A background check in Colorado is generally conducted by employers who are deciding whether or not to hire prospective job candidates. Ordering a background report in CO, however, is not a procedure limited to business purposes. For instance, the InstaCheck Unit of the CO Bureau of Investigation (CBI) conducts full background investigations before each gun purchase within the state.

Both individuals and organizations (private and public) can obtain CO background screenings. In addition to standard investigations into an individual’s financial and personal past, requestors often order criminal history checks as well. Colorado is an open records state, and the CO Criminal History Record Information (CCHRI) is available to the general public.

How to Get a Colorado Background Check

The fastest way to is to order one online. In addition to information from the CIB Computerized Criminal History (CCH) database, requestors may be able to obtain additional data via the internet as well. For instance, you may be able to investigate an individual’s credit, professional and driving records through an online background check service provider.

Colorado police background checks can also be ordered by submitting a paper application in person and by mail.

Ordering a Colorado Background Check Online

When ordering instant background checks in Colorado via the internet, requestors will be required to supply specific information about the holder of the record. The necessary data may vary depending on the type of CO background investigation you are conducting. When requesting an individual’s criminal history lookup, for example, you must enter the record holder’s:

  • Social Security Number.
  • Full legal name.
  • Birth date.

Requestors can increase their chances of receiving a more precise report, by entering additional identifiers, such as the record holder’s gender and race.

After paying the set fee for the online criminal record search in CO with a valid credit card, the system will supply you with the record of the individual you are investigating.

Ordering a Colorado Background Check in Person and by Mail

Applicants can also order a Colorado criminal background check in person or by mail. To complete the process via these alternative methods, you will be required to fill out and deliver the corresponding application form to the Identification Unit of the CBI.

Note that the manual background search in CO generally costs more than the internet option. Also, if you are requesting a fingerprint-based search instead of a name-based one, you will have to pay additional funds, and provide the fingerprint cards of the subject of the record.

Who needs a Colorado background check?

A Colorado background check may be ordered by various public and private entities (both individuals and organizations) for various purposes.

Background verifications in CO are the most commonly requested by employers and licensing agencies. Getting a background check, however, is a procedure that may be necessary in other instances as well. For example, individuals must undergo a complete background check in Colorado in order to purchase a firearm.


The process of ordering a Colorado rental background investigation is often completed by landlords who would like to assess potential tenants.

By completing a full personal background check in CO, property owners will ensure they rent their housing unit to an individual with a clean criminal record. A full background investigation of renters will also reveal whether the applicant has been evicted in the past, and whether or not he or she has ever failed to provide rental payments.


Companies often complete employee background checks in Colorado prior to hiring workers. Depending on the available position, the background check for job purposes may range from a common education history lookup to a full employment history check, which will provide in-depth information.

Regardless of whether you are an employer or a job seeker, order an online background check in Colorado to prepare adequately for an upcoming job interview.

EMS/First Responders

EMS background reports in Colorado will reveal any questionable behavior of workers who provide or are applying to provide emergency medical services. The requirements of the position will often include caring for injured and/or ill patients during long working hours and sleep deprivation is not uncommon.

Due to the stressful nature of the job, hospitals and other similar institutions must conduct medical background screenings to ensure they hire workers who can properly complete their job tasks.


Performing a full background check in Colorado is an important step when hiring a caregiver for a child or a vulnerable adult. By ordering a complete background investigation, employers will obtain details about every aspect of the applicant’s past, such as his financial, professional and criminal records.

After reviewing this information, you will be able to exclude caregivers whose past indicates they may not be the best fit for the position.


Colorado business background checks are essential when hiring new managers as well. Managerial positions generally establish stricter requirements than standard jobs. For that reason, potential hires must undergo a full background search in CO, which will include details about the applicant’s complete personal history.

Only job seekers who prove they are a good role model for the members of their team will be engaged as managers.

When You Will Need a Background Check

Individuals and companies generally require a background search in Colorado to complete certain procedures. Most commonly, you will have to undergo a CO background investigation for employment purposes. Organizations require the submission of a background report in following instances:

  • Completing an adoption process.
  • Legally purchasing firearms.
  • Obtaining a professional license.
  • Getting a gaming or a liquor license.

By ordering an instant background check online in CO, you will be able to complete the steps in the aforementioned procedures more efficiently.

The Difference Between Standard and Criminal Background Checks

A Colorado background check will generally vary based on the needs of the company or individual who has requested it. For instance, criminal record searches in CO are often ordered when the requestor needs to obtain information about the record holder’s criminal past. Applicants may order either a state-wide or a nation-wide criminal background investigation in CO.

On other occasions, such as when applying for a standard driver job or loaning a bank credit, you may be required to submit only a standard background report, such as a driving record or a credit history report. Investigations of this kind are often available via the internet as well.

Note: While a criminal record search in CO is open to the general public, certain sealed data, such as juvenile records and warrant information exclude.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.