A New York bill of sale is a legal document that must be provided to the NY DMV in addition to the required paperwork for an ownership transfer. Moreover, the NY DMV bill of sale form must be signed by the two legal entities that are transferring the ownership rights over a motor vehicle between themselves.

The participants in the transfer process are the person that sells the motor vehicle and the person that purchases it. Thus, completion of a vehicle bill of sale is required of both participants prior to completing a car title transfer procedure

Additionally, this completed credential is required by the New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) as proof of ownership before registering or titling a vehicle. The bill of sale contract must be provided in addition to a retail certificate of sale if the vehicle is purchased from car dealerships, or a certificate of title if the vehicle is purchased in a private sale.

In any case, this document must contain the information about a vehicle and the personal details of both legal entities involved in the sale and purchase procedure. To find out how to complete a car bill of sale in New York, continue reading the sections below.

When is a bill of sale necessary in New York?

Vehicle buyers must obtain a New York DMV bill of sale prior to purchasing a car that they wish to own. In general, an NY bill of sale PDF or printout is considered an acceptable proof of ownership for a motor vehicle. Moreover, buyers should complete this credential before applying for a vehicle registration, a car title or a transferable registration.

A vehicle bill of sale may be also needed in situations when certain legal issues may occur in the future. Furthermore, this document may be necessary to prove that the seller no longer owns the vehicle in question. Car buyers may also provide an auto bill of sale form as proof of their ownership in situations when there is uncertainty regarding who the current owner of the vehicle is.

Note: A New York DMV bill of sale may also be required when a motor vehicle is gifted to another party. In addition to this credential, individuals are also required to provide a statement of transaction when they have received the vehicle as a gift or when a sales tax was not collected during the process of buying a car.

Who needs a New York bill of sale?

Both buyer and seller should complete a vehicle bill of sale copy in New York when transferring a car between parties, even if it is being given or donated. For one, the vehicle seller must complete a sample bill of sale template in order to perform a motor vehicle sale and to provide the purchaser with the necessary information about the vehicle. Then, the vehicle buyer must complete a bill of sale form and make sure to sign and date it before applying for a vehicle registration and title.

Without a bill of sale, a vehicle buyer will not be able to complete the car title transfer process. In addition, all of the parties involved should keep a copy of this bill of sell document for their future reference if legal issues should occur. For instance, vehicle sellers may be required to present this credential in order to prove that they do not have ownership rights over the motor vehicle anymore.

Moreover, car buyers may need at some point to prove the price they paid for the motor vehicle or to verify the ownership transfer. In such situation, they may provide copy of bill of sale and avoid further inconveniences.

How to Complete a Bill of Sale Form in New York

A New York bill of sale form must be completed with information about the vehicle and the personal details about the two legal entities that participate in the ownership transfer procedure. This document must also contain the signatures of both participants in order to be considered as a valid document.

If vehicle sellers and buyers are wondering how and where to get this credential in New York, they are recommended to contact the NY DMV. Once they obtain a simple bill of sale template, they need to complete it with the following information:

  • Selling price.
  • Description of vehicle, including the following details:
    • Year.
    • Make, model and vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • Terms and conditions, if applicable.
  • Seller’s name, address, signature and date.
  • Buyer’s personal name, address, signature and date.

After completing the generic bill of sale template with the above-listed details, vehicle buyers need to submit it to the NY DMV along with a Retail Certificate of Sale (form MV-50) when the vehicle is purchased from a dealer, or a Certificate of Title (form MV-999) when the vehicle is purchased privately.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.