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How to Renew a Driver's License in New York

New York Drivers License Renewal

Your New York drivers license is valid for eight years. 50 days before the expiration date, the NY DMV will mail you a renewal notice detailing the process for drivers license renewal.If you have not received your renewal notice, contact the DMV for further information. As long as you meet the renewal requirements, you should have no issue applying for a renewed license.

Drivers can renew NYS driving licenses:

  • Up to one year before its expiration.
  • Up to two years after its expiration.

If it has been two or more years that your drivers license has been expired, you will be required to take a vision test, written exam, driving test, and a pre-license course before renewal. Furthermore, if you are an active member of the military, your license to drive can have its validity extended for a period after your service. However, after submitting your renewal request, you should receive your driving license within two weeks.

Information Related to Renewing Licenses

NY Eligibility Requirements

You have various options when it comes to renewing drivers license credentials in New York. Drivers can choose between three ways, so long as they meet eligibility requirements:

  • Online
  • By mail
  • In person

Vision Standards

In New York, you must meet certain vision test standards. The online method will notify the DMV as to whether or not your optometrist is within the DMV Online Vision Registry. If you renew your license in person or by mail, you will have to complete and submit a Vision Test Report form.

Renewal for Non-United States Citizens

If your optometrist is not within the United States, he or she must still complete the Vision Test form meeting the following standards:

  • In English.
  • With results on the Snellen Visual Acuity Scale.
  • Include a professional practicing license number.


If you want to be able to renew drivers licenses online, then you must be able to meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Your Social Security number must be on file at the DMV
  • You cannot have a revoked or suspended drivers license
  • You cannot have a different address than the one on file
  • You cannot have a vision or hearing restriction that you would like to eliminate
  • You cannot have residency outside of the U.S.
  • You cannot have a driving license that is valid without a photo

If you meet the qualifications, then you will be able to create an online account at NY My DMV and complete the renewal process.

By Mail

If you are interested in how to renew drivers license credentials by mail, there are a variety of documents and forms that you must fill out before you hand in your NY expired drivers license. The steps you must follow include:

  1. Providing proof of your vision test results
  2. Providing proof of ID
  3. Completing and sign your renewal notice
  4. Completing the Application for Driver License or Non-Driver ID Card if you did not receive notice
  5. Enclosing payment of renewal fees

In Person

Any New York driver may renew driving license documentation in person at a nearby DMV location. recommends making an appointment in advance so that you avoid the long lines and waits. Also, make sure to bring the necessary documents in order to renew license credentials:

Drivers License Renewal for Out-of-State/Military Residents

If you are currently stationed outside of New York and are on active duty, you can always have your driving license extended for a period of time by filling out and mailing in a Notification of Military Service.
However, if the time for renewal has passed, you have to follow the renew expired drivers licenses process. Mail form Notification of Military Service and a letter to your commanding officer which confirms the following information:

  • Active duty status
  • Date you entered military service; to apply, the date must be before your NY driving license expired

Otherwise, civilian drivers who are currently out of state can renew drivers license credentials by mail or online.

Renewal Fees

The cost for renewing driving license documents in New York depends on the kind of drivers license in question. However, each of the following drivers licenses are valid for eight years:

  • Class D, Class DJ, Non-CDL Class C with MCTD fee: $80.50
  • Class D, Class DJ, Non-CDL Class C without MCTD fee: $64.50
  • Class E with MCTD fee: $128.50
  • Class E without MCTD fee: $112.50
  • Class M, Class MJ with MCTD fee: $82.50
  • Class M, Class MJ without MCTD fee: $72.50

The $16 difference is determined by whether or not one lives in a county that charges a supplemental $1 fee per six months of drivers license validity, which goes to the Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District. Some of the counties that do charge a supplement fee include:

  • Bronx
  • Manhattan
  • Kings
  • Queens
  • Staten Island
  • Dutchess
  • Nassau
  • Orange
  • Westchester
  • Rockland
  • Suffolk
  • Putnam

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Reviews of How to Renew a Driver's License in New York

I went into the DMV to renew my license because I wanted to change my picture. They took a picture while I was there, but when I received my license in the mail, it still has the old picture. I'm not happy that I took the time off of work specifically to go in for a picture to have them not use it.

