Drivers ed is a staple of the Graduated Driver Licensing Program in Kentucky, which aims to promote safety and responsibility behind the wheel. New drivers, especially young motorists, must gradually build their driving experiences through this progressive education. To enroll in drivers ed classes, individuals must hold a Kentucky learner’s permit, which also requires them to be at least 16 years of age.

Drivers ed online is a popular choice among Kentucky motorists, as it offers them the greatest amount of flexibility in both schedule and format. However, drivers may also take classes in locations throughout the state as well as in their high school. Private training courses are also available, though these typically cost more for the driver and must be approved by the state. Drivers education is required of all teenage drivers before they are eligible for a full, unrestricted driving license.

Who needs to take drivers ed in Kentucky?

In Kentucky, drivers ed is required of any new motorist whose permit was issued before the age of 18. This requirement, also referred to as teen driving school, ensures that young motorists are properly trained before they get behind the wheel. The state recognizes the importance of teaching young drivers not only traffic rules and laws, but how to avoid distractions and stay safe.

Motorists older than 18 years of age are not required to take the education course, but still may enroll if they so choose. Adult drivers ed is not required as part of the GDL program, but older motorists looking to refresh their skills may elect to take a voluntary skills class.

Types of Drivers Ed Classes in Kentucky

Drivers education classes in Kentucky are offered in a variety of formats and instruction types. This helps ensure that all motorists, regardless of location or preference, get the education they need to receive a full, unrestricted driver’s license.

Drivers ed online is one of the most common forms of driver education in the state. Motorists can easily enroll in the online course format and complete the class from home. The Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) Program’s online version is approved by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC). This online drivers ed course allows drivers to complete the course in their own time. In fact, some motorists may choose to complete it in one sitting in as little as 30 minutes. Others may prefer to save their progress and return at a later time.

A traditional driver education course is offered in a classroom-style format for students who prefer this method of learning. Classroom training is available across the state free of charge for Kentucky residents. The Alive at 25 classroom program meets the state’s requirements for four hours of classroom training. Motorists can access the Alive at 25 program online to find a date, time and location that best suits their schedule. All classes must have at least eight students to be held.

The KYTC also accepts courses taken in high school curriculums. Some schools offer driver training as part of the junior or senior level coursework. High school drivers who have their learner’s permits can apply these classes to the mandated four-hour GDL coursework.

Private drivers ed training courses are also accepted by the state. However, students planning to enroll in one must ensure that the course is approved by the KYTC. Drivers who complete a private course must notify the KYTC when they are finished.

What will you learn in a Kentucky drivers ed school?

Drivers ed classes in Kentucky cover the essential driving topics in various important areas, including traffic safety, operational procedure, laws and consequences. Upon completion, student drivers will have the knowledge they need to pass the written and hands-on driving examinations to receive a full license. Note that the drivers ed test does include a road exam, but the required driving education course does not include any hands-on instruction. Students must practice this component outside of the classroom.

Teen driving school is committed to ensuring that all young motorists avoid distractions while driving. They will learn about the dangerous consequences of distracted driving, which includes cell phones, loud music and driving with passengers. Students also learn standard laws and regulations, including speed limits, lane changes and parking procedures.

Kentucky Drivers Education Requirements

Drivers ed in Kentucky is regulated by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, or KYTC. The Cabinet requires all young drivers to complete four hours of education before they can receive a full, unrestricted license. This requirement consists only of the education component of the GDL program.

Hands-on training must be completed outside of the classroom with a parent or guardian. Part of this parent taught drivers ed requires the parent/guardian to sign a Practice Driving Log to verify the student has completed at least 60 hours of behind-the-wheel practice (including 10 hours of nighttime driving).

Benefits of a Kentucky Driver Education Course

The benefits of drivers education in Kentucky are invaluable for all new motorists, especially young drivers. This course helps beginners become familiar with important traffic laws and rules, which lowers their risk of committing violations. Teen drivers ed also helps parents build confidence in their young drivers, as they can be sure that the state has prepared the young motorist with the knowledge he or she needs to stay safe behind the wheel.

Although the course is a requirement for young drivers, it also helps adults who may have never advanced beyond a learner’s permit. Adult drivers education is required when the individual received a permit before the age of 18. It helps those who may have paused their driving experience and wish to resume it to receive a full, unrestricted license.

How to Enroll in a Kentucky Driver Ed School

Enrolling in a drivers ed course in Kentucky can be done in a number of ways, depending on the type of instruction. Drivers interested in online instruction may enroll through the state’s online driving program website. Motorists will be prompted to create an account on the website using their full name, an email address, phone number and a password. Before they begin, they must submit a form of payment for the course.

Those interested in drivers ed classes may enroll through the Alive at 25 program website, which contains a list of upcoming schedules and locations. Drivers can choose the course that works best for them and register for the class.

High school drivers ed courses may be offered at various schools across the state. Drivers should check with their school board to inquire about driving courses in the curriculum. If offered, student drivers may complete their required coursework during the school day.

Drivers may enroll in a private driving training program with a third-party provider. The provider must be approved by the state. The enrolment process for third-party providers varies, but generally requires students to provide their name, date of birth, learner’s permit information and more.

Kentucky DMV Drivers Ed Certificates

After finishing drivers education school, motorists will receive a certificate of completion. Those who complete their training online or at an Alive at 25 classroom instruction course will automatically have their certificate forwarded to the Division of Driver Licensing. However, motorists who enroll in a private driver education program or high school must complete this step. They will need:

  • Their driver’s license/permit number
  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Completion transcript

Drivers should forward the completion form to the following address:

  • Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
Division of Driver Licensing
Attn: Driver Education
200 Mero Street
Frankfort, KY 40622

Drivers Ed for New Kentucky Residents

Drivers ed is required of all new drivers who have received a learner’s permit before the age of 18. Young drivers who have recently moved to Kentucky with an out-of-state permit must transfer their permit in the state.

Furthermore, they need a Kentucky permit before they are eligible to apply for a Kentucky Driver’s License. To determine whether the driver’s out-of-state drivers education experience or certificate is transferrable to the state of Kentucky, motorists must call the KYTC.

Kentucky Drivers Ed vs. Traffic School

A driver education course is not the same as traffic school. All young motorists must complete an education course before they can receive a license. License holders who commit traffic infractions may enroll in traffic school (either by choice or by requirement, depending on the infraction) to improve their driving skills, remove points from their records and avoid suspension.

Kentucky Driver Education Fees

Drivers ed prices in Kentucky depend on the type of instruction a motorist receives. The following list contains the current fees for various drivers education courses:

  • Alive at 25 Classroom Instruction
    • $0
  • Online Drivers Ed
    • $12.50
  • Private Drivers Ed Program
    • $35-$200 (including driving lessons)
Last updated on Monday, March 2 2020.