Oregon riders will need to replace motorcycle license credentials if their copy goes missing or become invalid. Motorcyclists wondering how to replace a motorcycle license in Oregon must note that they will be required to submit their request to the state Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Division (DMV). To successfully replace a motorcycle license, riders will be required to submit their request in person through a nearby DMV site.

The option to complete the motorcycle license replacement procedure via the internet is not yet available. However, a certain group of riders can also submit their request by mail if they are unable to make an office visit. Note that, the process of replacing motorcycle license is the same as the regular driving license replacement procedure since the state DMV adds riding privileges to existing driving licenses. Get more information on how to replace a motorcycle license in OR by reading the sections outlined below.

When is a motorcycle license replacement required in Oregon?

You must replace your motorcycle license in Oregon for different reasons. For example, you must replace a stolen or lost motorcycle license since riding without the proper credential leads to traffic citations. You must also replace a damaged or destroyed license since it must be legible to be valid.

Other special circumstances that require you to obtain a replacement card is changing your name, address or sex designation and having a license with a typographical error. Depending on the reason for replacing your motorcycle license in OR, you may be required to furnish a different set of supporting paperwork.

Note: If you attempt to replace your credential during your renewal period, then you may instead be asked to renew your bike license.

How to Replace an Oregon Motorcycle License by Mail

Replacing a motorcycle license in Oregon by mail is an option that is only available to certain groups of applicants who are unable to apply in person. For instance, members of the military who are temporarily placed outside of the state have the option of obtaining their bike license replacement by mail. To successfully replace a motorcycle license by mail in OR, applicants will be required to complete these steps:

  • Order a Valid-With-Previous-Photo (VWPP) packet by filling out the DMV driver-related inquiry request form
  • Fill out the application form after receiving the packet
  • Complete the form on certification of Oregon residency and domicile
  • Enclose a copy of the Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) and the military ID card
  • Include a fee payment in an acceptable payment form

After mailing your OR motorcycle license replacement request to the provided address, the state DMV will manufacture and mail you a VWPP credential to your out-of-state address. You can obtain a full replacement license with a new photograph upon your return within the state.

How to Replace an Oregon Motorcycle License in Person

The standard method to replace a motorcycle license in Oregon requires the applicant to make a visit to a nearby DMV office and apply in person. To get a bike license replacement through a driving licensing site, applicants will be required to complete and furnish documentation similar to when applying for a motorcycle credential initially. Petitioners will need to complete and submit an application along with the necessary supporting paperwork and replacement fee.

The documents needed to get a duplicate license include proof of identity and state residency. Riders who choose to upgrade to a REAL ID credential when replacing their motorcycle license will be required to furnish proofs of identity, legal U.S. presence, Social Security Number and state residency.

On the other hand, motorcyclists who need to make a change to the name printed on their credential will require the corresponding name change proof. During their office visit, applicants may also be required to have a new photo taken. Riders will receive a temporary OR motorcycle license before leaving, which will remain valid until they receive their permanent credential by mail as soon as it is manufactured.

How to Report a Lost Motorcycle License in Oregon

Even though reporting a stolen or lost motorcycle license in Oregon is not a requirement when getting a replacement card, riders can still do so in order to protect themselves against identity theft. After filing a police report, you can save a copy for your records and utilize it if and when your license is used in fraudulent activities. In such cases, you can prove that you were not the perpetrator involved in the crime by presenting the filed police report.

Oregon Motorcycle License Replacement Fees

One of the more important steps when replacing your motorcycle license in Oregon is arranging payment for the applicable fees. The cost to replace your motorcycle license is currently set at $26.50. Note that the acceptable forms of payment may vary depending on the chosen application method. For instance, if you are completing the mail-in motorcycle license replacement, then you may be required to pay with a check or money order. When obtaining a duplicate credential in person, you will be able to pay in cash or with checks, money orders or debit and credit cards.

Last updated on Tuesday, October 2 2018.

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