Residents must replace motorcycle endorsements in the Washington DC to be able to legally operate motorcycles in case of lost, damaged or stolen cards. They must learn about the motorcycle endorsement replacement process before applying to ensure that they meet all the requirements to obtain their replacement card. Drivers will avoid fines and penalties by ensuring that they carry valid licenses with motorcycle endorsements when operating a motorbike.

Motorists may only replace a motorcycle endorsement if they had a District of Columbia driver license or limited license in the past and are 18 years of age or older. They must provide their original license number if they need to replace the card due to damage.

Residents can also find their license number on any receipt of past transactions with the DCDMV in case their license is lost or stolen. Applicants must present all the required documents and cover all the costs associated with replacing a motorcycle license to obtain duplicate credentials.

When is a motorcycle license replacement required in Washington, D.C.?

Residents must obtain a motorcycle endorsement replacement when their license is lost or stolen. They must also replace their license when their current one is damaged or no longer legible for identification purposes. Moreover, drivers must always carry their valid license with the motorcycle endorsement when operating a motorbike.

Applicants must also replace DC motorcycle endorsements when they make changes to their name or address. In case of a change of address, applicants must notify the DMV within 60 calendar days of the change of residency to ensure they receive communications from the DMV such as renewal or traffic violations notices. They should expect the DMV to take up to 15 days to process their request.

Documents Required to Replace a Motorcycle License in Washington, D.C.

Residents must know their REAL ID driver license or limited purpose license number and must provide the motorcycle endorsement replacement documents required to obtain a duplicate license. Drivers must contact their local DMV office and present the required documents to obtain a REAL ID or limited purpose license first if they never had one of those licenses before obtaining a replacement. Applicants with a REAL ID must present the following documents:

  • REAL ID-applicable proof of identity
  • Proof of Social Security Number
  • Two documents proving DC residency

Note: Non-U.S. citizens may be eligible to obtain a REAL ID by providing documents to prove legal status. Applicants must apply for a limited purpose license if they live or visit the U.S under legal status but are not eligible to obtain a Social Security Number.

Limited purpose applicants may obtain a duplicate motorcycle endorsement in Washington, DC by providing:

  • Limited purpose applicable proof of identity.
  • Social Security Number declaration form.
  • Two documents proving current DC residency.
  • Two documents to prove six months of DC residency.

Note: Limited purpose licenses apply to drivers who may be U.S citizens but cannot provide their Social Security Number. Furthermore, the license will not be compliant with federal laws but will allow residents to drive legally operate a motor vehicle. For this reason, limited purpose license applicants must provide a Social Security Number declaration form to obtain their endorsement replacement.

Applicants who are replacing their motorcycle endorsement due to a name change must first complete that process at a Social Security Administration office and then provide one of the following:

  • Certified marriage certificate
  • Divorce decree
  • An official U.S. Court change of name document

Finally, residents replacing motorcycle endorsements in Washington, DC due to a change of address may satisfy the requirements by providing identification and Social Security documents along with two documents that prove they relocated within in the District.

How to Replace a Washington, D.C. Motorcycle Endorsement by Mail

Motorists may replace their lost motorcycle license by mailing the required documents to:

DC Department of Motor Vehicles
Driver Services Administration
PO Box 90120
Washington, DC 20090

Applicants must mail the documents outlined above along with a printed and completed application form. They must also cover the DC duplicate motorcycle endorsement fee and include the payment along with their documents.

How to Replace a Washington, D.C. Motorcycle Endorsement Online

Residents may apply for a motorcycle endorsement replacement online only if they have a REAL ID or limited purpose license. By entering their unique license number, applicants will be able to access their DMV profile, thus negating the need to provide additional verification documentation such as proof of address. Applicants must provide a few other personal details to fill out the form such as their date of birth.

Moreover, they must pay all fees during the process, review the details and reach the confirmation page to ensure that they completed the online request. Applicants may not replace Washington, DC motorcycle endorsements online if they have changed their name or address. In that case, they must provide additional documentation and obtain a replacement by mail or in person at a DCDMV office to verify the changes.

Users who need further assistance filling out the online form may call the DMV at 202-737-4404 or submit a 311 online request.

How to Replace a Washington, D.C. Motorcycle Endorsement in Person

Motorists may apply for a DC duplicate motorcycle endorsement in person at their local DMV office. Applicants may request an appointment to obtain their replacement on Tuesdays or visit the office any other day during business hours to complete the process.

They must present all required documentation depending on their case. Moreover, applicants may have to take a new photograph as the DC DMV typically requires a new picture after every driver license transaction the applicant completes onsite at the DMV.

Out-of-State Motorcycle Endorsement Replacement in the District of Columbia

Applicants who are temporarily out of state may obtain a duplicate for their lost motorcycle endorsement by submitting their application using online or mail-in services.

District of Columbia Motorcycle License Replacement Fees

Applicants are only able to pay the duplicate motorcycle endorsement fee until they have paid all outstanding debts with the District. These fees include:

  • Child support payments.
  • Outstanding tickets.
  • Dishonored checks.

Depending on how they apply for a duplicate motorcycle endorsement in DC, applicants may utilize any available payment method. Moreover, the endorsement replacement cost is $20, which is the same cost for a regular duplicate driver license.

As for methods of payment, the DMV accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards as well as cash. However, neither the Brentwood Road Test/CDL office nor the CDL testing facility accept cash and applicants must pay using the other forms of payment including checks, money orders or credit cards.

Last updated on Wednesday, March 4 2020.