Getting a CDL replacement in Washington is a process many commercial drivers will need to complete at some point. Whether the original CDL is lost, stolen or damaged to a point that renders the information on it illegible, a WA duplicate CDL license is a necessity in order to continue operating a commercial vehicle. Because most commercial drivers rely upon their CDL for work, time is of the essence. Without a valid CDL, drivers cannot operate a commercial vehicle and may be subject to fines and license penalties. Compared to the fines associated with this offense, the cost to obtain a DMV CDL replacement in Washington is small and well worth the effort.

If you are wondering how to replace a CDL license, you will be relieved to know that the CDL replacement process in Washington is fairly straightforward. However, there are many ways you can prepare ahead of time to expedite the process. Learn more about the documents and fees associated. It is helpful to know the ins and outs to ensure the process runs smoothly, especially the instances in which a replacement is needed and when it is not. For example, there are circumstances which would necessitate a renewal as opposed to a replacement license.

When do you need to get a duplicate CDL license in Washington?

A WA CDL replacement is often needed when an accident occurs such as a lost, stolen or damaged license. A misplaced license is more than a major inconvenience. Without a license, you will be unable to operate a commercial vehicle until a replacement is obtained.

If a license is creased, burnt or otherwise damaged to a point that the information on the license is difficult or impossible to read, a CDL replacement is necessary. If you need to change name or address on your license, obtain a duplicate CDL license with the corrected information.

In the case of a stolen license, you are not required to file a police report. However, it is a good idea. You won’t be alerted to fraudulent activity unless someone uses your name or birthday to get a license. Fraudulent activity is monitored and detected by the License Integrity Unit which is a part of the Washington Department of Licensing.

The best protection against identity fraud is to get a WA DMV CDL replacement as soon as possible once the license is stolen. If your information is used by someone else, contact the License Integrity Unit as soon as possible to learn what you need to do to protect yourself.

Documents Required to Replace a CDL in Washington

To get a DMV CDL replacement in Washington, you must present two valid proof of identification, proof of state residency and a Social Security Number. Accepted proof of identification would be documents such as a valid U.S. passport, Washington driver’s license, certified birth certificate or armed service ID card. Bring your social security card and any CDL-related documents you may have such as a medical card. Accepted proof of residency in Washington are documents such as a:

  • Driver’s license.
  • Vehicle registration or title.
  • Change of address letter from USPS.
  • Utility bill (within the last two months).
  • Auto insurance bill (within the last two months).
  • WA voter card.
  • Mortgage bill or rental agreement.

If the documents are in your spouse’s name, your marriage certificate will be required. Come prepared to pay the Washington state CDL replacement fees with an accepted form of payment.

If you need to update your address or legal name, you will need the right supporting documents to make the change. For address changes, the proof of Washington residency documents listed above will be sufficient. In order to make a name change on your CDL replacement, court orders or other documents such as a marriage license or divorce decree will be necessary.

How to Replace a Washington CDL in Person

Visit your local DMV office to apply for a duplicate CDL in Washington. Bring along the required documents including two valid forms of identification, with at least one primary document, proof of Washington residency and your social security card. If you are replacing a damaged license, you will be asked to surrender the original before you receive a replacement. Be prepared to pass an eye exam and pay the $15 replacement fee.

To expedite the CDL replacement process in Washington, consider visiting the DMV office after or before peak hours. The DMV is a notoriously busy place, and no one enjoys long lines and wait times. Lunchtime and weekdays after schools let out are particularly busy times. Avoid the first day that the office is open after holidays. Aim to visit on mid-week days, the earlier, the better.

How to Replace a Washington CDL Online

The online option is the easiest way to get your WA CDL replacement. While you aren’t able to replace your CDL through the mail, there is an option to get a replacement online through the Washington DMV site.

However, keep in mind that if you are planning to add endorsements, remove restrictions or make other changes, you will need to visit an office in person. You may need to provide and attach certain required documents to be able to order your replacement license.

CDL Replacement Fees in Washington

If your license is set to expire within a year, renewal, not replacement, is the right option for you. While it is more expensive, a Washington CDL replacement would be rendered unnecessary when within the time frame of needing a renewal. CDL replacement fees in Washington are $10 when done in person or $20 when completed through the state online portal.

Last updated on Friday, March 6 2020.