Ordering an Alabama background check is a procedure that is generally completed by businesses when hiring new employees. Government and private entities may request a background screening in AL for current workers and/or volunteers as well. Depending on the vacant position, a potential employer may need your AL criminal background check, your driving record or your credit history.

When requesting criminal records in Alabama, businesses will be required to follow certain state laws and regulations. Individuals can also obtain their own background report, if required. Employers must not make business decisions based on the applicant’s race, religion, age or sexual orientation, regardless of the information contained in the background screening. Read the below sections to learn how to do a background check in Alabama.

How to Get an Alabama Background Check

The most convenient method to order an Alabama background search is via the internet. Individual applicants can also obtain his or her own police background check by submitting their request by mail or in person to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA).

Ordering an Alabama Background Check Online

When requesting an online background check in Alabama, businesses will be required to provide several types of information about the individual they are investigating. For instance, the web-based system may ask you for the submission of the job applicant’s:

  • Full legal name.
  • Social Security Number.
  • Gender.
  • Birth date.

Note: The above list of mandatory information is not all-inclusive, and you may be required to enter additional data.

To successfully complete your online transaction for an Alabama full background check, you will be required to pay a set usage fee.

Ordering an Alabama Background Check in Person

Individual applicants may request their own Alabama criminal background check by submitting the corresponding application in person or by mail to the Records and Identification Division of the ALEA. In addition to the Application to Review Criminal History Record Information, applicants will be required to submit an ID document, their fingerprint cards and the applicable fee.

The state Law Enforcement Agency will process your request for a background search in AL within four to five weeks of receiving your application.

Who needs an Alabama background check?

The process of getting a background check in Alabama is often completed by employers who would like to review the criminal, driving and credit history of job applicants, depending on the job vacancy.

An AL background investigation, however, can be requested for other purposes as well. For instance, renters may get a background check in AL get a background check in AL when deciding whether or not to lease their housing unit to a prospective tenant.

Caregivers are also inspected during the employment procedure due to the nature of their job.


Landlords may request a rental background check in Alabama prior to renting their property to potential clients. Getting a background search prior to negotiating the price is an important step in the rental agreement procedure, as it gives the property owner an insight into the financial habits of potential renters.

A renter background lookup in AL will also provide information about the applicant’s rental past, such as whether he or she has been evicted from or damaged a previous housing unit. Complete a full background check prior to renting your property to a prospective applicant in order to negotiate the best renting terms.


Companies generally order Alabama background checks for employment purposes when filling job vacancies in order to obtain information about the criminal and professional history of applicants.

After conducting the online background investigation, employers will learn whether or not the candidate is a trustworthy individual that can complete his or her duties. Job seekers can also review their employment history check in AL prior to meeting a potential employer in order to adequately prepare for the job interview.

EMS/First Responders

Hospitals may order medical background checks in Alabama in order to ensure they hire EMS workers who can handle the demanding requirements of the job. First responders will often have to fulfill their duties in a stressful environment while caring for the well-being of others.

A clean EMS background report is an indicator that potential EMS hires will condone themselves appropriately around patients, while successfully completing their job tasks.


Requesting a complete background check in Alabama is also an essential procedure before hiring a caregiver that will tend to a member of your family. Due to the delicate nature of the job, you can ensure that your close relative is receiving the best care by engaging a licensed caregiver with a clean background report in AL.You can check any prospective caregivers by ordering a background search online.


Companies often use background check services in Alabama when hiring new managers as well. Job seekers applying for a management position must prove they are a good role model for the other employees. For that reason, managers are required to meet stricter standards than regular employees. Businesses generally order both a criminal and an employment history check in AL prior to hiring prospective managers.

When You Will Need a Background Check

Companies and individuals may order an Alabama background report for a wide variety of reasons. While certain instances require the completion of a full background check, you may only need to obtain and submit a copy of your driving record in other cases. In general, a background search may be necessary when you:

  • Are purchasing firearms.
  • Are applying for a job with a government or a private entity.
  • Are completing an adoption process.
  • Are applying for a bank loan.
  • Are reinstating a driver’s license through your local DMV office.

Note: The above list does not include all cases when an AL background verification is necessary.

The Difference Between Standard and Criminal Background Checks

The type of requested background screening in Alabama will vary based on the current needs of the company or the individual that has ordered it.

Background investigations are generally classified based on the aspect of the individual’s history they are reviewing. For instance, companies will order an AL criminal history check if they are interested to learn whether or not a job applicant has been arrested and/or convicted in the past.

Note: If you are applying for a U.S. visa in Alabama, you will also be required to obtain a copy of you criminal record search.

Standard investigation checks suffice in instances when a criminal history record is unnecessary. For instance, if you are applying for a financial product, banking institutions will often conduct a credit background check. Whereas, applicants for a driver job are generally required to provide a copy of their driving record to prove they can properly and safely operate a motor vehicle.

After obtaining a copy of a criminal history check in Alabama, individuals will be able to challenge it with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, if they believe it contains inaccurate information.

Last updated on Wednesday, January 17 2024.