A bill of sale in Alabama is a document that serves as proof of a successful transfer of ownership of a motor vehicle between a seller and a buyer. The main purpose of an Alabama vehicle bill of sale is to protect both parties during and after the sale of the vehicle. Since a car bill of sale contains important information about the motor vehicle, the seller and the purchaser, it can resolve later disagreements about issues such as the ownership of the vehicle and the selling price.

Note that while certain states require the submission of an auto bill of sale in order to finalize several vehicle-related procedures, such as title transfers and vehicle registration transactions, this requirement varies from county to county in Alabama. Learn more about this document and how to fill out a template by reading the sections outlined below.

When is a bill of sale necessary in Alabama?

Presenting an Alabama bill of sale form is an important step in several situations. For example, motorists who have recently purchased a vehicle may be required to submit a the form when completing a DMV title transfer and registration through a nearby vehicle registration office.

However, the state Department of Revenue (DOR) does not impose strict requirements for the submission of an auto bill of sale. Counties that require applicants to submit the form generally provide a template on their websites.

Another situation when this may be necessary is when a dispute arises regarding the ownership of the vehicle. A standard bill of sale, for instance, can be useful if the new owner of the vehicle fails to properly transfer the title. In these situations, the previous owner may be liable for any future penalties accrued by the buyer.

However, by presenting the completed bill of sale template, the seller can prove that he or she does not own the vehicle in question any longer. These documents are also necessary when a rebuilt salvage vehicle is subjected to an inspection. In such circumstances, a form must be submitted for every major component used to rebuild the vehicle.

Who needs an Alabama bill of sale?

An Alabama automobile bill of sale is a document that may prove valuable to both the seller and the buyer of the vehicle, since it contains specific information about the car sale, such as the date and place of purchase, the selling price and the personal information of the involved parties.

For instance, buyers who have a bill of sale contract that carries the official signatures of the parties involved in the vehicle sale will not have any issues proving that they are the current vehicle owners.

The form, on the other hand, is useful to sellers because it is a notarized document that features the buyer’s signature, which can resolve any problems that may arise regarding the agreed-upon sale price or the vehicle specifications. The car bill of sale may also be necessary for the private parties involved in the vehicle sale for other legal issues due to the importance of the information contained within.

Therefore, the AL bill of sale form should be kept by those buying and selling a car, as they may need to use it to resolve future disagreements regarding the vehicle sale or to complete certain vehicle-related transactions.

How to Complete a Bill of Sale Form in Alabama

Since a uniform Alabama bill of sale PDF is not offered by the state Department of Revenue, car owners who want to complete the bill for a car transaction may be required to include different types of information depending on their county of residence. However, differences between forms are minor, and individuals filling out a bill of sale format will generally be required to provide the following information:

  • The sale price of the vehicle
  • The date the AL bill of sale contract was signed
  • The buyer’s and the seller’s names and addresses
  • Specific information about the vehicle in question, including:
    • The vehicle identification number (VIN)
    • The vehicle mileage
    • The year, make, model, color and body type of the vehicle
  • The interested parties’ signatures
  • The notary public signature and other related information

After filling out the form, both the buyer and the seller can obtain a copy for their records. If a receipt is required in order to finalize the title transfer and registration procedure, the buyer can submit it through an agent designated by the Department of Revenue (DOR). Buyers and sellers who are filling out an AL vehicle bill of sale in a county that does not provide or require a vehicle bill of sale, on the other hand, can always complete a blank form.

Note: Prior to completing a bill form, you can obtain more information about the vehicle in question by requesting a vehicle history report. This is a useful tool help that can help inform your buying decision.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.