Getting a motorcycle license in Massachusetts is a mandatory action that individuals need to perform in order to legally operate a motorbike on public roads within the state. Motorists may obtain a motorcycle license through the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (MA RMV). Prior to applying for a motorcycle drivers license, residents must obtain a Class M learner’s permit.

MA residents need to satisfy certain motorbike driving license requirements as part of the application process. They need to submit the necessary documentation, pay the applicable fees, pass the DMV examinations and complete a motorcycle safety course. To learn more detailed information about how to get motorcycle licenses in Massachusetts, continue reading the sections below.

Motorcycle License Requirements in Massachusetts

When getting a motorcycle license in Massachusetts, applicants need to satisfy certain eligibility requirements determined by the MA Registry of Motor Vehicles. Motorists who want to obtain a motorcycle driver’s license may present the following documentation if they are older than 18 years of age:

  • Proof of date of birth
  • Proof of signature
  • Proof of Massachusetts residency
  • Social security card (SSC) or a letter of ineligibility

Applicants for a full bike license who are under 18 years old may be required to present a parental consent form in addition to the SSC and the proof of birth. Motorcycle license applicants who have prepared the required documentation need to pass the mandatory examinations, pay the applicable fees and complete a motorcycle safety course.

Motorcycle licenses are also available to new Massachusetts residents who have recently moved to the state. New residents will have to apply for a license since the MA DMV does not allow converting out-of-state licenses.

Massachusetts Motorcycle License Training Courses

A Massachusetts license for a motorcycle may be obtained in two ways: by taking a Massachusetts Rider Education Program, or by taking a road test. Class M license applicants who decide to avoid taking the DMV road test may be able to complete a Driver’s Education Program that will waive their road test. When applying for a license, applicants may choose from the following motorcycle safety courses:

  • Basic Rider Course
  • Experienced Rider Course

When applicants younger than 18 years of age want to apply for a motorbike license, they will be required to complete a Massachusetts Rider Education Program course. A safety course is also recommended to other drivers who want to learn how to become better and more responsible bike riders on the roads.

Massachusetts Motorcycle License Tests

When applying for a Massachusetts motorcycle learners permit, individuals may have to take and pass a motorcycle knowledge exam at a local MA RMV office. The knowledge test needed for a learner’s permit contains 25 questions that must be answered within 25 minutes. Individuals may pass the test only if they answer at least 18 questions correctly.

To get prepared for the written test, license seekers are encouraged to read thoroughly the RMV Motorcycle Manual. This motorcycle license handbook contains information about the road rules, DUI consequences and situations when a rider must share the road with other traffic participants. After obtaining a learner’s permit, individuals who want to get a Class M license may have to take and pass a road skills test, or successfully complete an MA Rider Education Program. To learn more information about the examinations, contact the MA RMV before applying for either a permit or a license.

The Massachusetts Motorcycle License Application Process

Before obtaining a motorcycle license in Massachusetts, individuals are advised to obtain a learner’s permit. The permit may be obtained only if motorists meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 16 years of age.
  • Be an MA resident.
  • Complete an application form online.
  • Present valid identification and the required documentation at the MA RMV.
  • Pass both a vision and a knowledge test.
  • Meet the minimum medical standards for a Class D or Class M license.
  • Do not hold an out-of-state learner’s permit or driver’s license.
  • Be clear of out-of-state obligations.
  • Pay the applicable fees.

Those who have motorcycle learner’s permits need to complete a road test or a Massachusetts Rider Education Program in order to get a license. Drivers may get a Class M license if they are either 18 years of age and hold a valid learner’s permit, or if they are 16-and-a-half years old and have completed the Junior Operator License (JOL) requirements.

Massachusetts Motorcycle License Fees

The Massachusetts motorcycle license cost may vary depending on several factors. Riders applying for a learner’s permit must pay $30, whereas applicants for a Class M license may be required to pay a fee of $50. When adding an endorsement on a valid MA driver’s licenses, riders will be mandated to pay a fee of $15. Moreover, new residents who want to transfer their out-of-state licenses need to inform themselves about whether the same price applies to them as well. Therefore, prior to paying the applicable fees, contact the nearest MA RMV location and find out the exact information you need.

Last updated on Monday, October 1 2018.

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