Dakota commercial drivers require a CDL replacement in South Dakota before they can get behind the wheel if they lose or seriously damage their existing license. To replace a CDL license, SD drivers must submit an application to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) in-person, online or by mail. Only drivers who meet certain conditions will be found eligible to submit the replacement request online. All other SD commercial drivers are required to request a duplicate in-person at a nearby DPS office.

Any driver failing to replace a destroyed or lost CDL drivers license in South Dakota and found operating a commercial vehicle could face various legal consequences. SD law states that it is illegal for any driver to operate any type of motor vehicle on public roads without the necessary documentation. To receive the necessary duplicate license, drivers must submit all application material along with the appropriate application fee. Commercial drivers can continue reading to learn more about how to replace a commercial license in South Dakota.

When do you need to get a duplicate CDL license in South Dakota?

Drivers must submit a complete application and pay South Dakota CDL replacement fees if their previous license has been lost, stolen or seriously damaged or destroyed. One of the forms that the SD DPS expects drivers requesting a DMV CDL replacement to complete to receive a replacement license is the “Lost License Statement.”

On this form, the driver must declare the date of the loss and the details of why he or she is requesting a duplicate license. The driver must sign this document in front of a notary or county clerk for it to be valid. Commercial drivers who need a duplicate CDL license should begin the replacement process as soon as possible.

Operating a commercial vehicle without the proper documentation is illegal in South Dakota. Drivers who are stopped while behind the wheel of a vehicle without a license will be required to pay fines and possibly face other consequences, depending on the operator’s driving history and record.

Documents Required to Replace a CDL in South Dakota

Drivers seeking to learn more about how to replace a CDL license in South Dakota should note that the documentation that is required to accompany the application varies according to whether the driver’s license was a REAL ID or not. To apply for a duplicate CDL that was not a REAL ID, the driver must include additional material with his or her application.

All application material is expected to be submitted in the original format, as the DPS does not accept photocopies. The DPS asks drivers who plan on applying for a request online to scan the necessary documentation and upload it during the application process.

In South Dakota, drivers can replace a CDL license online, by mail and in person. Drivers who have submitted a request for a CDL replacement online or by mail in the last ten years are not eligible to request another duplicate in this manner and must instead visit a DPS location in person. Drivers who would like to submit a request for a name change must do so in-person as well. All SD commercial drivers will have to submit the following material to receive a replacement license:

  • A South Dakota Driver License / I.D. Card Application, completed and signed by the licensed driver
  • One primary proof of identity from the following documents:
    • S. certified birth certificate
    • Valid U.S. passport/passport card
    • Certificate of citizenship/naturalization,
    • Valid permanent resident card
    • Valid employment authorization document
    • Foreign passport with U.S. visa/I-94 2.
  • One secondary proof of identity, such as any of the following documents:
    • Social security card
    • W-2 form
    • Military ID
    • Tribal ID
  • Two proofs of South Dakota residency and address from the following documents dated within the last year and clearly showing the driver’s name:
    • Utility bill
    • Paystub
    • Rent receipt
    • Phone bill
    • Bank statement
    • Mortgage document
    • Homeowner’s policy
    • Tax document
  • Proof of name change (if applicable) by presenting a marriage certificate, divorce order or court statement

How to Replace a South Dakota CDL in Person

When South Dakota drivers must replace a destroyed or lost CDL license, they can choose to submit the application directly to a DPS representative by visiting any DPS licensing location in the state. Drivers who do not qualify for a DPS CDL replacement through any other method can always submit a request in person. SD commercial drivers who would like to request a CDL replacement in person can take the following steps:

  1. Print or pick up a copy of the Driver License / I.D. Card Application form and a Lost License Statement form from your nearest SD DPS location. Complete and sign both forms.
  2. If necessary, complete and sign the Residency Affidavit, Vision Statement and Consent for Use of South Dakota Address forms.
  3. Prepare two of the abovementioned proof of residency documents and the necessary proofs of identity to accompany your application.
  4. Drivers requesting a name change must remember to bring proof of the change as well.
  5. Bring the completed application and your proof of identity to your nearest SD DPS office.
  6. Submit your complete application packet and wait to receive your replacement commercial license in the mail.

How to Replace a South Dakota CDL Online

Commercial drivers may choose to apply for a duplicate CDL license in South Dakota by submitting a request online if they have not done so in the last ten years. When possible, the DPS encourages drivers to submit their DMV CDL replacement application online for the easiest submission procedure and shortest processing times. Drivers applying online must meet all of the same application requirements as drivers applying through other methods. SD drivers can take the following steps to receive a CDL replacement online:

  1. Check your eligibility for online replacement through the state’s web portal. If qualified, make a profile.
  2. Scan the required supporting material that must be included with your application, such as two proofs of identity and residency. Prepare to upload these files with the rest of your e-application or mail them to the DPS.
  3. Prepare the necessary application and processing fees by Visa or Mastercard.
  4. Follow the application instructions of the state’s web portal to submit the request.
  5. Wait to receive your replacement commercial license in the mail within two to three weeks (if all documents were submitted electronically).

How to Replace a South Dakota CDL by Mail

Commercial drivers in South Dakota can also choose to apply for a duplicate CDL by submitting a paper application by mail. How to replace a CDL license by mail is very similar to the process of submitting a request in person, with a couple variations.

SD drivers mailing in their duplicate requests must include a self-addressed and stamped envelope in the application packet, so that the DPS can mail the driver his or her new license once ready. Drivers must include a completed and signed application form and the required supporting material in the application packet.

Drivers applying by this method must also remember to include the necessary CDL replacement fees by check or money order made payable to the “Department of Public Safety.” Drivers should remember to include the completed application packet should be mailed to the following address:

Driver Licensing Program
118 West Capitol Avenue
Pierre, SD 57501

CDL Replacement Fees in South Dakota

The DPS requires that the necessary SD CDL replacement fees accompany all applications for a duplicate at the time of application submission. Commercial drivers are required to pay a CDL replacement fee of $15 for every duplicate request. SD drivers applying for a replacement online will also be asked to pay a processing fee $2.

Drivers can pay these fees in multiple formats when submitting the application packet in person. When submitting by mail, the driver must include a check or money order made out to the “Department of Public Safety.” Online requests can be paid for by Visa and Mastercard payments.

Last updated on Friday, March 6 2020.