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You are 5 times more likely to pass the DMV test after taking our premium practice test.

A Kentucky DMV practice test lets you familiarize yourself with the DMV’s test format. This may not sound important, but it can make a major difference, because the majority of permit test takers fail at their first attempt. The permit and license tests are required before you can get driving privileges, so a practice driving test lets you get these privileges sooner. It also allows you to ensure that you have the knowledge required to safely drive a vehicle.

In this article, you will learn what you need to know about taking a practice permit test in Kentucky: the questions it includes, the study guide it comes with and some tips for using it effectively. As well, you will learn information about the tests you are required to take at the DMV, such as how you can schedule them and what you need to bring.

What are the benefits of taking a Kentucky DMV practice test?

70 percent of people fail the first permit exam they take. Our Kentucky DMV permit test is designed to help you beat those odds, because it exposes you to the test format and lets you see exactly how well you have absorbed the information that can be found in the Driver’s Manual.

Our drivers permit practice test has been shown to increase your chances of passing by five times. Below, you will discover some of the study techniques we recommend for permit applicants using our materials.

What is included in’s Kentucky drivers license practice test?

Our Kentucky drivers license practice test contains 50 questions. These questions only pull material from the Driver’s Manual, just like the exam you will need to take at the DMV. Our study guide covers the same material.

Kentucky Drivers License Test Rules and Requirements

You need to get 32 of the 40 Kentucky DMV test questions correct in order to get your permit. A passing score is 80 percent or higher. While most of the test asks you to understand the law and respond to hypotheticals (e.g. “When traveling through roundabouts with multiple lanes, drivers in the right lane must yield to drivers who are __”), roughly a quarter of the test will ask you to identify road signs.

A road signs test study guide is included with our general study guide, and you should make sure to review this carefully along with the other material.

If you fail your written exam, you will be eligible to take it again the next day that the DMV office is open. You can fail your exam six times. After that, you will need to wait six months before taking it again.

Aside from English, Kentucky permit questions are available in various languages. Contact your local DMV office to see if the test is offered in your preferred language. Most of the test can also be given orally, though the road sign section must be written.

The Kentucky permit test study guide focuses on helping you pass the permit test, but it can also be used for drivers license applicants preparing for their road exam. Before you take the road exam, you should read, Visual Search Strategies, On the Road and Driving Tips. These chapters focus on practical advice you can use when operating a vehicle.

How to Pass a Driving Test in Kentucky

The Kentucky drivers license test questions are split into two sections:

  • The first section contains 30 general questions.
  • The second section contains 10 road sign questions.

To prepare for your driver test practice, here are the driving maneuvers that you will need to perform:

  • Parking
  • Turning
  • Stopping
  • Reversing

A good portion of the exam will focus on driving in general traffic. At this point, the test proctor will watch to ensure you yield right-of-way when required, stay within the speed limit, stay within your lane and approach the intersection properly. If your vehicle has a manual transmission, you will also be graded on how you use the clutch.

You will automatically fail if you break any laws, perform a driving maneuver that makes the proctor feel unsafe or fail to follow the proctor’s verbal commands more than once.

The license test is not graded, but if you fail, you will receive a sheet where the proctor notes the reasons you did not pass. Whether you take a drivers ed practice test or simply practice driving with a licensed Kentucky resident, you should make note of the areas that caused your proctor to fail you.

If you fail your license test, you need to wait a week until you are allowed to take it again.

What is included in’s Kentucky drivers test study guide?

Our drivers test study guide condenses the Driver’s Manual into 42 pages of actionable material. This means, instead of needing to wade through dense paragraphs of text, the study guide provides you with bullet points that summarize the material you need to know.

The learners permit study guide explains:

  • Road laws.
  • The importance of turn signals.
  • Road signs, road markings and traffic lights.
  • Driving in various conditions, such as at night or in bad weather.
  • Safe driving habits.

How to Use’s Kentucky Drivers Permit Practice Test and Study Guide

Our Kentucky DMV learners permit practice test and driving test study guide are designed to be used with the Driver’s Manual. The test allows you to see what material you understand and what you need to work on. It is recommended that you take the test multiple times throughout the course of your studies, as this will allow you to apply the information you learn and see your progress as you improve.

The written driver test study guide can then be used to move through the material quickly. If you find there are any areas that you do not understand, the Driver’s Manual allows you to go deeper with the material.

Free DMV Practice Tests in Kentucky

Though you will not find a practice written driving test in your Driver’s Manual, you can find a practice driving test online at the Kentucky DMV’s online portal. Unlike the actual exam, which asks you 40 test questions, the state’s practice exam only offers 15. This can be useful for familiarizing yourself with the test format, but our Kentucky DMV sample test offers a full 50 practice questions. This allows you to better simulate what it will be like to take your exam at the DMV.

Our practice test is compatible with a broad range of devices and can be taken an unlimited number of times. If you do not understand why you got a question wrong, the drivers license study guide provides all of the relevant information.

How to Schedule a Drivers License Test in Kentucky

You do not need to schedule a Kentucky DMV driving test appointment for your permit exam, but you will need one in order to get your license. A list of driver testing locations can be found in the back of your Driver’s Manual. This list also provides the phone numbers of each office, which you can use to schedule an appointment.

You may also schedule your appointment in-person at the DMV office.

What to Bring to a Driving Test in Kentucky

Once you are able to correctly answer all the questions on our learners practice test, you will be ready to take your exam. The DMV requires you to bring the following:

  • Glasses or contacts, if your vision is worse than 20/40
  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Card

Along with these materials, you will also need to bring a vehicle when you apply for your driver’s license. Your test proctor may reject your request for a driver’s examination if your vehicle is dirty or unsafe.

The state accepts cash, credit cards, debit cards and checks.

Kentucky DMV Driving Test Fees

The cost of taking a knowledge test and getting your permit is the same for all applicants. The cost of taking a road exam and getting your license, on the other hand, varies based on how long your license will be valid for.

  • It costs $15 to get a permit.
  • It costs $21.50 to get a license that lasts four years
  • It costs $43 to get a license that lasts eight years
Last updated on Monday, March 2 2020.

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