plea of “not guilty” to the corresponding municipal or circuit court within the state. The methods available to start the WY traffic ticket defense process generally vary based on the practices of the presiding court. If you are given the option to settle your traffic citation with the state prosecutor, you may be able to avoid a trial. You can generally set a hearing date by appearing in court on the date displayed on you ticket.

When presenting their case to dispute traffic tickets in Wyoming, drivers are generally granted an opportunity to call on witnesses, submit any relevant evidence and recount the incident as they remember it. If the judge or the jury finds you guilty of the traffic violation, you will be required to pay the full fine amount, and the conviction will be entered on your driving record. Your car insurance coverage premiums may also be affected. A verdict of “not guilty”, on the other hand, will absolve you of all charges, and you will suffer no consequences.

Paying a Wyoming Ticket

Paying traffic tickets online in Wyoming is the fastest way of providing your ticket violation payment within the state. However, not all state courts offer the option to pay traffic fines online in WY. In such cases, drivers may be able to provide their payments via more conventional methods, such as in person, by mail or by phone.

Your citation may also contain information regarding the methods available to pay the ticket. A traffic lawyer can also help you decrease the fine amount or dismiss it entirely.

Lost Tickets in Wyoming

If you are unable to pay your Wyoming traffic fine or initiate the process to dismiss traffic tickets because of a lost ticket, you can utilize several methods to retrieve the citation, which vary depending on your circumstances. For instance, if your WY traffic citation was issued by the state Highway Patrol, you can request a copy of your ticket by submitting a written request by mail, by fax or by email.

The official ticket payment system also allows you to search for your ticket via the internet by entering your full name and your driver’s license number. Certain state courts also offer the online ticket search option. If you fail to retrieve information regarding your traffic offense via one of the above methods, you can always contact the court that is handling your ticket.

Wyoming Fines and Penalties

Drivers who choose to complete the process of paying driving fines in Wyoming can successfully do so by paying the full amount displayed on their tickets. The WY ticket violation payment generally varies based on factors such as the severity of the committed offense and the practices of the presiding court.

Moreover, drivers who utilize the option to pay traffic ticket online in WY will also be required to pay an additional $5 convenience fee. The following list outlines several violations and their corresponding fine penalties in the municipality of the City of Casper, WY:

  • Improper lane change: $110
  • Drag racing on public highways: $210
  • Driving while suspended: $410
  • Leaving the scene of an accident that resulted in bodily injuries: $610

In addition to the base traffic fine in WY, drivers may also be required to pay additional court-set fees which may also vary from court to court. Check your citation or contact the presiding court prior to submitting your payments to find more details about any additional costs and surcharges.

Points in Wyoming

Drivers who receive traffic tickets in WY will not have demerit points reported on their driver’s records, as the Wyoming Department of Transportation (DOT) has not yet implemented a traffic violation point system. Unlike the motor vehicle departments of other states, the WY DOT issues license suspensions and revocations based on the severity and the number of offenses committed by drivers within a certain time period.

Note: Certain state courts may also allow drivers to avoid a conviction if they complete an defensive driving course in WY. Inquire with your presiding court whether or not you can utilize this option.

How Tickets Affect a Wyoming Drivers License

Drivers who are unable to beat a traffic ticket in Wyoming may also be penalized with a suspension or revocation of their driving privileges. For example, if you commit four moving traffic violations in WY within a one-year period, the state DOT will suspend your license to drive for the duration of 90 days.

Each additional traffic ticket issued for a moving infraction will increase the suspension duration for an additional 90 days. Note that certain serious offenses, such as driving under the influence (DUI) violations, will result in immediate driving license suspensions or revocations.

Wyoming Car Insurance Fines and Violations

Wyoming traffic citations are also issued to drivers who are apprehended while driving without a valid vehicle liability insurance policy. You are committing a traffic violation in WY if you fail to present proof of insurance after an accident as well. The traffic fine associated to a no-insurance offense may vary from county to county. An initial no-insurance infraction in the City of Casper, for instance, results in a $410 fine. Second similar violations lead to $610 fines.

Note: Since insurance providers review your driving record in WY on a regular basis, committing several offenses within a certain period of time may also lead to increased automobile insurance rates.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.