New York Drivers License Renewal

Renewing drivers licenses in New York is a straightforward process for the majority of residents. Most drivers license renewal applicants may not even require a trip to a New York Department of Motor Vehicles location. Drivers can renew drivers licenses online, by mail, or in person at their convenience. NY drivers license renewal applicants are also permitted to renew drivers licenses in NY up to one year prior to their drivers license expiration date, using one of the above mentioned methods. For more information on how to renew drivers licenses in New York, continue reading below.

How to Renew Your NY Driver’s License

New York Drivers License

Note: The expiration date of your driving privileges can be found on your license, next to the issue date.

Drivers license renewals in New York can be conducted in one of three ways: online, in person or by mail. Most drivers qualify to renew their drivers license online, or by mail if they choose. In spite of which method drivers chooses to apply for drivers license renewals, they must provide proof of passing an eye exam. Vision tests can be completed at a DMV-approved vision provider or by an applicant’s personal eye care professional. Drivers who apply in-person have the option to have their vision screened at the DMV office.


New York drivers license renewal fees vary according to the class of license a driver possesses. The Class D and DJ drivers license fee is $64.50. Residents of counties in and around the New York City Metropolitan area must pay the Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District (MCTD) fee, in addition to the regular renewal fee. The supplemental NY drivers license renewal fee is $1.00 for every six-month period a drivers license is valid, making the eight-year fee $16. The cost of a Class D and DJ license, including the MCTD fee is $80.50.

When to Renew Your New York Driver’s License

NY drivers license renewal dates fall on the holder’s date of birth. Drivers will be mailed a notice 50 days prior to their driver’s license expiration date. However, renewing New York drivers licenses is acceptable up to one year before the expiration date and two years after. Motorists who renew 40 days or more prior to their 21st birthday will receive a license labeled “UNDER 21.”

Expired License

Drivers have up to two years to renew drivers license in NY following the expiration date. Though, to avoid fines and penalties, applicants should avoid allowing the validity of their license to lapse. Drivers cannot renew expired drivers licenses in New York more than two years following its expirations date. After that point, the applicant must apply for a new drivers license which requires that he or she pass the DMV vision, written and road tests in addition to taking a pre-licensing course.

Note: Taking a DMV practice test can improve your chances of passing the NY written drivers test. Order a copy our practice permit test today to help you refresh your knowledge of state traffic laws.

Requirements to Renew a New York License

Renewing drivers license in NY is a simple process for many drivers. Drivers license renewal applicants must pass a vision screening provided by a DMV-approved provider. Alternatively, drivers can have their eye care professional fill out a Vision Report form. Most motorists are eligible to apply for New York drivers license renewals online and are encouraged to do so.

NY Drivers License Online Renewal

Online drivers license renewals are strongly encouraged by the New York Department of Motor Vehicles. With NY DMV license renewals, most applicants are eligible to renew via the MyDMV web portal. To renew drivers licenses online, applicants must pass a vision test with a provider listed on the DMV Online Vision Registry or submit information from a Vision Test Report form that has been completed by an eye care professional. Drivers license renewal online applicants will be able to print a PDF copy of their temporary license form their personal computer. The renewed driver’s license will arrive in the mail approximately 10 days following application.

Renewing Your NY Drivers License in Person

Where to renew drivers licenses in New York will depend on certain eligibility requirements. Drivers who are not eligible to renew online must apply in person at a NY DMV location. To apply, bring your current drivers license, the drivers license renewal notice, and proof of having passed a vision exam. The following types of drivers must renew NY drivers licenses in-person:

  • You have a commercial driver’s license.
  • You have a conditional driver’s license.
  • You are applying for an enhanced driver license (EDL).
  • You have a driver’s license that says “VALID WITHOUT PHOTO”.
  • You wish to update your current photo.
  • You are an ignition interlock device program participant.
  • You have a “TEMPORARY VISITOR” written on your driver’s license and your visitor expiration date has passed.

By Mail New York Drivers License Renewals

New York drivers are permitted to renew their drivers licenses by mail. To renew by mail, drivers must fill out the drivers license renewal notice that was sent to them and return it along with a completed Vision Test Report and their renewal fee in the form of a check or money order. In lieu of the vision report, applicants can simply visit a NY DMV-approved vision test provider. Authorized providers are located throughout the state.

Non-U.S. Citizen

Drivers license renewal guidelines are slightly different for temporary non-U.S. citizens. Temporary visitors and international students can renew New York drivers licenses online or by mail as long as their temporary status documents on file with the DMV are not expired. Applicants with an extended temporary visitor status document must update their documentation with the NY DMV office.

Out-of-State Military Renewal

By state law, the New York drivers license renewal period for active duty military members who served out-of-state is automatically extended. Service members are not required to renew their drivers licenses during this time. Drivers also have a total of 30 months following their service to apply for a drivers license renewal at a DMV in New York.

Drivers License Extensions

NY DMV drivers license renewal extensions are offered to active duty military members serving out-of-state. Extensions are automatic and last during the member’s service and up to six months following his or her discharge or return to New York. Upon return, service members may renew their NY drivers licenses up to two years after their extension expiration date. To renew, the applicants must show proof of their date of entry into the military. Those who were discharged from service will need to provide the Certificate of Discharge.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 10 2018.

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