To replace or renew ID card in Maine, individuals need to complete a certain procedure through the state Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). An identification card renewal must be completed prior to the expiration dates of the credential. A replacement ID card may be obtained when you want to change your personal information on the identity card, or when you are facing a lost, damaged or stolen ID card.

The Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) has created an online service called Rapid Renewal which may be used for fast ID card replacement and renewal. If you want to find out how to renew ID card or how to obtain an ID card copy, continue reading the sections below.

How to Renew Your ID Card in Maine

Individuals who want to complete an ME ID card renewal procedure are recommended to do so on or prior to the expiration dates of their identification cards, or up to six months before the date of expiry. The online identification card renewal is the fastest method offered by the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV).

The BMV has created a Rapid Renewal service which is available for both ID card renewal and replacement procedures. However, the online procedure for renewing ID card in Maine is not available for the following groups of people:

  • Holders of commercial driver’s licenses.
  • Holders of out-of-state driver’s licenses.
  • Drivers with suspended or revoked driving privileges.
  • Individuals who failed to provide proof of legal presence and in-state residency.
  • Individuals who have changed their names since the last renewal.
  • Individuals whose medical condition has changed since the last renewal.
  • Individuals who need an eye exam.

Individuals will not be allowed to renew ID card online, if they fall into any of these categories. In such situation, they are recommended to find out other possible options for ID card renewal by contacting the ME BMV.

How to Renew ID Cards in Maine Online

Individuals may renew ID card online by using the Rapid Renewal service available through the Maine BMV website. To begin the online ID card renewal procedure, you will need to do the following:

  • Provide your Social Security Number.
  • Prepare your valid credit card for payment for the applicable fees.
  • Have a printer to print out your temporary credential.

Once you prepare the needed information, the first step in the online procedure for renewing ID cards in Maine, the first step will be to provide your full name, date of birth, Social Security Number and ID card number. Once you submit these personal details, continue the ID card renewal procedure by following the steps and instructions on the Rapid Renewal online service.

The renewed credential is supposed to arrive at your mailing address in no more than three weeks. If you experience problems with the online Maine ID renewal process, contact the ME BMV for more information.

How to Replace Your ID Card in Maine

Individuals may apply for a replacement ID card in Maine due to various reasons. For instance, they may need an ID card copy if they want to make a change in their personal information that is written on their identity cards. Moreover, ID card holders may also want a duplicate ID card in case they face a lost, stolen or damaged credential.

In such situations, getting a DMV ID replacement immediately may prevent you from dealing with possible identity theft or fraud. Individuals who want to obtain a copy of ID card may use the Rapid Renewal online service, as long as they satisfy the eligibility criteria that was previously mentioned under the How to Renew ID card section.

How to Replace ID Cards in Maine Online

To replace ID card online, individuals may use the Rapid Renewal service which is also used for ID card renewal. The BMV website offers this service to individuals who want to complete the procedure fast and from the comfort of their homes.

Before you begin the online ID card replacement procedure, be prepared to provide your Social Security Number, a valid credit card and to have a printer at hand in order to print the temporary credential. The first step in the online method for obtaining duplicate ID card will require you to provide the following personal information:

  • Your full name.
  • Your Social Security Number.
  • Your ID card number.

Once you complete the first step of the Maine ID card replacement procedure and provide the necessary information, you will be required to continue following the guidelines given by the Rapid Renewal service. The duplicate ID card will arrive at your mailing address within two to three weeks.

Maine ID Card Renewal and Replacement Fees

The final and most important step in the Maine ID card renewal or replacement procedure is to provide payment for the applicable fees. The fee for renewing ID cards or obtaining an identification card replacement is $5.

Make sure to prepare a valid credit card to pay the fee when using the online Rapid Renewal service. Note that when renewing or replacing ID cards online, the ME BMV website will accept only Visa or Mastercard.

Last updated on Wednesday, March 6 2019.

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