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How to Renew a Driver's License in Indiana

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An Indiana Driver's License must be renewed in person at a BMV license branch in the State.


  1. Your Indiana driver's license will generally expire on your birthday. The expiration year depends on your age when the expiring license was issued or last renewed.
    Driver's Age at License
    Issue or Last RenewalValidity of License    

    Under 18probationary license which expires on 21st birthday

    18-75license valid for 4 years
    75-85license valid for 3 years
    85 and olderlicense valid for 2 years    
  2. It is advisable to renew your driver's license before the birthday on which it will expire. You can renew your license any time in the year leading up to its expiration.
  3. Your driving privileges expire on midnight of your birthday if you do not renew. A fee of $5 is charged if you renew after your license expires.


A standard vision screening is mandatory to renew your license. For a license expired for more than 2 years, it is necessary to also clear the knowledge test. For a license expired for more than 3 years, it is necessary to clear the knowledge and driving test with the vision test.
You must bring:

  1. Your expiring license or proof of identification if the expiring license is not available.
  2. If your name has changed, a court issued order of the name change is required.
  3. If your address has changed, you will need to provide proof of the same (a computer generated document like a utility bill or paycheck stub with your new address and name will do).
  4. Renewal fees are as follows:
    Probationary license$16
    For 2 years$7
    For 3 years$11
    For 4 years$19    

    You will be issued a temporary license at the driver exam station, after which the renewed license will arrive by mail within four to six weeks.