The current distracted driving laws in Louisiana were enacted in 2011, after they have been rejected for a couple of years. Prior to that, there was only a ban on texting, that had a secondary enforcement. Now, there is a ban on texting for all drivers, a hand-held ban for novice drivers, as well as a ban for bus drivers.

Hand-Held Ban

Drivers who hold a learner’s permit or an intermediate license, regardless of their age, are prohibited from using a hand-held cell phone.

Bus Drivers

Bus drivers are not allowed to use both hand-held and hands-free cell phones while driving. This is a ban with primary enforcement, which means that you can get pulled over and get a ticket without committing another traffic violation.

Novice Drivers

Ban for all cell phone use (hand-held and hands-free) for novice drivers. This is a primary law for drivers under the age of 18.

Text Messaging Ban

Like many other states, all drivers in Louisiana are prohibited from text messaging while behind the wheel. This is also a primary law.

In addition to these bans, there is also a Preemption Law, that prohibits localities from enacting distracted driving laws.

The penalty for text messaging while driving is $175 for first-time offenders, whereas repeat offenders get a $500 fine.

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