Getting a motorcycle license in Louisiana is mandatory for drivers who want to legally ride their motorcycles on public roads within the state. Riders will be required to add a motorcycle endorsement to an existing driver’s license, as the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles (LA OMV) does not offer separate licenses for motorcycles.

Applicants can obtain a motorbike driving license in person at a local LA OMV office. The requirements may vary based on several factors, such as the applicants’ age and whether or not the applicant has completed a rider safety course. To learn how and where to get a motorcycle license in Louisiana, continue reading the following sections.

Motorcycle License Requirements in Louisiana

To obtain a bike license, riders must meet the qualification criteria set by the LA OMV. The motorbike license requirements in LA may vary based on the applicant’s age and circumstances. Since motorcycle privileges are added as an endorsement to an existing license and not as a standalone license, motorcyclists will also have to meet the criteria for a standard driver’s license as well.

First-time applicants for motorcycle endorsements may be required to submit either two primary identification documents or one primary and two secondary documents to their local OMV office. The list of primary documents for a motorcycle license includes a birth certificate, a passport and military identification documents. Out-of-state credentials and school photo ID cards are considered secondary documents. In addition to the mandatory proofs of identity needed for an endorsement, riders will be required to:

  • Submit proof of their Social Security Number (SSN).
  • Provide proof of motorcycle insurance, if applicable.
  • Complete a standard driver education course and pass the mandatory driving tests.

Note: Louisiana motorcycle license applicants under 17 years old will be required to meet additional licensing requirements.

Louisiana Motorcycle License Training Courses

Prior to applying for a Louisiana motorcycle endorsement, riders may enroll in a state-approved safety rider education course. By participating in the Motorcycle Safety, Awareness and Operations Training Program, applicants may improve their knowledge and skills of riding a motorcycle. The program offers both beginner and advanced motorbike safety courses. Motorists who want to obtain a Class M license in Louisiana are not required to complete a safety program. However, they may still do so in order to avoid taking both the written and the practical exam.

Note: Since Louisiana bike endorsements are add-ons to an existing driver’s license, you will still be required to complete a standard driver education course. Additionally, be aware that although you cannot complete the application process for a motorcycle license online, visiting the official Louisiana DMV website allows you to request a driver’s license renewal online, as well as perform other important actions.

Louisiana Motorcycle License Tests

Individuals who want to obtain a motorcycle drivers license in Louisiana will be required to complete a state-approved motorbike safety program. However, they will also have to pass a motorcycle written test that will check their knowledge on riding a motorbike. Moreover, motorcycle license applicants will also have to pass a road skills exam to test their riding skills on public roads. Riders who want to get prepared for the licensing exams are highly recommended to check their knowledge by reviewing the sections in the Louisiana Motorcycle Manual. To discover more detailed information about the examinations required for a motorcycle license in Louisiana, contact the LA OMV.

The Louisiana Motorcycle License Application Process

Prior to applying for motorcycle license documents, riders may be required to satisfy several requirements and obtain a regular driver’s license. The standard procedure for licensure requires applicants to submit the necessary identification proofs in addition to a completed application form, to pass the drivers tests and to pay certain fees. Teenage applicants for motorcycle licenses may be required to complete additional steps due to the requirements of the Graduated Licensing Program.

After receiving a motorbike driving license in Louisiana, motorists may revisit a local LA OMV branch to start the application procedure for a motorbike endorsement. To successfully receive an endorsement, riders have to:

  • Present a standard driver’s license.
  • Submit proof of motorcycle insurance, if required.
  • Pass a motorcycle knowledge and a skills test.
  • Provide a fee payment.

Motorcycle license applicants may choose to enroll in an OMV-approved rider safety course to be exempt from taking the written and the road skills test. Motorcycle endorsements have the same expiration date as a driver’s license.

Louisiana Motorcycle License Fees

One of the steps when applying for a motorcycle license in Louisiana is paying the necessary fees for a license or endorsement add-on. The standard motorcycle license cost is $12. However, the overall cost for a bike license may also include a handling fee and a service fee. The service costs may vary from county to county, as different county OMV branches may require different service fees. Therefore, applicants are encouraged to contact the LA OMV if they want to find out the exact fees that must be paid.

Last updated on Friday, September 28 2018.

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