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Vehicle Emissions Testing in Indiana

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In Indiana, a vehicle emissions test is required for many original registrations, as well as for annual registration renewals. Renewal notices are sent annually to vehicle owners, and indicate whether and by what date an emissions test must be completed. A vehicle needs to be tested according to the year it was manufactured. If the vehicle model was made in an even numbered year, it will have to be tested in an even numbered calendar year, and if it was made in an odd numbered year, it will have to be tested in an odd numbered calendar year.


A car, truck, motor home requires an emissions test when:

  1. It is a 1976 model or newer.
  2. It is driven mainly in the urban areas of Clark, Floyd, Lake or Port County.
  3. It has a manufacturer's gross vehicle weight rating of 9000 pounds or less.


Emission tests are valid for 90 days. A valid test is required to reinstate a suspended registration and to complete an original vehicle registration or registration renewal. Used car dealers are required to issue a valid emissions test for any vehicle they sell. Getting an emissions test is the buyer's responsibility when the vehicle is purchased from a private owner. If you are buying a used car, you will need to call Clean Air Care at 1-888-240-1684 to check if the car needs to be tested.


A vehicle is exempt from emissions testing when:

  1. It is one of the four newest model year vehicles.
  2. The vehicle is made in 1975 or older or is powered by electricity or diesel fuel.
  3. It is considered as a show car and meets the criteria for a Show Car Exemption.
  4. It is considered a specialty or kit car and meets the criteria for Specialty Exemption.
  5. It is heavier than 9,000 Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.
  6. It is a ceremonial vehicle, a recreational vehicle or a motorcycle.
  7. It is registered as an antique vehicle or is of highway construction equipment.
  8. It has an engine displacement of less than 200 cube centimeters.
  9. It is registered for farm use only (including tractors).


Any Clean Air Car Check Vehicle Station can test your vehicle. You can also call 1-888-240-1684 to find the station closest to you. Look for the official sign issued by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to authorized testing stations. The test standards will be displayed at the stations. Only select stations deal with light-duty diesel vehicles.


There is no charge for a vehicle emissions test in Indiana.


If your vehicle fails the emissions test, you must have the vehicle repaired, after which it must pass the after repairs emissions test. The vehicle can be repaired at the station or at an Indiana Certified Emission Repair Technician (ICERT) Facility. A list of these stations will be given to you if the vehicle fails the test. If the vehicle is repaired at an ICERT facility, and fails repeated tests, then you can apply for a waiver. The waiver will only be valid for a one-time test. You may apply for a waiver if all of the following apply:

  1. All emissions control equipment is intact and operational visually.
  2. Your vehicle has failed the test because the repairs are connected to emission problems.
  3. Repairs were carried out between two tests, both of which the vehicle failed.
  4. The vehicle shows an emission reduction between the first test and the last test.
  5. At least $75 has been spent on emission related repairs for vehicles made between 1976 and 1980.
  6. At least $450 has been spent on emission related repairs for vehicles made after 1981 and newer models. This is applicable to Porter and Lake counties. For Floyd and Clark counties at least $200 should have been spent. These repairs should have been carried out at an ICERT facility.
  7. The odometer should show at least 15,000 miles for vehicles made in 1996 and later.
  8. To be eligible for a minimum expenditure wavier, the vehicle should be at least 8 model years old.

Ensure that all repair slips are taken to the facility. Contact the branch for more information.


  • If you are out of state, or if your vehicle is otherwise unavailable for inspection, you can register your vehicle or renew your registration by contacting your BMV branch office.
  • See also Vehicle History Reports.
Submitted by Cara2015 on 1st Sep 2015

Is this a type-o on #7 saying

Is this a type-o on #7 saying that the odometer must read at least 15,000 to qualify for the waiver? Our paperwork from emission testing sight says 150,000. Is this not the DMV website??

Submitted by Maddawg rhudde on 8th Apr 2015

The emissions across Indiana

The emissions across Indiana has been rescinded save for a few counties up north. It's a political job pacifier that needs to be eliminated. Northwest Indiana will no longer tolerate being the red headed stepchild. Pence as gotten away with too much already and soiled the old state of Indiana. Bottom line, What's fair everywhere else should be fair here also.

Submitted by whodat on 7th Nov 2015

The emissions testing

The emissions testing requirement is dictated by US EPA laws, it has nothing to do with political patronage in NWI. It is all about Washington bureaucracy.

Submitted by zieg72 (not verified) on 23rd Nov 2013

Please consider following

Please consider following Illinois and exempt the OBD 1 and earlier non-computer controlled vehicles for testing

Submitted by zander0708 (not verified) on 18th Dec 2012

As far as the years go

As far as the years go Indiana is wasting money testing cars older than 1995 we should have the same laws as Illinois. There are people in the emission controlled counties that cant afford to repair their cars every two years really we should only concentrate on the newer cars!

Submitted by user1 (not verified) on 19th Feb 2013

So you agree that those cars

So you agree that those cars are the ones producing excess emissions? To hell with clean air for the kids? Instead of waiting til test time to find out about that check engine light, why not just keep up with the maintenance as you go so you won't be hit with a larger repair bill. There is more than just gas and oil changes to keep your car in shape.

Submitted by alanalove on 14th Mar 2015

Whatever, I can't afford a

Whatever, I can't afford a newer car. I can't afford to fix the one I have past the normal maintenance. I can barely afford that but I NEED it to get to and from work, and there is NO public transportation in my area at all, so I don't really have a lot of options, now do I? I can barely afford the gas and insurance that it takes to keep this thing, and I'm not even sure how I'm supposed to get it legally registered when I can't pass an emissions check for a stupid sensor! So, no, this is not about "screw the kids and their clean air," but it is about having some common sense and decency for people not as fortunate as you who are here and being impacted now.