Residents may request to check a VIN in North Dakota through a variety of different methods. This report can be requested by mail or in person. A comprehensive vehicle history based on a VIN lookup is available online from You must have background information on a vehicle in order to register the car in the state properly.

North Dakota’s Department of Transportation, Motor Vehicle division may refuse to issue a vehicle registration to you for a vehicle without a full damage report or if there are issues with the title and ownership. Review the different ways to look up VIN numbers in the sections below.

How to Conduct a North Dakota VIN Number Lookup Online

Motorists can conveniently order a VIN history report online from This comprehensive report includes in-depth background information on the vehicle that is not included in most other reports. From this online report you will get information regarding:

  • Insurance history – such as any claims made on the car, if the car was reported stolen, or any other information about the vehicle that has been reported to an insurance agency.
  • Manufacturer information – such as the original vehicle equipment and features, the original vehicle sales sticker, any manufacturer recalls or model issues.
  • Government records – such as title history, theft history, odometer readings and inspections.

How to Request a North Dakota VIN Code Lookup in Person

Motorists who want to check the title history of their vehicles within the state of North Dakota can complete the appropriate VIN code lookup application form and submit it to their local DMV office. This requested report will provide information about the owner and potentially previous owners of the vehicle. Complete the form with your name, address and VIN number and submit it to your local ND DOT office along with the appropriate payment. You must also provide a fax number or email address to have the results of the search sent to you.

North Dakota requires vehicle inspections for registration of new vehicles. These inspections often include a VIN history report, but the inspections must be completed by an authorized business to verify compliance with state laws. You can check the ND DOT website for qualified businesses in your area to conduct an inspection on your vehicle.

How to Request a North Dakota VIN Lookup by Mail

You can submit a written request for looking up VIN number reports by mail. First, you must obtain and complete a request for vehicle information form. Then, you must also provide a fax number or email address to have the results of the search sent to you.

What info is in a North Dakota VIN history report?

The state of North Dakota does not offer a service to provide state motorists with a VIN history report. However, will provide an in-depth report covering all aspects of a vehicle’s history. A VIN number report will include the following:

  • Manufacturer’s specification
  • Manufacturer’s recall notices
  • National Highway Transportation and Safety Association safety notices
  • Odometer recordings and inspection history
  • Open lien information
  • Auction history and salvage auction information
  • Full title history

Why would I need to perform a VIN check in North Dakota?

Ordering a VIN history report will save you effort and money when trying to register your car or purchase a car. Vehicles are subject to vehicle inspections before a valid North Dakota registration can be issued. A comprehensive VIN lookup report can alert a motorist to previous failed inspections or manufacturer recalls, which may cause a vehicle to fail an inspection.

For automotive buyers, a VIN number check can alert you to legal or insurance problems with a vehicle, including whether the car was ever salvaged or sold at an auction. Car buyers are strongly encouraged to run a VIN number check on all vehicles they are considering purchasing, to look for title issues, liens, theft history, and other potential problems that could cause expensive repairs or troublesome legal matters.

How do I locate my vehicle’s VIN number?

VIN numbers are used on all vehicles so that the financial, safety and ownership history of a car can be tracked. Most motorists are aware that the VIN is posted on an engraved sticker on the dashboard near the windshield. The VIN is also posted and stamped on various other places within your vehicle, as well including:

  • On the front of the engine.
  • Inside the driver’s door.
  • On the post of the passenger side door.
  • On the radiator support bracket.
  • On the firewall.
  • On the steering column.
  • On the left instrumentation panel.

If you are purchasing a used car, an ND VIN history report is essential for your buying confidence, to know that the vehicle is sound and legally clear. Alternatively, if you are registering a car for the first time in the state, a VIN lookup can help prevent any issues or obstacles in the registration process.

Vehicle History Report Fees in North Dakota

The fee for a vehicle record search in North Dakota is $3 per search, even if no records are found.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.