A DMV motorcycle handbook is provided by the Colorado Department of Revenue to help prospective cyclists learn the ins and outs of driving a motorcycle. Getting a copy of the CO motorcycle operator manual is the first step you should take toward obtaining your Colorado motorcycle license endorsement. The knowledge contained in the handbook will assist you in passing your motorcycle knowledge test and driving skills exam.

In addition, your manual includes information on Colorado motorcycle laws and provides safety tips that you will refer back to every time you start your motorbike’s engine. The guidebook also provides information on how to apply for your Class M motorcycle license endorsement and explains each step of the process. Keep reading to learn more about Colorado’s DMV motorcycle handbook and how it can help you become a proficient operator of your two- or three-wheeled vehicle.

What topics are covered in the Colorado DMV motorcycle handbook?

The Colorado motorcycle operator manual provides information on a wide range of cycling-related topics. The book is divided into 16 chapters that cover everything from preparation, to testing and safety gear.

In Colorado, the DMV motorcycle handbook is meant to serve as a supplement to the Colorado Driver Handbook and you must study both to prepare for your motorcycle license endorsement. It also includes motorcycle safety tips on how to handle dangerous surfaces, collisions and more. Handbook topics include:

  • The Colorado motorcycle operator licensing process.
  • Preparing to ride, including the proper safety gear to wear and the procedures you must follow.
  • How to control your bike in a way that maximizes safety, including how to see and be seen on the road.
  • How to handle slippery or other dangerous road surfaces and how distance relates to maintaining control of your motorbike.
  • Potentially hazardous situations and how to avoid them, including mechanical problems, flying objects, animals in the road and hills.
  • Riding safely when carrying passengers or traveling in groups with other cyclists.
  • Motorcycle knowledge test preparation tips and how to pass driving through a motorcycle test course.

Can a motorcycle handbook help applicants prepare for a Colorado motorcycle exam?

A CO DMV motorcycle handbook is perhaps the most valuable tool you have for preparing for your motorcycle exam. It would be difficult to prepare in full for a motorcycle knowledge test without a document clearly outlining the material you need to know in order to pass. When you study your guidebook, you will gain a clearer understanding of motorcycle permit laws, how to operate your motorbike and other material that will appear on the knowledge test.

The handbook also helps applicants understand the motorcycle test rules that will be covered during the hands-on driving test required to obtain a full motorcycle driver’s license endorsement. For example, the guidebook includes diagrams showing the cone weave, obstacle swerve and other tasks that must be demonstrated during the driving exam.

What other materials can help applicants prepare for a Colorado motorcycle knowledge test or road exam?

Studying your CO motorcycle operator manual is a great way to prepare for exams, but other materials can help you earn a passing grade as well. In addition to reviewing your handbook, you can prepare by taking practice tests available online. These serve as motorcycle test book enhancers by giving you the chance to answer questions that may appear on your knowledge test.

Prepare for your motorcycle safety road exam by driving as much as possible after you have your motorcycle learner’s permit. While a motorcycle license study guide is an excellent test preparation tool, a book is no substitute for what is learned when driving a motorcycle yourself. Over time, your real-life application of laws and procedures will make you a confident motorcycle driver when it is time for your road exam.

Who else can benefit from a Colorado motorcycle manual?

Most of us assume a Colorado motorcycle operator manual is primarily meant for drivers new to motorcycle operation. However, even experienced cyclists can find useful tips and tricks for motorcycle safety inside the manual, which also includes any updates to existing state traffic laws.

If you are wondering, “Do you need a drivers license for a moped in Colorado?” you may be hoping that you can eliminate the need to study for an exam. It is true that mopeds and other low-powered scooters do not require a motorcycle endorsement to be operated within the state.

However, you must have a basic driver’s license before taking one on the road. Even without the need to study the handbook, having one helps cyclists understand special conditions or situations that drivers of two-wheeled vehicles commonly encounter.

If you are a parent or spouse of a motorcycle enthusiast, scanning through the CO DMV motorcycle manual can educate you on the types of safety equipment, clothing and shoes they need. These tips can help you choose a helmet or other gift that your loved one will enjoy on the road for years to come.

How to Get a Colorado DMV Motorcycle Manual

If you need a CO DMV motorcycle manual, simply click here to download or read one online. If you prefer to have a hard copy of the book, stop by your local Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) driver license office and request one.

At many MVD locations, you can find various driving manuals on a rack in the lobby. When getting a motorcycle permit study guide, there is usually no need to wait in line for a copy.

Last updated on Friday, February 28 2020.