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New drivers fail the written driving test on their first try.


You are 5 times more likely to pass the DMV test after taking our premium practice test.

You may believe that the Washington permit test will be easy, but almost half of all new drivers fail their permit test the first time they take it. Some even fail it a second time, because the Washington permit test is 40 questions long and can cover hundreds of topics. A practice driving test is a studying method that helps new drivers refresh the information they already know and learn the information they don’t. In fact, practice tests have been found to be more effective than comparable study methods.

Did You Know? Less than half of new drivers get a passing score on the DMV written knowledge exam on their first try.

What are the benefits of taking a Washington DMV practice test?

New drivers who study for their driving exam with a Washington practice test are five times more likely to pass than the national average. That is because new drivers who study with practice tests retain as much as 50 percent more information than peers who take notes or draw diagrams. Practice written driving tests are an active study method that forces new drivers to recall and reconstruct information, and that is why it yields greater results than note-taking. Where notes and diagrams help new drivers reword and repeat information, they do not aid memory the same way practice tests can.

Even new drivers who have some former driving training may find that a DMV permit practice test is a valuable study aid before the official test. It will cement the knowledge for new drivers and refresh old information for drivers who have some experience.

What is included in’s Washington drivers license practice test?

The drivers permit practice test contains 50 common DMV driving test questions. To be as similar to the official exam as possible, all of the information is taken from the Wisconsin state laws and the state driving manual. New drivers should expect to find questions that cover the same topics as the permit test, including:

  • How to drive in the rain.
  • The meaning of common and uncommon road signs.
  • The fine for disobeyed state seatbelt laws.
  • The name for a trucker’s blind spots.

In addition to the complete 50 DMV test questions, the test comes with a helpful answer key. New drivers can take the test over and over and check their results to track their progress. Additionally, the drivers license practice test comes with a bonus study guide to help new drivers research their topics and read up on the answers to the quiz.

Washington Drivers License Test Rules and Requirements

The Washington driving test is a 40-question, multiple choice test. New drivers must answer at least 32 out of 40 questions correctly to pass. The length of the test and number of answers needed to pass is one of the only consistencies of the Washington permit test.

Unlike some other states, the driving test in Washington is not administered by the state department. It is only available at certified, privately-owned testing locations. As such, the fees, languages and content of the test vary depending by location. For example, while one testing location may offer the test in English and Spanish, another may offer it in nine different languages.

How to Pass a Driving Test in Washington

Despite the difference between Washington DMV testing locations, all drivers tests in Washington are meant to verify the same information – that the permit holder is safe to practice behind the wheel. As such, the information that new drivers need to know is relatively the same. All driving test questions are also drawn from the same source. Washington state driving laws and the Washington Driver Manual.

To prepare for a Washington knowledge test, new drivers should recognize road signs and lane markers. They should also be versed in Texas driving laws. To pass the driving test, new drivers should be capable of answering these common permit test questions:

  • What do you do when you are in an intersection and there is an emergency vehicle behind you?
  • Which signs indicate that the road you are on merges with another?
  • What should you do at a red flashing light?
  • At what ages must children sit in a cat seat?
  • What is the standard speed limit on a residential road in Washington?

What is included in’s Washington drivers test study guide?

The learners permit practice tests helps prepare new drivers to pass their exam, but the bonus DMV study guide is included to make the learning process simpler. The Washington driver manual may be the main study reference for student drivers, but it is over 100 pages long and dense with information. knows that a guide like that can be confusing, which is why we created the divers test study guide for Washington State.

The permit test study guide is an easy-to-understand plain language supplement to both the practice test and the driving manual. It comes with colored graphics, concise bullet points and plain-language explanations of safe driving habits. Additionally, despite being shorter, the study guide covers all of the essentials from the driving handbook. How to read road signs, who can drive in a HOV lane and penalties for driving under the influence are all included, among many other things that will appear as drivers license test questions.

How to Use’s Washington Drivers Permit Practice Test and Study Guide

The drivers ed practice test and study guide include all of the information you need to blow through your learners permit test, but there are some ways to use your study material that will guarantee you an easy study process and a higher test score.

Use active study methods to make the best use of your study time. Instead of taking notes and running flashcards, try:

  • Using the drivers test study guide as a driving log. Next time you drive along with someone else, use the study guide to record what you see. Mention the road signs on your way to work or school next to what they mean or how the driver pulls over for an emergency vehicle or school bus. By combining the abstract information in your guide with real life experience, you are more likely to remember those details when taking the test.
  • Use the DMV learners permit practice test in increments. Practice tests are more than a passive way to quiz yourself, they are also a good learning tool. Split the practice test into multiple groups and take a short set of questions each night after you study. The practice test can be used on a variety of devices and any many times as you want, so print it out to study with or quiz yourself on your phone next time you have a few spare minutes.
  • Develop a study routine. The amount of information a driver needs to know for the permit test cannot be learned by cramming. Create a study routine to learn and practice in increments, and you will be more likely to remember everything you learn.

Free DMV Practice Tests in Washington

Washington does not have a state-approved online practice permit test. Additionally, there is not a sample test included in the back of the state handbook. The certified testing locations also do not offer a practice DMV test for free, as they are either privately owned or part of the public school system that serves a particular student base.

There are, however, some DMV online practice tests for Washington available for free. If applicants look into using generic DMV tests to study for their driving exam, they should be careful to use only tests that are state-specific. Driving laws vary from state to state, and it is not uncommon for cellphone or safety laws to be frequently updated. Any free online test an applicant considers using should be recent and based solely on the laws in the state of Washington to avoid any incorrect information.

How to Schedule a Drivers License Test in Washington

The Washington DMV does not conduct driving tests. Rather, all knowledge and road tests are administered by certified third party testing centers. There are more than 200 certified driver training schools in Washington, so new drivers should have no problem finding the location that is nearest to them.

Some new drivers may be able to find driver training at their high school. However, there are six categories of certified testing and training locations:

  • Driver training high schools.
  • Driver training public school district.
  • Driver training school.
  • Driver training school branch.
  • Driver training high school instructors.
  • Driver training school instructors.

New drivers can search the Department of Licensing website to find a testing location in their city. The search can be refined by county, city, business name and category. New drivers should be certain to search only for “certified testing locations.”

Some Washington drive test locations allow walk-ins for knowledge tests and others will require you to call ahead. A road skills test should always be scheduled in advance. Most testing locations do not require a driver to be enrolled as a student at the training school

What to Bring to a Driving Test in Washington

The Washington learners permit test will be on a computer, and new drivers only need to show up prepared for the test. Because the testing is not administered at the DMV, new drivers can register online for a Washington learners permit before ever going to the test. As such, no documents or other legal paperwork is required for the written test, and the testing location will forward the student’s score to the DMV on his or her behalf.

However, new drivers do need to be fully prepared for their Washington road test. This includes bringing proof of insurance and a check or money order for the testing fee. Depending on your testing location, you may need to bring your own vehicle and the registration or you may be able to rent one from the driving school.

Washington DMV Driving Test Fees

There are over 200 driving license testing center in Washington, and each has a different driving testing fee. After scheduling your driving test appointment, you should be able to check the testing cost.

Additionally, there is a $25 learners permit fee in Washington for the issuance of your instruction permit. If you choose to renew your permit, the fee will be the same.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 3 2020.

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