A Washington driving record is kept by the Department of Licensing for every resident driver who holds a valid WA driver’s license. To learn more about these state driving history documents and the information featured within, take a look at the sections presented below.

What is on my Washington driving record?

Depending on the type of driving record and where you purchase it, your Washington driving record may provide either a partial or complete outline of your personal WA driving history. If you order your driving record directly from the Washington Department of Licensing, it will contain:

  • Traffic convictions
  • Traffic violations
  • Car collisions
  • Current drivers license status.
  • License suspensions and disqualifications.
  • DUI reports.
  • Personal information.

Did you know? Your personal driving history is a public record. Potential employers, insurance providers, and courts of law can all request a copy of your driving history.

What do points on my Washington driving record mean?

The state of Washington does not employ a driving record point system to track traffic violations like many other states do. Nonetheless, a traffic infraction does result in serious penalties for the driver and will appear on a driving record if convicted.

Washington license holders who commit violations regularly risk driver’s license suspensions, high fines and other punishments. To ensure that you do not incur these serious penalties, verify that your personal WA driving history is accurate by ordering a copy of your driving record today.

How do points against my Washington license affect me?

As mentioned above, the state of Washington does not employ a point system for assigning penalties to drivers. However, the state still charges license holders with violations and infractions, which (if accumulated on your personal driving record) can result in driver’s license suspension, higher car insurance rates and a decrease in driving-related employment opportunities.

How do I remove drivers license points from my Washington record?

Washington State does not feature a DMV point system. Therefore, you do not need to concern yourself with having points assigned on your personal WA driving history. Nevertheless, traffic infractions can still result in serious penalties and end up on your driving record. To remove traffic violations in Washington, enroll in traffic school today.

How long do points stay on my Washington driving record?

Because the Washington Department of Licensing does not employ a standard point system, drivers need not concern themselves with how long points will remain on their WA driving records. In any case, traffic violations will still be placed on personal Washington driving records each time an infraction is committed within the state.

Washington DUI Records

Drivers who require details about previous DUI offenses must order a personal driving history report from the Washington Department of Licensing. DOL drivers records contain DUI records, which includes the date of each previously committed DUI offense, and these documents may be used for entry into alcohol awareness courses and driver’s license reinstatements.

How do I know if my Washington Driving License is suspended?

DMV driving records in Washington provide all driver’s license-related information, from the date of license issuance to your current drivers license status. By ordering a copy of your driving record, you can see whether your license is currently suspended and, if so, for how long.

Previous Traffic Violations in Washington

Previously committed traffic infractions are featured prominently on all personal Washington driving records. Thus, by learning how to check your driving record, you will gain access to all of the violations that you may have been charged with during your time as a resident of Washington.

Why do I need a copy of my Washington driving record?

If you need to purchase auto insurance or you intend to apply for a driving-related job position, ordering a driving record is essential. Motor vehicle records in Washington contain a great deal of information about a driver’s personal history, from license suspensions to previous traffic violations. Entities such as auto insurance companies and potential employers use this information to determine if a driver is a good candidate for their business.

Check for Points in Washington

Washington does not assess points on driving records for committed traffic violations like many other states do. However, the state still keeps track of a resident’s previous violations by placing all reported charges on his or her WA driving history report. You can verify the accuracy of all of the charges brought against you by checking your driving record today.

Applying for a Commercial Driver Position in Washington

If you intend to apply for a position as a commercial driver in Washington, then you must order a DOL driving record as soon as possible. Commercial driving applicants are vetted through a thorough examination of their WA drivers records to determine whether or not they are low-risk candidates for the job.

Drivers with violations or accidents on record are more likely to be seen as liabilities. To find out if there are any previous traffic citations or accidents on your personal Washington driving history, order a copy of your documents today.

Lower Washington Car Insurance Premiums

Even a single traffic violation or car accident can result in a substantial increase in your car insurance rates. To avoid this consequence, you must employ safe-driving practices for an extended period of time before you apply for auto insurance.

Drivers whose driving records are free from violations and crashes will receive lower car insurance rates and will have a less difficult time obtaining coverage. To ensure that you are one such candidate for low auto insurance premiums, check your WA driving record today.

Take Washington Traffic School to Prevent Points

While the Department of Licensing in Washington does not employ a DMV driving record point system for assessing drivers license suspensions and other such penalties for traffic violations, it is still crucial that resident drivers practice safe driving on state roads.

An accumulation of standard traffic violations can still result in suspension, high fines and higher auto insurance prices. To avoid these consequences of unsafe driving, WA residents can enroll in a local traffic school to build upon their driving knowledge and improve their driving techniques.

Why do employers check your Washington driving record?

Violations and car accidents are red flags for any potential employer. For that reason, companies will not waste any time before checking the driving records of those individuals who apply for driving-related jobs.

Candidates with multiple infractions or other such events on their drivers records will be dismissed as high-risk liabilities, given that they are more likely to cause the company losses by way of repair costs, property damages and medical bills. However, if your personal Washington driving history is free from errors and mistakes, then you can be certain that your application will be seriously considered.

Different Types of Washington Driving Records

The Washington Department of Licensing issues several different kinds of driving history reports. You can learn more about each one in the sections below.

Complete Driving Record

The full driving record in Washington features all of a driver’s information from his or her entire driving past, including previous driver’s license suspensions, traffic violations, convictions, collisions, revocations and more. Complete Washington driving records are typically employed for official purposes.

Employment Driving Record

An employee driving record contains information such as previous convictions, car collisions and driver’s license suspensions, this employee driving record is commonly used by potential employers to determine whether or not a candidate will be hired.

3-Year Noncommercial Insurance Driving Abstract

This DOL drivers record contains convictions, accidents and other driver-related information from the past three years and is typically used to establish or renew insurance policies for non-commercial vehicles.

3-Year Commercial Insurance Driving Abstract

Similar to the driving history report above, this WA three year driving record contains information on accidents and violations from the last three years and is typically used to establish or renew insurance policies for commercial vehicles.

3-Year Life Insurance Driving Abstract

Also featuring all conviction, suspension and accident-related information from the past three years, this Washington driving abstract is employed for the purpose of establishing or renewing life insurance policies in WA.

School Bus Driving Record

School bus drivers records in Washington, which contain the same core pieces of driver information, are used exclusively to determine whether or not a candidate should be employed as a school bus driver.

Volunteer/Transit Driving Record

The volunteer/transit driving history report is used to determine whether or not an individual should be allowed to operate a transport vehicle for a volunteer organization.

How do I fix a mistake on a Washington drivers history report?

Every traffic violation that a driver commits brings him or her one step closer to driver’s license suspension. Thus, if you are unfortunate enough to have one or multiple false charges placed on your Washington driving record, you may inadvertently have your driving privileges suspended.

To avoid such penalties, order a copy of your driving record today to verify its accuracy. In the event you do locate an error within your personal driving history, contact the Washington Department of Licensing at 360-902-3900.

What is not included on my Washington driving record report?

While driving records in Washington cover a wide variety of driver-related events, such as drivers license suspensions and traffic violations, these documents do not encompass a resident’s entire background. If you require proof of additional background information in Washington, you may easily obtain the details you require by ordering one of the following reports:

Washington Vehicle Registration History

Drivers who require information about vehicles that they have owned in the past may request a vehicle registration history report, in addition to their DOL driving record. These vehicle history documents contain details about every previous vehicle that the driver has owned and/or registered during his or her time in the state of Washington. Furthermore, these documents can be used as proof of vehicle registration and ownership.

Driving Record Fees in Washington

A Washington driving record report costs $13.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.
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