Drivers with an issued North Dakota traffic citation following certain offenses can either dispute traffic tickets or provide payment for the set fees to the presiding court. Motorists can choose to fight traffic fines in ND if they believe they were cited unjustly, and therefore required to prove their innocence in court.

By paying a ticket or any other type of citation, licensees admit their guilt automatically and they may face additional penalties, such as demerit points on their driving records. To learn how to contest or pay your citations, read the below sections.

Fighting a North Dakota Ticket

In case you decide to beat a traffic citation in ND, you must enter a plea of “not guilty” within 14 days upon receipt of your ticket. To initiate the process of contesting a traffic fine in North Dakota, you are first required to sign and date your citation, indicating you request a court hearing. Once you do so, you will need to mail your traffic citation along with the specified bond to the address indicated on the provided envelope, after which a trial date may be set.

For a successful North Dakota traffic ticket defense, you may need to contact any witnesses who can testify on your behalf and collect any credible evidence. If you are found guilty and convicted of your violation, the bond amount will not be returned. This may also have an adverse effect on your driving transcript. You may also hire a traffic attorney to help defend you in court.

Paying a North Dakota Ticket

Paying traffic fines online in North Dakota is the fastest option for motorists who decide to plead guilty to the violation in question without requesting a hearing. If your ticket case is not eligible for online payment, you can still send the specified bond via mail to the corresponding traffic violation court, or you may do so via an in-person visit.

Lost Tickets in North Dakota

Drivers who misplace their North Dakota traffic citation, along with the details listed on the form, may encounter certain difficulties when settling their case. Specific traffic ticket information, such as the citation number, fines and fees, the deadline date and more are necessary to provide traffic fines online payment or receive a trial date.

If you have lost your ticket, one option is to search your case via the ND Courts Records Inquiry. Be prepared to provide the location where you were cited and your first and last name. Another option is to contact the presiding court and inquire about the aforementioned details.

North Dakota Fines and Penalties

If you are not able to dismiss traffic citations or decide to arrange traffic tickets payment in North Dakota, you admit your guilt to the charges. Drivers are required to pay traffic citation fees, also referred to as bond amounts within 14 days after they were cited. Failure to do so may result in harsh penalties.

Typically, base fines vary depending on the infraction and county of residence. For instance, a fine of up to $300 may be required if motorists fail to provide proof of vehicle insurance.

Note that additional costs and surcharges, as well as late fees, may apply as well. The exact amount of your ND traffic ticket payment is generally listed on the issued citation. In the case of a lost ticket, contact the court handling your case and inquire about the total amount due.

Points in North Dakota

North Dakota traffic violations generally lead to an accumulation of negative points on driving records. Major offenses punishable by traffic fines usually result in higher point values. The following list outlines several traffic violations in ND and the resulting points:

  • Failure to yield right-of-way – 2 points
  • Driving without a valid license – 4 points
  • Careless driving – 6 points
  • Reckless driving – 8 points
  • Failure to provide proof of vehicle insurance – 6, 12 or 14 points

Motorists may be able to reduce the number of driving points once they prove they have successfully completed a defensive driving course.

How Tickets Affect a North Dakota Drivers License

ND traffic tickets result in a specific number of negative points which typically have an adverse effect on your driving record and licensure. If you accrue 12 or more points due to traffic violations in North Dakota, your credential may be suspended for a seven-day period for each point over 11. Per state motor vehicle laws, you may be able to earn a point reduction by practicing safe driving habits or graduating from an authorized driver improvement course.

North Dakota Car Insurance Fines and Violations

Traffic citations in ND may also lead to higher auto insurance premiums in addition to driving license suspensions and large fines. Motorists with several ND traffic tickets on their record may reduce their chance of obtaining coverage discounts. Contact your insurer to discuss the adverse effects of violation convictions on your insurance rates.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.