A South Dakota DMV salvage title is a legal ownership document needed when vehicle owners want to prove their rights over a salvaged motor vehicle. Salvage title certificates are issued through the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of the South Dakota Department of Revenue (SD DOR). In order to obtain the corresponding salvage car title, motorists will have to first satisfy certain eligibility criteria and the mandatory requirements for the application procedure.

Vehicle owners who are applying for a salvage certificate in SD may be required to have their vehicle inspected as part of the application requirements. Moreover, they may also have to pay certain fees, as the ultimate step of the process. For further details on how to get a salvage title in South Dakota, continue reading the sections below.

What is a South Dakota salvage title?

Vehicle owners need to learn more information about a South Dakota DMV salvage title prior to titling a motor vehicle as a salvaged one. A salvage title is a legal document that may be used as proof of ownership of a salvage motor vehicle.

Motorists must apply for a salvage certificate when their vehicles are less than seven years of age and when the vehicles weigh less than 16,000 GVWR. A salvage vehicle is a motor vehicle that has been determined as a total loss due to theft or damages as a result of fire, flood, collision, vandalism or bad weather conditions.

South Dakota Salvage Title Eligibility Requirements

When motorists are getting prepared for obtaining a South Dakota salvage title, they may be required to satisfy certain eligibility requirements before beginning the application procedure. To be eligible for a DMV salvage title, drivers will have to own a salvage motor vehicle for which they will need to obtain the corresponding title.

Moreover, owners of salvage vehicle must also satisfy a general set of requirements that will qualify their vehicles as salvaged. After satisfying the eligibility criteria for a salvage certificate, motorists will be able to begin the application procedure by meeting the imposed requirements and by submitting the mandatory documentation to the SD DMV.

How to Get a Salvage Title in South Dakota

Vehicle owners who want to apply for a salvage title in South Dakota must perform the corresponding procedure through the SD DMV. To begin the process, motorists need to complete the following steps:

  • Submit a completed State of South Dakota Application for Motor Vehicle Title & Registration (form MV-608).
  • Provide the vehicle title.
  • Submit the collected paperwork from the insurance company.
  • Submit payment for the applicable fees.

After submitting the mandatory paperwork for a salvage certificate of title, motorists will receive the title and will be able to either sell the total loss vehicle, or to begin with a rebuilding or re-titling procedure. Motorists who choose to repair their South Dakota salvage title cars will have to pass a rebuilt vehicle inspection beforehand.

Salvage Car Inspections in South Dakota

After obtaining a DMV salvage title in South Dakota, vehicle owners will be required to have their vehicles inspected in order to rebuild them. At first, the vehicle owner or rebuilder will have to pass a rebuilt salvage vehicle inspection and will repair the vehicle according to the SD safety and legal standards to list it appropriately in the vehicle’s VIN report. Without satisfying these requirements, individuals will be unable to retitle and register their vehicle. To begin with the inspection procedure, motorists need to submit the following documentation:

  • The completed application form form MV-608
  • The original salvage title
  • Copies of bills of sale, receipts and invoices for the utilized parts in the reparation of the vehicle
  • Completed Application for Inspection of Rebuilt Motor Vehicle and Installation of Assigned or Replacement Vehicle Identification Number and Affidavit
  • Payment for the applicable inspection and title fees

After completing the rebuilt salvage vehicle inspection, motorists are supposed to receive a certificate of inspection that is needed as part of the paperwork for a rebuilt title.

South Dakota Salvage Title Fees

The final step of the application process for getting a South Dakota salvage certificate mandates vehicle owners to submit payment for the applicable fees. Currently, the salvage title value is set to $10 that must be submitted along with the completed application form and the additional documents.

However, the fees for salvage title may be subject to change, just as other prices in general. Therefore, motorists are encouraged to contact the SD DMV in order to discover the exact amount of money they need to pay in their specific situation.

Note: In addition to the South Dakota salvage title value, vehicle owners may be also required to submit payment for the vehicle inspection that they must perform in order to obtain a rebuilt title. The inspection fee is $25 and must be paid to the county treasurer at the moment when submitting the application form for inspection.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.