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New York Veteran Benefits

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Military veterans in the state of New York have access to various services and assistance programs that cater to their overall well-being and should help them reintegrate in society and readjust to civilian life. These service are focused on providing better housing conditions and health care services for veterans, more accessible education and job opportunities, as well as various tax breaks and grants to help with their financial situation. The state of New York provides various veterans' benefits. This is a brief overview of each benefit program.

License Plates

Veterans and Armed Forces members can get specialty plates, for passengers as well as commercial vehicles and motorcycles. For more on veteran custom license plates, go to

New York Veteran Housing Programs

State Veterans Home
There is a 242-bed veterans' home in Oxford, Chenango County, operated by the Deparment of Health. A 250-bed home is located in St. Albans, Queens, a 126-bed facility in Batavia, Genesee County, and a 250-bed home in Montrose, Westchester County. They all offer skilled nursing care. You can get more information about New York veteran homes at

New York State Homes For Veterans Program
Fixed-rates mortgages with interest rates 0.5% below existing rates charged on SONYMA mortgages.

New York Financial Assistance Benefits

Property Tax Exemption
Veterans are entitled to a partial exemption from real property taxes. For additional information, you can visit

Supplemental Burial Allowance
Burial allowance of up to $6,000 is provided for Armed Forces members killed while on active duty in combat zones on or after September 29, 2003. You can apply for this allowance by completing this form.

New York State Blind Annuity
Visually impaired wartime veterans receive a New York State Blind Annuity. This Blind Annuity form should be completed to apply for this benefit.

New York State Gold Star Annuity
Gold Star parents of deceased veterans receive an annuity payment of up to $500. Apply for the Gold Star Annuity by filling out an application.

New York Employment Benefits

Disabled Veterans Civil Service Preference
Handicapped disabled veterans are given preference for non-competitive state employment positions under Sections 55-b and 55-c of the New York State Civil Service Law. Visit for more information.

Civil Service Credit Preference
Disabled wartime veterans receive 10 additional points, while veterans who served during wartime receive 5 points toward original appointment, while veterans taking competitive promotional exams receive two and a half points.

New York Education Benefits

Veterans Tuition Awards
Veteran tuitions for full-time study are awarded to veterans enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate institutions in the state of New York.

Apart from these benefits, the state of New York offers many more benefit programs for veterans. For more, go to and