Search New York DMV offices near zip code:

You can find New York DMV locations near you by selecting from the menu below or by using the interactive map. New York DMV services vary by location. Some offices offer online reservations, allowing you to skip the line, while others are home to road test sites.

Find more information about the services your local NY DMV office by selecting the DMV office nearest you. In addition,you will find contact information, hours of operation, holiday closings, and other useful information to make your next visit to the DMV a success.

The New York Department of Motor Vehicles is home to a variety of driver– and motor vehicle-related services such as applying for a learner’s permit, renewing your driver’s license, updating your address information, and registering your vehicle.For your convenience, you can make a reservation online ahead of time for DMV in New York City, as well as the counties of Westchester, Suffolk, Rockland, Onondaga, and Albany.

Knowing what services are provided at your New York DMV location of interest will allow you to stay on top of the eligibility and documentation requirements, helping you to avoid the hassle of multiple unnecessary visits to the DMV.

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Last updated on Tuesday, November 27 2018.