CDL training in Massachusetts is one of the best ways for you to get the commercial driving career that you have been dreaming of. However, are you familiar with the best ways to go about getting this training? A commercial driver’s license (CDL) is a legal document that allows for qualified American drivers to operate commercial vehicles, which can include buses, trailers, semi-trucks and more. In Massachusetts, CDL school has been designed in order to help drivers in the state to get these licenses, as the licensing tests involved with them are rather strict and difficult to pass without the proper information.

An MA truck driving school will allow for drivers in the state to learn all about commercial driving ahead of their official tests, to give them a good chance of passing them on the first try. By working with the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) and their training provider of choice, MA drivers will be able to prepare all of the information that they need to succeed, and get their CDLs as soon as they are able. This article will help you to determine the training method that is right for you as a Massachusetts driver, so that you can legally operate a commercial vehicle and get a new driving job.

What is CDL training in Massachusetts?

Class A CDL training in Massachusetts is the first of three main types of commercial driver’s licenses in the state. It is also the most broadly utilized, as most semi-trucks and other trailers used in the trucking industry require this license.

With it, you can drive a commercial vehicle that weighs more than 26,000 pounds, and you can also haul vehicles that weigh more than 10,000 pounds. These commercial vehicles are generally harder to drive properly, but they can all be legally driven with Class A training.

On the other hand, Class B CDL training in MA has been designed for vehicles that weigh more than 26,000 pounds and hauling vehicles that weigh less than 10,000 pounds.

This covers a slightly smaller group of commercial vehicles but is still useful if you cannot get a Class A license. Class C licenses let Massachusetts drivers operate commercial vehicles that can transport 16 or more people or hazardous materials.

You can also get special endorsements for each license, which require training in order to drive additional vehicles.

Is CDL school required in Massachusetts?

CDL classes in Massachusetts are generally not required for many of the different types of CDLs in the state.

For the most part, these courses are simply highly recommended, and you can get away with applying for a CDL permit without any training whatsoever. However, you should be aware of the intricate CDL rules and laws in the state, and be prepared for your driving and knowledge exams.

It can be convenient to not have to take any training before applying for a CDL, but that convenience vanishes if you fail your tests.

However, there is a very unique caveat that many Massachusetts drivers will need to be aware of. MA CDL courses are actually required before you are allowed to get your license if you are also getting your school bus endorsement.

Because school bus driving is such an important role that should not be taken lightly, there are 60 hours of training that you will need to have in order to legally drive them in Massachusetts.

Additionally, you will be asked to renew your endorsement every year, and renew your CDL every five years. Failing to keep up with your school bus training will prevent you from being able to legally continue transporting students in Massachusetts.

Curriculum of Massachusetts CDL Classes

The makeup of an MA CDL prep course is extremely important, as it covers the entire process of getting a CDL in the state.

This involves both indoor and outdoor education styles, as many training programs have classroom and driving instruction. Both of these styles are useful and serve as excellent preparation for your future testing.

In-Class Instruction for the CDL Written Test

While CDL training online during your own time can be a great way to prepare for your eventual CDL knowledge exam in Massachusetts, most training programs in the state also provide an excellent source of information through in-person classroom teaching lectures.

These are often small class sizes with individualized assistance and involve teaching students about the many different aspects of commercial driving. These can include:

  • The differences between driving different kinds of commercial vehicles.
  • What to do in case of a roadside emergency.
  • How to properly refuel and maintain your commercial vehicle.
  • How to recognize road signs and street regulations for commercial vehicles.

Behind-the-Wheel Instruction for the CDL Driving Test

If you have yet to take your CDL test in Massachusetts, chances are good that you could benefit from practicing your commercial vehicle driving a bit more.

This process is extremely crucial, as it can be challenging to practice with a commercial vehicle if you are not participating in training. This process involves going out on the road with an instructor, and learning about how to properly control such a large vehicle.

Some elements of a CDL driving test in MA include parking, turning, breaking, merging, reversing and more. Having an instructor next to you can also be beneficial, because you can learn what to do during your test, and also what not to do.

Getting as much practice as possible will only help you in the long run, as you will be more comfortable with performing these actions when you are asked to do so in your official exam.

How long is CDL training in Massachusetts?

Even in the best CDL schools in Massachusetts, there is often a wide range of possible timeframes that your training can fit into. Because there is so much information that goes into a CDL, it is very important that you take the time to become fully prepared for your application.

This can vary based on the program, but most training courses last between five to eight weeks of instruction. The more time that you have to learn and digest the materials, the more likely you are to succeed in your final tests.

Best CDL Schools Near Me in Massachusetts

The question “What is the optimal truck driving school near me in Massachusetts?” is easy to answer, as there are a number of highly rated training programs spread out across the state.

Each program offers a slightly different curriculum, but they are all designed to help Massachusetts drivers succeed in getting their CDL. Some popular options in MA include:

  • Tri-State CDL Training Center. Offering between 140 to 160 hours of instruction, this service provides an excellent faculty with a good combination of classroom and road instruction. They also cover some lesser-discussed topics, such as preventative maintenance and driver qualifications and disqualifications in Massachusetts.
  • Parker Professional Driving School. This MA CDL training program provides a standard Class A course at 120 hours over six weeks, as well as instruction for additional CDL types and endorsements. This program prioritizes one-on-one instruction, and gives plenty of practice exams.
  • New England Tractor Trailer Training School (NETTTS). This highly rated program is a multi-state operation, and provides safety-driven instruction along with a knowledgeable faculty. They also sponsor your final test as part of your tuition, and help you to prepare for it.

Benefits of Completing Massachusetts Truck Driving School

CDL jobs in Massachusetts are much easier to find if you go through with the proper training, for a number of reasons. First, many companies will only hire employees to drive for them if those people have driving training.

This is because they want to ensure that their employees are knowledgeable, and aware of what to do in an emergency. Additionally, many commercial driving employers have direct partnerships with training programs and hire students right after they pass their tests. This can be a great networking opportunity, as driving jobs are getting more and more in-demand in MA.

CDL Training Costs in Massachusetts

Your CDL training cost in Massachusetts is going to be a significant amount, but many drivers consider it to be an investment in their career.

It is always critical to ask your training organization of choice about their tuition costs, as they may have scholarships or special financing options for those who qualify. However, the typical tuition fee for a Class A CDL in Massachusetts is somewhere between $4,000 and $6,000.

You may be eligible for paid CDL training in MA if your training program allows for it. This is a system wherein you can be paid the cost of your tuition from a company who wishes to hire you.

This can be a rare occurrence, but is an excellent opportunity for especially qualified and driven individuals to get the training that they need for little-to-no cost.

How to Self-Prep for Massachusetts CDL Exams

Taking a CDL practice test in Massachusetts is arguably the best way to prepare for your actual tests, and there are many ways to accomplish this in the state.

You can usually take many of these fake tests at your training location of choice, as they can provide you with in-class knowledge tests and on-the-road driving tests. However, there are also ways that you can practice for your exams from your own home.

The Massachusetts CDL handbook is a free guide provided by the MA RMV, and this helpful online resource includes all of the information that you may need to remember for your final testing periods.

Reviewing this material can serve as a great review before you are ready to take your tests and can be best utilized alongside a Massachusetts training program.

Last updated on Friday, February 28 2020.