I had my driver license issued this year in april 2014, i just realized it expires on my birthday this same year!! wth? Why is my license needing to be renewed in less than a year?

I thought vision exams were no longer required to renew licenses in NYS?

I have received a renewal letter from the DMV for my husband to renew his drivers license, but he has been deceased for three years. I'm not sure what to do about this. If anyone knows, please help me. It is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.


Does he want to drive ?

The link to renew online is broken. Also, is there a way to renew a state ID online? too.

I need to renew but I am overseas for sometime...!


I am assuming that the DMV will use the photo from my previious drivers's license for my renewed license. I am sending my present and current driver's license and a copy of my military ID card as proof of identity along with the MV-44 and a check for $68.00 to cover the cost of my license renewal. Also, can I apply for an international driver's license at any DMV anywhere?

i want to get the new licenses so i can go to canada, does any1 know how much they are ?

I renewed my license in person on Dec 5, 2011 in white Plains NY. I have yet to receive it.The temporary license expires Mar 4, 2012. When should I expect my license in the mail?

I need to work in the District of Columbia 4 days a week. In order to park my NY car there they require me to take residency and have a DC Driver License. I still live in NYC and have my family here. Can I keep both licenses?


How long does it take to receive a new license? I applied 6 weeks ago and still don't have it. The Web site says two weeks in one place and four weeks in another place, but clearly both are wrong.

I have a Learner's Permit and not a License. It expires this year on my birthday. Do I follow the same procedure to have it renewed as a Driver's License?

can i renew my license after it expired - is their a grace period for renewal in NYC?

How many years after my license expires can i renew

The fact is that when your license expires, you or the DMV give you up to (2) two years to get it back. Only 2 years that is set by NYS-DMV to renew from the date it expire.

NYS DMV - Driver License / ID Renewal


NYS DMV - Driver License / ID Renewal

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I failed to report to jury duty by accident and am afraid I won't be able to renew my license... Anyone have any experience with it?

I have already renewed my driver's license in the past for eight years. It was issued in 2004, was renewed once, and will expire in 2012. Without going to DMV, can I renew it online or by US mail this time too? Thanks.

How to renew my NY driver's license online?

I would like the form ot website to fill out to renew my driver's license

I need form MV-44 to fill out to renew my driver's license.

I already have on my driver's license that I need to wear glasses. Can I skip the eye test and have this put on my renewal license again? I know I'll need glasses again.

I'mn almost sure you have to go for a eye test when you renew your license.

i mailed the proper paperwork and payment in march, my birth month is april, i haven't received my new license in the mail yet or seen the check deducted from my account yet, whats wrong?

I also mailed my paperwork on June 18th. My birthday is July 15 . I have not gotten my new license yet nor have I seen my check deducted from my account. How canI find out if the paperwork was received and hen can I expect to get my license.

I am out of the country and unable to get an eye exam...can i postpone the eye exam and the renewal of my license?


what if i am out the countrycan i have my eye examined by a local doctor and have him fill up the form?

I broke my leg & wrist and I'm presently in rehab. My license expires soon & I was planning to take my eye test at the DMV. Can I get an extension?

I renewed my drivers license 3 weeks ago and my check was cashed but i never received my new drivers license yet and mine already expired yesterday what should i do because i need to drive

i renewed my class E license oct,30,2009. i have still not recieved it in the mail. please inform me when i will recive it as soon as possible.

I sent in my renwal papers with eye examine forms from the 8/12/09 and my check has not being cashed. My license expires 09/08/09. My job involves driving daily and I have to have a valid driver's license. Please let me know what is the status of me receiveing my new driver's license on time. Thank you.

I renewed my Driver's License, but haven't received them.

Will someone let me know if they have been mailed

I mailed in my renewal at the beginning of June and my license expires 06-22-09. I have not recieved it nor has my check been cashed. Can someone let me know if it is being processed?? Thanks

i would like to get info on my d.l

I renewed my licence by mail on april 24th. i haven,t received it yet. What happens now

Renew Drivers License on-line

I just want to renew my drivers license.

I want to renew my license