A VIN inspection in Arizona is required if the ownership or functionality of your car is in question. Therefore, it is important to verify a VIN number in AZ because this allows the state Department of Transportation (DOT) to keep track of the vehicles that are present on public roads. Furthermore, this procedure ensures the DOT that your car and its parts have not been stolen.

It is important to note that a VIN verification is different from a standard VIN lookup. You are required to verify the VIN of an out-of-state vehicle that has sustained significant damage. Conversely, looking up a VIN is simply a procedure made available for buyers to learn more about the history of a used car, such as identifying its previous owners.

Read the following sections to learn more about these types of inspections, such as when this verification is required, how to get one, which types of paperwork are needed and what to do with a completed DMV VIN verification form.

When is an Arizona VIN verification required?

The Arizona Department of Transportation offers three different levels of vehicle verification, which are simply referred to as Level I, Level II and Level III. Generally, a Level I vehicle inspection is the most common, but is only required if you are bringing in an out-of-state car and do not have all of the ownership documents in place. This could mean not having a proper title or registration, or it could mean that you have a bonded title.

A Level II car verification in Arizona is a catch-all process that is required in the event that there is doubt regarding a vehicle’s ownership. In these instances, the Enforcement and Compliance Division (ECD) of the AZ Department of Motor Vehicles will verify your VIN number and determine whether it needs a more thorough examination than what is provided during a Level I inspection.

The Level III vehicle VIN verification is required for cars that have sustained a significant amount of damage. This includes vehicles that were involved in an accident, as well as cars that were stolen but later found by their owners. In comparison, these Level III examinations are the most thorough, as they are designed to verify not just the ownership of a vehicle, but also its roadworthiness and overall operability.

Note: In the event that a vehicle was left on your property and the owner cannot be identified, you will not need to be required to request a traditional VIN inspection. Instead, a law enforcement officer can inspect the car and independently determine its ownership.

Where can I go to obtain a VIN inspection in Arizona?

The location where you can get a VIN number validation in Arizona will depend on the level of inspection that your car is required to undergo. For instance, the state DOT offers Level I inspections at no cost at its various offices. If none of the DOT branches are conveniently located in relation to you, you are also able to get a VIN verification at certain certified third-party locations.

On the other hand, the state Department of Transportation does not have control over the fees charged by third-party inspection vendors. Consequently, these stations may charge you for the service. Because Level II and Level III VIN inspections are more thorough, they can only be performed at an office of the Arizona Enforcement and Compliance Division. However, these car inspection stations do not accept walk-ins, meaning that you must schedule an appointment beforehand in order to be seen. These appointments need to be scheduled online.

What to Bring to a VIN Number Verification in Arizona

In order to request a state car inspection in Arizona, you do not need to be physically present. In general, your car needs to be taken in by someone who has a state-issued driver’s license, regardless of whether that person is you or someone else. On the other hand, for a VIN verification to take place, there needs to be some form of evidence regarding who owns the vehicle, which will usually be in the form of a car title. However, if you are requesting this inspection because you do not have a vehicle title, then a registration may suffice.

If you are requesting a VIN inspection but the car has not sustained any damage, all you will be required to submit is documentation regarding its ownership. Conversely, if the car has sustained significant damage, you will need to provide the inspector with proof of whether the vehicle was serviced or given new parts. This proof can take the form of an invoice or receipt, depending on what you have in your possession.

What to Do After Completing a VIN Inspection in Arizona

Regardless of whether you verify the VIN number of a used or new car that was brought in from a different state, you will be required to submit the Arizona vehicle inspection form to the DOT upon registering it. Furthermore, this form must be signed by an authorized inspector.

If the form indicates that your vehicle’s VIN does not match with the car’s ownership documentation, you will need to determine the cause of the problem before applying for a registration. It is important to note that your vehicle will not be registered if there are two VINs being used to identify it.

If your car undergoes a VIN verification that was administered by the DOT, you will not be required to send the inspection’s results to the department. On the other hand, if the vehicle was inspected by a third-party agency, then that company will be responsible for guiding you through the process of informing the DOT of your VIN inspection results.

Generally, the state Department of Transportation needs to be informed of these results because it is in charge of tracking vehicle ownership in AZ.

Last updated on Monday, March 9 2020.