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Delaware Distracted Driving Laws

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Delaware is one of the states with the toughest enforcement of distracted driving laws. This is because the state wants to improve traffic safety, by imposing cell phone bans, since using a cell phone while driving is a major driving distraction, which causes a lot of car accidents on roads across America.

The state of Delaware has imposed certain bans that refer to all drivers, as well as bans that only refer to novice and bus drivers.

Hand-held Ban:

In the state of Delaware, all drivers are banned from using hand-held cell phones. This means that drivers are allowed to use a cell phone while behind the wheel, but they have to use some sort of a hands-free device. This is a primary law, which means that a police officer can pull you over and give you a ticket for violating the distracted driving law, even if you haven't committed some other traffic violation.

Bus Drivers:

Bus drivers are prohibited from using both hands-free and hand-held cell phones. This is also a primary law.

Novice Drivers:

All cell phone use (hand-held and hands-free) is prohibited for novice drivers, meaning drivers with a learner's permit and intermediate license holders, which is another primary law.

Texting Ban:

When it comes to text messaging, all drivers are banned from it. This means that you are not allowed to compose or send text messages while driving. Texting is very distracting, since it's a visual, a manual, and a cognitive distraction, meaning that it requires you to take your hands of the wheel, and your eyes off the road, and your mind is not concentrated on driving. That's why this is a primary law that prohibits all drivers from texting.