If you finished the registration renewal process but your registration sticker was not received in Kansas, you must rectify this inconvenience as soon as possible. If your license plate sticker was not received in the mail, you could end up driving with expired registration. Driving without valid registration can result in a traffic ticket. Even if your stickers were simply lost in the mail, you will still be held accountable for driving without the proper registration.

It is easy to replace your lost or stolen stickers by using the County Treasurer’s Office where you live. When asking where to get registration sticker replacements, note that most car registration issues and other matters relating to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) are handled by this office. In the sections below, learn how long you should wait before replacing your stickers and discover the steps for getting new tabs in Kansas.

Common Reasons for a Registration Sticker Not Being Received in Kansas

If your DMV sticker was not received, several different factors may explain the reason. In some cases, stickers can simply become lost in the mail due to mishandling on the part of the Post Office. However, it is more common that there were issues with your application or that you included the wrong information on it. The most common reason for not receiving your stickers is that your address is incorrect. If you have recently moved, make sure the County Treasurer’s Office has your most up-to-date information on file. It is also possible that you accidentally wrote the wrong address when applying for a renewal or for replacement tabs. Your DMV registration sticker will usually be returned to the sender if it cannot be delivered to your residence for either of these reasons.

You may also have issues receiving your decals if you failed to include the correct fee for your renewal or if you did not complete all of the necessary sections on your application. If your car sticker was not received in Kansas, it is also possible that your tabs were stolen.

Can I legally drive if my Kansas registration sticker was not received?

Driving without a car tag sticker in Kansas is against the law and will oftentimes result in high traffic fines if you are caught. Even if the reason for your decal loss is out of your control, you will still be held accountable for operating a vehicle without current tabs. The specific types of violations and fines vary based on where you live in Kansas. For example, some jurisdictions may charge a higher fee based on how far expired your decals are, while others will charge a flat fine no matter how recently your tags expired.

Furthermore, in some counties and cities, you can also be charged for parking or storing a vehicle with expired tags. To avoid tickets such as these, it is important to replace your missing tags as soon as possible.

Additional Consequences of a License Sticker Not Received in Kansas

When your car sticker was received in Kansas, you may wish to file a police report before you can get a replacement at the County Treasurer’s Office. It is possible for someone else to fraudulently use your tabs if they fall into the wrong hands. Even if your lost tabs were not stolen, you will still need to file a police report in order to eliminate the possibility of someone else using your decals. This extra step does not cost anything extra, but it will take time to file the report.

Steps to Take if Your Kansas DMV Sticker Was Not Received

Before ordering a DMV sticker replacement in Kansas, you can save time and money by checking on the status of your original order. It is easy to do this by calling or emailing the County Treasurer where you live. Processing times vary by county, but it is usually a good idea to wait two weeks, approximately 10 business days, before asking about the status of your application. Most tabs will be sent out within this timeframe, but some may take longer depending on where you live.

When verifying the status of your order, make sure the County Treasurer has your most recent address on file and make changes to your personal information if necessary. Remember, your tabs will usually be returned to the sender if you have not given the Treasurer your correct mailing information. If you have moved after ordering your renewal or replacement tabs, note that it may be necessary to apply again.

If your tabs are lost during the car plate sticker renewal process, keep in mind that you may want to file a police report in the city or local jurisdiction where you live. This report will need to be submitted with your application for new tabs.

Where to Get Registration Sticker Replacements in Kansas

In most counties, you cannot replace a sticker online when your original tabs are lost in the mail. However, you can contact the Treasurer where you live to see if getting a registration sticker online is an option. Most of the time, you will need to visit the County Treasurer’s Office in person. The application requirements vary by county, but you should be ready to provide all of the following:

  • Your license plate number
  • Your vehicle insurance information
  • A  $1 fee payable to the County Treasurer

In the event of a DMV sticker not received in Kansas, note that the registered owner of the vehicle must complete the replacement registration process. If the legal owner cannot make it to the County Treasurer’s Office, he or she will need to grant Power of Attorney to someone else who can complete the transaction instead.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.