Under the Kentucky driver point system, motorists will be assessed penalty points on their driving record upon conviction of a certain traffic misdemeanor. The purpose of the state demerit point system is to correct the driving behavior of irresponsible motorists, thus preserving the safety of the general public.

An excess of KY demerit points may lead to license suspensions for a specific period of time. Certain violations, such as DUI penalties in Kentucky may result in more severe penalties, and even financial repercussions. To prevent driving points from being placed against a transcript, drivers may be eligible to attend a driving safety course.

To learn more about how the KY point system works, continue reading the sections below:

  • Moving violations and points in Kentucky
  • Penalties in Kentucky
  • How to fix a Kentucky driving record
  • Disputing a Kentucky moving violation charge

Moving Violations and Points in Kentucky

The state Transportation Cabinet assesses a different number of moving violation points in Kentucky for various traffic offenses. In general, more serious infractions lead to a higher number of points on your driving transcript. Demerit points for speeding are typically calculated based on how many miles over the limit you have been caught driving.

For instance, three KY speeding ticket points will be added for operating between 11 and 15 mph over the limit on a limited access highway. In addition, you will receive six points for speeding from 16 to 25 mph over the speed limit on any state road or highway. Three Kentucky careless driving points will also be assessed on your record, provided you have been convicted of such offense.

Other traffic infractions and the resulting negative points are included in the following list:

  • Failure to stop for a school or church bus – 6 points.
  • Reckless driving – 4 points.
  • Following too closely – 4 points.
  • Texting while operating – 3 points.
  • Driving too fast for conditions – 3 points.

Note: KY reckless driving points or other points assessed against your record will maintain their value for two years following the date of conviction.

Penalties in Kentucky

Kentucky traffic ticket penalty points generally have a serious impact on driving records and licenses. Motorists who accumulate a specific number of penalty points within a certain time frame due to reckless driving penalties or other offenses, will need to face the consequences of their behavior.

Drivers 18 years of age or older who accrue twelve KY demerit points in a two-year period, or motorists younger than 18 with more than six points in the same period may be handed down a suspended driving license for six months for a first offense. Any consecutive accumulation of points due to speeding ticket penalties or other violations that accrue points may result in longer suspension periods.

Though drivers may not receive DUI points in Kentucky for driving while under the influence, harsher consequences may apply. For instance, drivers with a first DUI infraction within 10 years will face two to 30 days in jail, a license suspension, possible community service, a fine ranging from $200 to $500 and a mandatory alcohol or substance abuse program.

How to Fix a Kentucky Driving Record

Motorists who wish to reduce license points and exercise safe driving behavior generally have the option to enroll into a state-authorized driving course. By participating in a Kentucky driving safety course, licensees may prevent the accumulation of negative points following a specific offense, as well as practice safe driving habits.

Motorists may attend a driver improvement course, also known as the Kentucky Traffic School Program, either as a court-imposed requirement, or as a stipulation of being under probation due to traffic infractions. Before taking such action, licensees should check whether they are eligible for an online traffic course.

Aside from the aforementioned method to clean your driving record, you will also need to check your report for any incorrect demerit points and contact the state Transportation Cabinet in the event of any mistakes.

Disputing a Kentucky Moving Violation Charge

The process of contesting a speeding ticket in Kentucky or other types of citations is typically initiated by drivers who consider themselves innocent of the infraction in question. In order to fight a traffic ticket, motorists must visit the court handling their case in person and enter their plea of “not guilty” in front of a judge.

To successfully dispute a speeding ticket or other traffic summons, thus avoiding KY infraction points on their driving report, motorists will need to present a strong case, and even hire a lawyer to represent them in court. Gathering any credible evidence and contacting any relevant witnesses will also contribute to a successful defense.

Failure to contest traffic tickets in KY may result not only in points on a record, but also in paying large fines and additional surcharges, as well as higher insurance rates.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.