In Maine, drivers ed falls within the Graduated Driver License (GDL) program, a gradual learning process for new drivers. This program includes steps for obtaining a learner’s permit and a full, unrestricted driver’s license. Drivers ed classes are designed to teach new drivers about Maine’s traffic rules and laws and inform them of the dangers of distracted driving.

Drivers education is mandatory for all new drivers between 15 and 17 years of age. It is offered at various driving schools around the state. Many choose to take drivers ed online for the most convenient and flexible learning method.  Regardless of the format of instruction, student drivers must prepare for these courses by studying. To learn more about the types of courses offered throughout the state, including prices and curriculum, read the following topics discussed below.

Who needs to take drivers ed in Maine?

Drivers ed in Maine is mandatory for every new motorist between 15 and 17 years of age. It is commonly known as teen driving school, as the goal is to inform young drivers applying for a driver’s license about important traffic rules and regulations. The curriculum is designed to prepare young motorists for any situation that they may encounter out on the roads.

The state recognizes the importance of teaching young drivers not only traffic rules and laws, but how to avoid distractions and stay safe. Drivers older than 18 years of age are not required to take the education course, but still may enroll if they so choose. Adult drivers ed is not required, but older motorists looking to refresh their skills may enroll voluntarily.

Types of Drivers Ed Classes in Maine

ME Drivers education classes come in various instructional formats to appeal to the masses. For example, traditional classroom instruction is offered at approved driving schools throughout the state. Student drivers can choose a school based on their location or budget from a list of approved educators. The Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) is responsible for approving various driving schools throughout the state.

Drivers ed online is another option for new Maine drivers. Motorists can easily enroll in an approved online course and finish it from the comfort of their own home at their own pace. The online drivers ed course is the most flexible option and may even qualify drivers for an insurance discount.

The BMV also accepts some driving courses taken in high school curriculums. High school drivers who have their learner’s permits can use the credit earned in these classes toward the GDL requirement.

What will you learn in a Maine drivers ed school?

The standard drivers ed course in ME provides new drivers with a complete overview of traffic laws, rules of the road and safety procedures. The goal of driving school is to equip young drivers with the knowledge and skills to pass the road test and practice safe driving habits over their lifetime. Other topics of instruction include common traffic violations and corresponding consequences.

After finishing the education course, student drivers will have the knowledge they need to pass the written and road tests to receive an unrestricted driver’s license. The drivers ed test in Maine includes a road exam, though the driver’s chosen education course may not necessarily include any hands-on instruction. Students must receive at least 70 hours of behind-the-wheel practice on their own, which they may begin after the third classroom session.

Teen driving school is required for new drivers between 15 and 17 years of age for many reasons, including to warn them of the dangers of distracted driving. Other topics include the consequences of texting while driving, driving with loud music and driving with fellow teen passengers.

Maine Drivers Education Requirements

Maine drivers ed requirements are determined by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, or BMV. The BMV requires all young drivers between 15 and 17 years of age to complete at least three and a half weeks of instruction. This is the minimum length requirement in the state.

Most drivers education classes are offered in five and 10-week courses to provide students with flexibility. In Maine, parent taught drivers ed includes the 70 hours of behind-the-wheel driving experience. The parent or guardian must sign a driving log to verify that the student driver has completed this requirement.

Benefits of a Maine Driver Education Course

Completing drivers education in ME brings a number of invaluable benefits to all new drivers. In order to receive a driver’s license, all new motorists must pass a written and road exam. Completing the teen drivers ed course helps motorists study for these tests while learning about common signs, traffic laws and regulations.

Even though the course is only required for young drivers, adult learners may voluntarily enroll to broaden their driving skills. Adult drivers education is not required, but it can help adult drivers prepare for the license test. Adults may also receive an insurance discount for completing an online course.

How to Enroll in a Maine Drivers Ed School

After choosing an ME drivers ed course, drivers must begin the enrolment process. The process of registering for a course depends on the format the driver chooses. For example, drivers interested in online instruction can enroll through the company’s website and follow the registration steps.

Drivers who prefer drivers ed classes may enroll at any one of the approved schools listed on the BMV website. Motorists can choose a school that is nearest their location and fits into their budget.

A driver may take high school drivers ed courses if they are offered at their school. Teen drivers should check with their school board to see if approved courses are offered in the curriculum. If they are, students can receive credit toward the education requirement during the school day.

Maine DMV Drivers Ed Certificates

Once drivers complete drivers education school, they are issued a certificate of completion that signifies they have met the requirement. Some driving schools will automatically send the students’ certificates to the BMV. However, some drivers may be required to submit their certificates on their own.

Drivers can forward the completion form to the following address:

Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Driver License Services Division
Examination Section
29 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0029

Drivers Ed for New Maine Residents

New Maine drivers with an out-of-state permit may operate vehicles on public roadways. However, they must transfer their permit to a Maine permit. The state may recognize out-of-state drivers ed certificates if they are deemed to be comparable to Maine driving schools. To determine whether the driver’s out-of-state drivers education experience or certificate is transferrable to the state of Maine, motorists must call the BMV.

Maine Drivers Ed vs. Traffic School

It is important to note that a driver education course is far different from a traffic school or defensive driving class. In Maine, young motorists between 15 and 17 years of age are required to complete an education course before they can receive a license.

Traffic school and defensive driving courses are reserved for those who already have a driver’s license and who have committed one or more traffic infractions. The purpose of traffic school is to improve driving skills, remove points and avoid other penalties associated with a traffic violation. Traffic school may be voluntary or mandatory, depending on the type of infraction.

Maine Driver Education Fees

Drivers ed prices in Maine vary based on the type of instruction a motorist receives as well as the school he or she chooses to attend. Generally, the cost of attending a driving school in Maine ranges from $250-$550.

The cost of participating in an online drivers ed course ranges from $24.95-$35. The total cost depends on whether the student driver receives behind-the-wheel driving instruction.

Last updated on Monday, March 2 2020.