Applying for a motorcycle license in Delaware is a procedure that must be completed by drivers who wish to legally operate a motorcycle within the state. The Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) issues motorcycle endorsement credentials added to an existing driving license instead of providing a separate license to applicants. Applicants are required to meet several eligibility requirements and submit the necessary documents and fee payments to their nearest motor vehicle facility. After obtaining a license for motorcycle riding, license holders can use it to operate any motor vehicle designed to travel on two or three wheels. Learn more about the process of applying for motorcycle license in DE in the sections below.

Motorcycle License Requirements in Delaware

Meeting the Delaware motorcycle license requirements is a mandatory step in the process of applying for a motorcycle endorsement in the state. However, since DE licenses for motorcycles are added to an existing license as an endorsement, you will first be required to meet the requirements for a standard driver’s license. Therefore, prior to requesting an endorsement, you will be required to apply for a driving permit and upgrade it to a noncommercial license after holding it for a certain amount of time. The following list outlines the DE bike license requirements that you must meet to get an endorsement through the state DMV:

  • Complete the state driver education course.
  • Hold a valid Class D license for a passenger vehicle.
  • Have written parental permission to apply for a motorcycle license if under 18 years old.
  • Complete the mandatory rider education course if under 18 years old.
  • Prove that you are mentally and physically fit and that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to ride a motorcycle.

When applying for a motorcycle license in DE, you may not be required to submit any additional identification, since the state DMV collects this paperwork when issuing your standalone license. The documentation needed to obtain a license to drive includes proof of identity and legal U.S. presence, a document containing your Social Security Number (SSN) and proof of state residency.

If you are getting your motorcycle license after moving to Delaware, you may be able to replace your motorcycle license with an in-state license and motorcycle driving endorsement. In this case, you will be required to submit the full set of supporting documents and surrender your out-of-state license. If you are transferring a standalone full bike license in DE, you may also be required to take the corresponding licensing tests for a standard license to drive, in addition to passing the vision screening. For more details about getting a motorbike license as a new state resident, contact the department.

Delaware Motorcycle License Training Courses

When applying for a motorbike license in Delaware, applicants under 18 years old will be required to complete a motorcycle rider education course. After the successful completion of a rider’s course, bike license applicants will receive a Student Completion Card (SCC), which will serve as proof that they have obtained the skills necessary to ride a motorcycle. However, if you are applying for an endorsement as an adult, you can still enroll in an approved driver training course for the purpose of earning eligibility for a test waiver.

Delaware Motorcycle License Tests

To successfully obtain a Delaware DMV motorcycle license, you will have to prove that you are qualified to safely operate a motorcycle and that you are closely familiar with the state motor vehicle laws. The tests administered for an motorbike endorsement will also examine your physical and mental fitness to ride a motorcycle. Therefore, when applying for a motorcycle license in DE, you will have to pass an eye test, a written exam and a road sign test. While the written knowledge test will cover topics such as road rules and safe driving practices, the on-cycle exam will test your ability to safely navigate your motorcycle in various situations. When applying for an endorsement, you also have the option of applying for a waiver for both the written and road test by submitting a certificate of completion from a state-approved motorcycle rider course.

Note: The course completion card will be valid for 6 months from the date of issuance.

The Delaware Motorcycle License Application Process

Riders wondering where to get motorcycle license in Delaware must know that they will be required to submit the necessary documents and fee payment through one of four motor vehicle facilities within the state. The application process for a Delaware bike endorsement is composed of several steps and applicants may require several visits to their DMV office, as drivers cannot complete the application process for a motorcycle license online.

Depending on whether you are applying for a DMV motorcycle license in DE as a minor (younger than 18 years of age) or as an adult, the steps in the application process will vary slightly. For instance, minor applicants can get an endorsement by completing a rider course and submitting the SSC document. During their office visit, minor riders will be required to pass the eye test, submit any required paperwork and pay the applicable licensing fee. Adult applicants, on the other hand, will be required to obtain a DE motorcycle learners permit before taking the road skills test.

Riders 18 years of age or older will get their motorcycle learning permits by passing the preliminary writing and eye test, submitting any required documentation and paying the standard licensing fee. Then, they will have to wait for 10 days before taking the motorcycle skills exam. The state DMV will issue a new driving license with a motorcycle endorsement if and when it verifies that the applicant has met all requirements.

Delaware Motorcycle License Fees

An important step in the Delaware bike license application process is arranging payment for the applicable cost for a new motorbike endorsement. The price for an eight-year credential amounts to $12. However, the license fee will vary depending on the duration of the endorsement’s validity. The fee for a bike endorsement will be added to the cost for the standard driving license. Also, if you are applying for an extension of the 6-month permit, you will be required to pay an additional $5.

Last updated on Thursday, September 27 2018.

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