To replace a car registration in Delaware, vehicle owners must submit their requests through the state Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Failure to replace a damaged or lost car registration may lead to certain legal consequences. For example, motorists who are unable to present a valid vehicle registration to a law enforcement officer when asked to do so may be issued a traffic ticket for driving without the proper paperwork.

To successfully obtain a copy of a vehicle registration, car owners need to provide certain documents and information and pay the applicable replacement fee. Note that motorists will have to submit the necessary items in person through a nearby DMV location, since the division does not yet offer any alternative application methods. Learn more about replacing a car registration in Delaware in the following sections.

When do you need to get a copy of your vehicle registration in Delaware?

Applying for a DMV copy of a registration in Delaware is a mandatory step in several situations. For example, replacing a DMV lost registration is the most common reason for requesting a duplicate document. You will also have to replace a stolen or damaged car registration as soon as possible, since driving without a registration card or with an illegible document is against the law.

In rare circumstances, you may even be issued a registration certificate with typographical mistakes or your registration card may be lost in the mail. To obtain a replacement vehicle registration in DE in such cases, you will have to inform the Delaware DMV of the error.

Note: Contact the division to learn whether or not you will have to apply for a DMV registration replacement under other circumstances. Note that you may also be asked to explain the reason for requesting a duplicate registration.

How to Obtain a Replacement Vehicle Registration in Delaware

To get a copy of a car registration in Delaware, vehicle owners will be required to submit certain paperwork and information to the state DMV. Note that the DMV processes replacement requests for damaged or lost car registration papers through four separate DMV facilities in Delaware. Motorists are currently unable to submit an online request for a duplicate registration. Car owners who lose their registration cards while living outside of the state may be offered a mail-in or phone-in replacement option. To learn more about any other alternative application methods, contact the state DMV.

How to Replace a Vehicle Registration in Person

The standard method to replace your car registration in Delaware requires you to submit an in-person request through a nearby DMV office. To get your replacement car registration, you will need the following items:

  • Proof of a valid car insurance coverage
  • Your registration plate number
  • Payment for the applicable replacement fee
  • An official form of identification, if required

A DMV agent will process your request for a DE duplicate vehicle registration after retrieving your vehicle records and confirming that you have maintained the necessary insurance policy. You will receive your replacement registration card before leaving the office.

Delaware Stolen Car Registration Requirements

When replacing a stolen car registration in Delaware, vehicle owners will not be required to file an official police report. However, even if motorists do not need a copy of an incident report, the state DMV still encourages them to contact the authorities in such cases. By doing so, car owners will protect themselves from any potential identity theft occurrences and fraudulent misuse of their registration cards. After obtaining a replacement vehicle registration, motorists can utilize the police report to prove that they have lost the original, if the DMV requires a reason for the replacement.

Delaware DMV Sticker Replacement

Obtaining a Delaware DMV sticker replacement is another service that the DMV offers. You can replace your damaged or lost car registration sticker by submitting a formal in-person request, similar to the one outlined above.

You will be required to visit a nearby DMV facility, provide the required personal data and vehicle information, present an official form of ID and insurance proof and pay the applicable fee. You will immediately receive a new validation sticker before leaving the office.

Note: You can obtain multiple replacement registration items in a single transaction. For example, you can replace both your registration card and license tab at the same time or you can replace your license plate with or without a sticker.

Delaware Vehicle Registration Replacement Fees

Paying the cost for your Delaware copy of vehicle registration is the final step in the registration replacement process. Note that the total fee to replace your car registration will depend on whether you are replacing your registration card only or other related items, as well. The current costs for the various replacement car registration items are outlined below:

  • $10 for a duplicate registration card
  • $5 for a replacement plate sticker
  • $5 for a replacement license plate

Note: The DMV accepts various forms of payment, including cash, credit cards, checks and money orders. Before visiting the DMV to replace your car registration in DE, however, contact your nearby motor vehicle licensing office to get an exact estimate of the fees that apply to your situation.

Last updated on Monday, March 9 2020.