When a registration sticker is not received by a driver in North Dakota, there may be a problem with his or her vehicle registration application or address information in the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT). In some cases, a DMV sticker is not received because of a technical error at his or her post office or because he or she recently changed addresses without updating the NDDOT. Driving without a valid vehicle registration or decal could result in significant fines for the vehicle owner.

If a license plate sticker is not received within the NDDOT’s application processing window, the vehicle owner will be required to contact the NDDOT to resolve the issue and apply for a temporary registration and decal while his or her permanent documents are being processed. In the state of North Dakota, drivers dealing with a car sticker not received have multiple options for receiving a renewed or replacement car registration and decal, including online and in-person application submission. Keep reading for more information about what to do if you have not received your registration sticker in North Dakota.

Common Reasons for a Missing Registration Sticker in North Dakota

Where to get a registration sticker in North Dakota depends on the reason the decal is missing. If a driver is missing a DMV registration sticker along with his or her other registration documents, there may have been a problem processing the driver’s application a new registration or registration renewal. If the driver recently requested new or renewed vehicle registration documents with his or her updated address, this is the most likely situation.

However, an ND driver may also need to replace a sticker online or by paper if he or she has received a new vehicle and has transferred his or her license plates to the new vehicle. A DMV registration sticker not received by ND residents who have recently changed addresses may be due to a simple error in the driver’s address within the NDDOT or local post office system. In this case, the vehicle owner can quickly resolve the problem by updating his or her address.

Can I legally drive without my North Dakota registration sticker?

Most drivers who reside in North Dakota and order a registration sticker online can immediately print a temporary registration document valid for 30 days from the issue while they wait to receive their permanent registration documents. This document acts as proof of valid registration in the case of the driver being pulled over by the police.

In many cases, an ND driver can pick up a new car tag sticker at the time of submitting his or her registration replacement or renewal application in person at a local NDDOT office to avoid going any time without the proper vehicle registration decals.

Additional Consequences of not Having a North Dakota Registration Sticker

When a license sticker is not received by a driver in the state of North Dakota and he or she fails to take the necessary actions to remedy the situation, he or she will be subject to fines. ND drivers who do not order a DMV sticker replacement when necessary may not be able to complete other important documentation requirements related to the vehicle through the NDDOT system as a result. Falsifying information on a vehicle registration application can result in the driver being charged with a misdemeanor crime.

Steps to Take If Your North Dakota DMV Sticker Was Not Received

The specific application procedure that ND drivers must follow depends on whether they are ordering a car plate sticker renewal, replacement or an entirely new vehicle registration packet. If you have not received your decals for either of these reasons, you can reorder them online, in person or by mail at the nearest NDDOT location.

In most cases, ND drivers who submit a vehicle registration and decals application should receive the appropriate documents in the mail within 5 to 10 days for decals ordered online. When requesting a duplicate registration card and tab, you will be asked to pay for a $3 fee. Vehicle owners who do not receive their decals within this time can respond to the confirmation email sent by the NDDOT to inquire about the application status or call a nearby NDDOT for updated information.

Where to Get Registration Sticker Replacements in North Dakota

ND drivers replacing a sticker online through a registration renewal will need to reference their registration card or renewal invoice and be able to pay for applicable fees with any major debit or credit card. ND drivers choosing to replace a car sticker not received with a paper application will have to complete the NDDOT’s replacement registration application form and show proof of identity at the time of application submission.

ND drivers with expiring vehicle registration documents can easily get a new NDDOT registration sticker by renewing their vehicle registration, avoiding having to order a separate replacement packet.

ND drivers whose original car tag sticker was somehow lost in the mail and whose documents do not need to be renewed can simply submit a request for a replacement registration and decal without worrying about the renewal. Drivers in this situation may need to receive a temporary registration document that allows them to continue to operate their motor vehicle while they are waiting for their stickers. This form can be printed offline for both residents and non-residents or requested in-person at an NDDOT location.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.