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How to Apply for a New Driver's License in Colorado

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You can apply for a new driver's license at any driver license office in Colorado. Obtain a Colorado Driver's Handbook to familiarize with the driving rules and regulations.


Following are the basic requirements for applying for a Colorado driver's license:

  1. Applicants must be 16 years or older.
  2. Any individual under 18 should provide parental consent and must complete the graduated driver licensing process. For additional details, see Beginner Drivers and/or Learner's Permits for Beginner Drivers.
  3. Everyone must pass the vision, written, and driving tests. See Practice Tests and Driver's Handbook for more information on the written examination. Driver education programs can help individuals prepare for their road test.
  4. Applicants must provide acceptable proof of identification.


Colorado residents holding a driver's license from another state may also need to pass the written, driving, and vision tests. The written and/or driving tests may be waived at the discretion of the examiner. However, like other applicants, new residents must provide proof of legal presence. Legal presence documents include US birth certificate, valid certificate of citizenship, valid foreign passport with valid US Visa, among others.
Non-US citizens residing in Colorado may apply for a Colorado driver's license, as long as they can provide proof that they are legally authorized to be in the United States, and meet all the other requirements. Note that a Colorado driver's license issued to a foreign national will expire no later than the last date on which they are authorized to be in the United States by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service. A foreign driver's license is valid for 90 days after arrival in Colorado, after which a new license should be obtained.


The cost for a non-commercial (Class D) Colorado driver's license is $21. Details are available here.


The validity of a Colorado driver's license is based on the driver's age at the time the license was issued.

  • For drivers below 21, the license is valid for 20 days after their 21st birthday, after which it may be renewed.
  • For drivers age 21 and over, the license is valid for five years.


With certain restrictions, an individual can legally drive in Colorado with an instruction permit. See more information on instruction permits here.