If you renewed your car registration but have not received your registration sticker in the mail, you may request a replacement sticker online, in person or by mail. However, the availability of these methods varies from state to state. To receive replacement registration stickers, you must contact the DMV, provide proof of identity and submit information about your vehicle. Moreover, you must prove that you have renewed your registration and paid the applicable fees but failed to receive an updated sticker. Our guide contains all the requirements and procedures to obtain a replacement car registration. You will also learn about other vehicle-related transactions, such as the process for updating the name or address on your registration.

2. By Mail

Some states allow motorists to request a replacement registration sticker via mail. To do so, applicants must send in copies of documents that contain required personal details and vehicle specifications. Additionally, you must verify that you renewed your registration and paid all applicable fees. Because you did not receive your registration sticker through the mail in the first place, it is important to make sure that you are sending in the correct documents to the proper address. Also, make sure to verify that your address is up-to-date with the DMV, as delays or cancellations can occur if your file is not updated.

3. In Person

Certain car owners may prefer or be required to visit a DMV office in order to claim the registration sticker they did not receive. During your visit, you will be required to identify yourself with a drivers license or photo ID card. Then, you must provide vehicle-related credentials so that the DMV can locate your records and verify that your registration has been renewed. Because most DMV branches are known for long wait times, it can be helpful to schedule an appointment in advance, if possible. To avoid mistakes that would cause you to visit the DMV a second time, make sure that you are fully prepared to bring the required documentation in person.

When an Oregon registration sticker is not received by a driver, then he or she can be fined even if he or she has the vehicle’s other valid registration documents. A DMV sticker not received on time can be due to several different causes in Oregon, many of which involve issues with the driver’s registration application with the Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle (DMV) Services department. Issues with receiving vehicle decals can occur with new, renewal and replacement vehicle registration applications.

Failing to replace a license plate sticker not received can result in fines for the vehicle owner if stopped by the police. When a driver has to deal with a car sticker not received, he or she can submit a replacement application by mail or in person to his or her nearest DMV office. While waiting for a permanent replacement, OR drivers can request a temporary car registration document. Keep reading for more details on vehicle registration decals and how to deal with a missing sticker in Oregon.

Common Reasons for a Registration Sticker Not Being Received in Oregon

The OR DMV is where to get a registration sticker in Oregon, but an issue with this office may not be the reason a driver has not received his or her vehicle stickers. A driver’s DMV registration sticker may have been lost in the mail by his or her local post office especially if the vehicle owner recently moved and did not complete an address change with the DMV. In this case of a registration sticker not received, the driver will most likely have to check with both the DMV and the post office to clear up the problem.

While some OR drivers may have hoped to replace sticker online, the OR DMV does not currently offer online registration renewals or replacements for any reason. Drivers who never received tags and who ordered a renewal registration sticker online may be able to resolve any technical problems online if there was a hold-up in the sending out of the driver’s registration documents. Similar small issues on paper applications may also be fixed by simply correcting the error with the driver’s address or requirements in person or by phone through the OR DMV.

Can I legally drive if my Oregon registration sticker was not received?

Having a valid car tag sticker on all operating motor vehicles is required by law in the state of Oregon. As a result, drivers with a license sticker not received, even due to no fault of their own, can be penalized for driving without the proper decals.

All vehicles on public roads in Oregon must have a valid registration sticker on its license plate. Drivers are also more likely to be pulled over by law enforcement for a missing registration tag, even if the vehicle is properly registered.

Additional Consequences of a Car Sticker Not Received in Oregon

Because it is required for Oregon drivers to get a DMV sticker replacement if their original sticker was lost, stolen or damaged, drivers operating vehicles without the required and current car tags will be fined. In many cases, officers will issue a “fix it” ticket that gives the driver 30 days to resolve the problem and have the ticket dismissed.

Steps to Take If Your Oregon DMV Sticker Was Not Received

While Oregon residents can order a car plate sticker renewal online, in person or by mail, they can only request straightforward replacement tags in person or by mail. The OR DMV states that it can take up to two weeks to receive new, replacement or renewal replacement registration documents in the mail. Renewal DMV registration stickers are not available online to certain groups such as, but not limited to, the following:

  • Owners of vehicles with registration that is over 75 days late
  • Vehicles that require a declaration of exemption or inspection
  • Tow and recovery vehicles
  • Drivers whose address is shown incorrectly on his or her renewal reminder

When submitting a renewal registration request for a DMV registration sticker online, Oregon drivers need to gather some important information. However, when submitting a DMV sticker replacement request, Oregon drivers will need somewhat different documents.

Whether an OR resident missing a registration sticker from submitted a renewal or replacement registration application online or by paper application, he or she can inquire about the status of his or her application by completing an inquiry online via the OR DMV web. Interested applicants can also call the DMV for more information on their application status.

Where to Get Registration Sticker Replacements in Oregon

A DMV registration sticker not received means that the vehicle owner must either renew his or her registration documents or replace them. As mentioned above, OR drivers renewing their registration can do so online, in person or by mail.

Replacement registration documents can only be ordered by mail or in person at the driver’s nearest DMV location. Drivers who would like help completing both renewal and replacement registration applications in Oregon can benefit from visiting a DMV location in person to submit their registration application.

Last updated on Wednesday, December 26 2018.

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