Although Colorado CDL training is not a specific requirement when obtaining a Commercial Driver’s License, participating in a CDL school can provide many benefits to you. While the Colorado Department of Revenue does not require you to participate in this type of training, the department does highly recommended that you enroll because it can help you to prepare for the required exams.

To obtain your CDL you must pass one or more knowledge tests and you must pass a skills test as well. The best way to ensure that you are completely prepared to take and pass these tests is to enroll in and complete truck driving school training through an accredited program in Colorado. The course will provide you with hands-on training behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle that will help you pass the skills test. Also, you can expect to learn all about the information you need to pass the knowledge exams as well.

What is CDL training in Colorado?

CDL training provides you with all of the instruction and information that you need in order to pass the knowledge and skills exams so that you can attain your Commercial Driver’s License. This type of training is different from regular drivers’ education because it is specific to commercial motor vehicles (CMV).

A CMV may be a vehicle that has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 26,001 pounds or more, or a vehicle that is designed to transport 16 or more passengers or hazardous materials. Because these vehicles are typically very large and may transport dangerous materials, specific testing is required in order to obtain a CDL.

Class A CDL training is going to vary slightly when compared to training for Class B or Class C licenses because each type of license allows you to operate a different type of vehicle. For example, a Class C license can be used for operating vehicles that carry hazardous materials or a lot of passengers, so the testing requirements vary. The minimum exams required for each class of license are as follows:

  • Class A: General knowledge test, combination vehicles knowledge test and air brakes test.
  • Class B: General knowledge test and air brakes test.
  • Class C: General knowledge test, passenger test (if carrying 16 passengers or more) or hazardous materials test (if transporting hazardous materials).

Note: Additional tests may be applicable as well, including a tank vehicle test or a school bus test, depending on the specific endorsement you are interested in attaining.

Is CDL school required in Colorado?

Colorado does not require CDL classes to be taken in order for you to get your CDL. However, the Department of Revenue does recommend participating in an approved CDL education program because it can significantly help you to build up your confidence with driving commercial vehicles and it can help you to be properly prepared for the important examinations.

Curriculum of Colorado CDL Classes

A CDL prep course covers a variety of information, and the specifics of what is included varies depending on the actual course you are enrolled in. However, all courses cover the information needed in order to pass all of the required tests.

In-Class Instruction for the CDL Written Test

A CDL training online course is not available for covering everything, although certain courses may offer portions of their curriculum through an online setting. During the in-class portion of the training, you will learn about a variety of different topics that will be included on the CDL general knowledge test.

You can usually expect to learn about the traffic laws in Colorado, how to complete required log sheets, dealing with emergency situations and much more.

Behind-the-Wheel Instruction for the CDL Driving Test

In addition to the general knowledge CDL test and passing the physical requirements, you must also complete a skills test as well.

This skills test in a behind-the-wheel exam that is to be completed with a qualified instructor. You will be asked to perform a variety of different inspections and maneuvers. In Colorado, the CDL driving test includes the following three parts:

  • Vehicle inspection.
  • Basic vehicle control.
  • On-road test.

Therefore, it is crucial that you are completely prepared for completing and passing each section of the exam by gaining as much hands-on experience as possible. An approved course will provide you with many hours of instruction and practice so that you can confidently pass the entire examination.

How long is CDL training in Colorado?

The exact length of time a Commercial Driving License training course lasts varies depending on the course you select.

Colorado does not require a certain number of hours of training to be completed, so you are free to select the course that is most convenient for you, regardless of the length.

Typically, most comprehensive beginner classes range between 4 to 5 weeks; however, there are courses that are shorter or longer depending on what information needs to be covered and your experience level.

Best CDL Schools Near Me in Colorado

If you are wondering, “What truck driving school near me is best?” it is important to consider a few different factors.

First, you must consider the locations of the various schools in order to determine which program you can attend based on the distance you must travel. Additionally, you must consider which courses are approved by the Department of Revenue and will adequately prepare you for the examinations. A few of the best CDL schools in Colorado include:

Sage Truck Driving School. This company offers a variety of different training programs designed to meet the needs of various students and employers, from beginners to drivers with some commercial vehicle driving experience. Also, this school is trusted by many of the best trucking companies in the country, and it also provides a lot of hands-on instruction and practice.

CDL College. This college is very flexible with its instruction because it is an open enrollment course. Therefore, you are able to attend classes whenever and as frequently as it is convenient for you. Also, this course offers free written test prep available online that can be used to study for your written exam.

United States Truck Driving School. Enrolling in this CDL school means that you will be part of an individualized training program because there are regulations in place to ensure that smaller groups of students are paired with an instructor. Additionally, there are a variety of different programs available, from CDL skills test preparation to CDL refresher courses.

Benefits of Completing Colorado Truck Driving School

Finding CDL jobs after you complete a course is the most important thing you can focus on. Most trucking schools understand this and actually offer assistance with CDL job placement.

Whether this be through connections the school has to certain trucking companies or even job boards that you can participate in, completing the course can help you to get a job faster than simply searching on your own.

Also, the successful completion of a program can help you to pass the knowledge and skills exams on your first try. These exams can be very extensive, so having proper training and help with learning the information can be a big benefit to you.

CDL Training Costs in Colorado

There are certain CDL training costs that you must consider before you enroll in a course. These fees vary greatly depending on the company you opt to complete a course with and the specific course that you choose.

For example, CDL College offers a rate of $250 per lesson. However, keep in mind that there may be additional fees, such as the fees required to take the exams, that may or may not be included in those costs.

Also, it is important to understand that each school offers a variety of different financing options as well. You may be able to set up a payment plan, loan, or simply pay for each lesson that you attend.

Also, there are options for company paid CDL training that you must look into as well. Certain trucking companies offer to pay for your education, which can be a great benefit to you and may influence where you decide to work.

How to Self-Prep for Colorado CDL Exams

Whether you enroll in a course, reading through the CDL handbook is a very important part of studying for the exams. Prepping for the written and on-the-road tests on your own can make a big difference in how prepared you are beforehand.

Ensure that you take any CDL practice tests that you can obtain and read through the sections of the handbook that are pertinent to the specific license you are interested in getting. Doing so will help you to understand all of the materials and information needed to pass all of the tests at the Colorado DMV.

Last updated on Thursday, February 27 2020.