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How to Renew a Driver's License in Idaho

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An Idaho Driver's License can be renewed either in person at the local Driver's License office or by mail.


  1. Your Idaho driver's license will generally expire on your birthday. The expiration year depends on your age when the expiring license was issued or last renewed:
    Driver's Age at License
    Issue or Last RenewalValidity of License
    Age 17license expires on 18th birthday
    18-21license expires on 21st birthday    

    21-62license valid for 4 or 8 years depending on your choice

    62 and olderlicense valid for 4 years    
  2. Idaho Department of Motor Vehicles will send you a renewal notice 60 days prior to expiration date.
  3. You can renew up to a year before expiration date. If your license expired more than a year ago, you need to take the knowledge test and the skills test.


You must renew in person at least every eight years.
You must bring:

  1. Your expiring Driver's license or proof of age and identity.
  2. Your eye test reports from a licensed examiner. A driving skill test or a medical checkup can also be required if DMV officers feel it necessary.
  3. Renewal fee which varies with age, validity and type of vehicle.


You can renew by mail if you have a Class D (non commercial) driver's license and you are between 21 and 69 years of age. It can only be done once every eight years. Holders of an eight-year license are not eligible to renew by mail.

  1. You will receive an intimation of renewal by mail from the DMV (60 days prior to expiration) along with an application for the same.
  2. You need to go in person to the local DMV office if there are any changes or discrepancies in your license.