The Arizona salvage title certificate is a special type of a vehicle title issued by the state Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) for vehicles branded as salvaged or stolen, as well as non-repairable motor vehicles. Your vehicle will be eligible for a car salvage title only if it was stolen, wrecked, damaged or destroyed to the extent that it is uneconomical to restore it to operational status. Note that this determination is made by insurance companies or the owner in most cases.

In order to apply or an AZ salvage title, cars do not have to pass an inspection. If you rebuild the vehicle and plan to retitle and reregister it, however, you will be required to apply for a Level III inspection with an authorized inspector. The following sections provide more information on how to get a salvage title and how to have your vehicle inspected and retitled afterwards.

What is an Arizona salvage title?

The purpose of the Arizona salvage titles issued by the state MVD is assigning ownership to motor vehicles that cannot be registered due to their current inoperable status. In most cases, the MVD issues salvage certificates for vehicles that were damaged to the point that their repair costs are greater than their current value. Depending on the reason for applying for a salvage title in AZ, your title certificate will be marked with one of the following brands:

  • Stolen certificate of title – Issued to vehicles that were stolen and not recovered.
  • Salvage title certificate – Issued to vehicles with repair costs greater than their current value, but that can be repaired and relicensed in the future.
  • Dismantle or non-repairable certificates – Issued to motor vehicles that cannot be reregistered, and can only be used for spare components.

Note: If you repair a salvage vehicle at a later time, you can apply for a rebuilt title with the state MVD. If you retitle a restored motor vehicle, your title certificate will bear the restored salvage brand.

Arizona Salvage Title Eligibility Requirements

To obtain a salvage title in Arizona you will not be required to meet any strict requirements. The division will issue you a salvage car title once it receives the necessary paperwork and fee payments. You will only need your current certificate of title and any applicable lien release forms in most cases. If you are an agent representing an insurance company that has acquired the stolen, salvage or non-repairable vehicle on the other hand, you will need to obtain the reassigned title certificate from the original owner.

In addition to the above requirements for buying a salvage title, car owners will not be required to meet any special eligibility criteria. The division will impose additional requirements only if you are applying for a rebuilt salvage title after repairing your salvage motor vehicle. In such cases, your motor vehicle will be required to pass a thorough examination, and you will have to submit additional documentation for the components used during the rebuilding process.

How to Get a Salvage Title in Arizona

The application process to get an Arizona salvage certificate will vary slightly depending on whether you are an agent of the insurance company that has acquired the salvage or non-repairable motor vehicle or the original vehicle owner. For instance, when applying for a salvage title, insurance companies must first obtain the properly-reassigned title certificate and any lien satisfaction forms from the current vehicle owner. Then an agent of the insurance provider must submit the title application to the state MVD within 30 days after the title was reassigned.

You will be responsible for submitting the DMV salvage title application only if you retain the vehicle in your possession. In such cases, you will be required to complete these steps:

  1. Visit a nearby MVD facility.
  2. Fill out the Title and Registration Application.
  3. Mark the box for the corresponding title brand.
  4. Submit your current title certificate and any lien release forms.
  5. Pay the applicable fees.

After processing your request for an AZ salvage title, the state MVD will manufacture and issue you a title certificate marked with one of the three salvage brands.

Salvage Car Inspections in Arizona

When issuing a salvage certificate in Arizona, the state MVD will not require you to submit your vehicle to an inspection. You will have to pass a salvage vehicle inspection only if you restore a wrecked motor vehicle and you would like to apply for a rebuilt title. In such circumstances, you will be required to apply for a Level III inspection with a certified MVD inspection station for purposes of verifying the roadworthiness of your vehicle.

You can apply for your AZ restored salvage title once you obtain the inspection certificate. Note that your motor vehicle will be inspected only if you submit the corresponding title certificate and documentation for all component parts used to restore the motor vehicle, such as invoices, bills of sale and receipts. Then, you will be required to fill out the standard title application, surrender your salvage title and pay the corresponding titling and registration fees.

Arizona Salvage Title Fees

When applying for an Arizona salvage title certificate, applicants will have to pay the applicable titling fee. If you are only obtaining a salvage title, you will not have to pay any additional fees. However, if you are applying for a rebuilt title after restoring your motor vehicle, you will have to pay several types of costs.

First, you will have to pay the inspection fee. Then, you will be required to pay the titling fee, an $8 registration fee and several other taxes and smaller fees, in order to complete the titling and registration process with the division.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.