An Indiana motorcycle license replacement procedure is mandatory for individuals who deal with a damaged, lost or stolen credential and who want to continue riding legally their motorcycles on public state roads. Riders may replace their license through the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (IN BMV) after satisfying certain eligibility criteria. Motorists who are wondering how to replace a motorcycle license in Indiana need to know that they may choose to either replace their motorcycle learner’s permits in person at the IN BMV, or replace their driver’s licenses with motorcycle endorsements by using the online or in-person method. Regardless of the method, riders will be required to prepare certain documentation and provide payment for the duplicate license. To find out more information about the process of replacing motorcycle license in Indiana, continue reading the sections below.

When is a motorcycle license replacement required in Indiana?

When dealing with a stolen, damaged or lost motorcycle license in Indiana, riders are encouraged to perform a replacement procedure through the IN BMV. Regardless of the reason for replacing motorcycle licenses, motorists are recommended to conduct the procedure through the IN BMV and prepare the mandatory documentation. The IN BMV offers various methods for doing this, depending on whether you are replacing a motorcycle learner’s permit or a driver’s license with a motorcycle endorsement. To learn more information, contact the IN BMV prior to beginning the procedure.

How to Replace an Indiana Motorcycle License Online

An online Indiana motorcycle license replacement procedure may not be available to riders who want to replace their motorcycle learner’s permits. However, the online method may be an option for motorists who want to replace their driver’s licenses which have a motorcycle endorsement added to them. In such case, to replace s motorcycle license online, riders may need to perform a driver’s license replacement procedure. Prior to completing the online process, individuals may have to satisfy certain eligibility criteria and they must:

  • Hold a driver’s license with or without motorcycle or for-hire endorsement.
  • Hold a commercial driver’s license (CDL) with or without motorcycle or for-hire endorsement with no other pending restrictions or endorsements.
  • Be US citizens.
  • Have not made a name or address change.
  • Hold a valid, unexpired driver’s license.
  • Have no restrictions on their driving records, such as: Restriction J, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9.
  • Have a previous photo on file with the IN BMV.
  • Have a license that is not suspended, revoked or fraudulent.
  • Have a valid CDL status and a certified medical certificate status.
  • Hold a credential which will not be switched from a non-compliant to a Real ID.

To replace motorcycle license online, individuals need to satisfy the above-listed requirements first and then create an account. After logging in, motorists are recommended to follow the given steps for replacing drivers licenses and pay the required replacement fees.

How to Replace an Indiana Motorcycle License in Person

Motorists may also replace motorcycle licenses in Indiana by appearing in person at a local IN BMV branch. Since a motorcycle license permit cannot be replaced online, motorists need to visit a BMV location in order to perform the procedure. When replacing motorcycle permit in IN, riders will be required to present their current driver’s license or to verify their personal information. To learn more information on using the in-person replacement method, contact the IN BMV and discover additional details for your specific situation.

Out-of-State Motorcycle License Replacement in Indiana

The process of replacing motorcycle licenses in Indiana may be also performed by individuals who are temporarily living out of the state or are serving in the military. Out-of-state motorists who are facing a stolen or lost motorcycle license may have the option to get an interim credential which is valid for 30 days and which may enable them to obtain a duplicate credential upon their return to Indiana. To get an interim license, riders need to complete a Request for Interim/Extension License (form 54580) and send it to the IN BMV mailing address. The temporary license will arrive at the rider’s out-of-state mailing address. The motorist can apply for a permanent license upon returning to the state.

Note: To replace motorcycle license in Indiana, active members of the military who are living out of the state need to know that their licenses are valid for 90 days after their discharge. Therefore, they may complete the process online or wait until they get back from their military service.

Indiana Motorcycle License Replacement Fees

When replacing motorcycle licenses in Indiana, motorists are most often required to submit payment for the applicable fees as the ultimate step of the replacement procedure. The cost to obtain is $9 at the moment. However, fees may be subject to constant changes, so riders are encouraged to contact the IN BMV prior to making any payments. Applicants who want to replace motorcycle licenses online may need to have a credit or debit card on hand in order to finish the transaction.

Last updated on Tuesday, October 2 2018.

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