In most cases, a Delaware VIN verification must be performed before you are allowed to register a vehicle in the state. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, such as when you purchase brand-new vehicles that have never been registered in any other state. Overall, a CT VIN inspection is performed during a general inspection of the vehicle, which includes a safety checkup.

Car owners are required to verify a VIN number through an inspection in order to confirm that their vehicles are not currently wanted or reported as stolen. For that reason, inspections are most commonly required after the purchase of a vehicle, or after the vehicle is transferred from out of state to Delaware.

As a general rule, this type of vehicle verification is a requirement for motorists to register a car in the state. However, inspections can only be completed by an approved inspector. Failing to do so can result in further consequences, as you will be unable to register your vehicle with the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

When is a Delaware VIN verification required?

A Delaware vehicle inspection is commonly required after the purchase of a car, or after a vehicle is transferred to the state. This is due to the fact that a completed DMV VIN inspection form must be presented when you attempt to register and title a vehicle for the first time in DE, including after a title transfer.

Despite the fact that a car verification is a general requirement, there is one exception to this rule. You will not be required to have an inspection performed on your vehicle if it was purchased brand-new and has never been titled or registered in any state in the U.S. In these cases, the dealership that sells the car will need to provide a Delaware Application for Title instead.

Where can I go to obtain a VIN inspection in Delaware?

If you need to perform a vehicle VIN verification in Delaware, it is important to learn more about the locations that offer this service. In general, a DE VIN number validation can be performed at any of the four DMV facilities throughout the state. At this time, these types of inspections are not provided outside of the DMV branches.

While a brand-new vehicle inspection is not required in the state, all other vehicles must undergo an inspection before a DMV title can be issued. Moreover, the verification of a VIN is also a requirement for motorists to apply for a car registration in the state. While appointments are not required for this type of service, they may be available depending on your local DMV.

When visiting car inspection stations, it is important to know that you will be provided an application for a Delaware title. If your vehicle passes the inspection successfully, you will be able to obtain your title immediately following the procedure.

What to Bring to a VIN Number Verification in Delaware

Since a Delaware state car inspection is performed while you title a car, you will need to bring several documents in order to complete both the inspection and the titling procedures. If you are not able to provide the proper documentation, you will not be able to complete the inspection or the title application. As such, in order to complete vehicle inspection in DE, you must be able to provide:

  • A certificate of origin or an existing title with an odometer disclosure.
  • The bill of sale, if purchased from a dealership.
  • Proof of valid Delaware liability auto insurance that meets the state’s standards.
  • Proof of identification, such as with a driver’s license or an ID card.
  • Proof of Delaware residency, which can be provided by presenting utility bills, bank statements or other types of official mail.
  • An acceptable payment method for the applicable fees related to a vehicle title and registration. However, there is no cost related to an inspection administered by the DMV.

Note: It is important to note that the signatures of all owners must appear on the Delaware title application, as well as on any existing title or certificate of origin.

What to Do After Completing a VIN Inspection in Delaware

A Delaware vehicle inspection form will be provided to you after this procedure is successfully completed at a local DMV office. However, this document is only for your records, as you will be able to obtain both a title and a registration for your vehicle immediately after completing an inspection with the DMV.

If your out-of-state registration documents have expired during the time that your vehicle undergoes a VIN verification, the Delaware DMV may be able to provide you with a five-day temporary tag that will allow you to continue to operate your car while you wait for a new title and registration to arrive by mail.

Last updated on Monday, March 9 2020.